Splashnotes And Splashphoto Application For Iphone And Ipod Touch

SplashData is the pioneer of all the software providing companies for smartphones. Recently, SplashData has announced about its applications SplashNotes and SplashPhoto, which you would get it from App Store.

SplashNotes is a very handy tool with which you can take notes and outline them, and SplashPhoto is a photo album manager designed for smartphones. You could enjoy using these applications with your iPhone and iPod touch. It also provides wireless synchronization for Mac OS X and Windows OS applications that are separately available.

The SplashPhoto application has a functional two-way synchronization to Mac OS X, or you could select the free PC desktop version. By using this desktop application, you’ll be able to organize your favorite photos in personalized groups.

Once synchronization is finished, all the photos are arranged accordingly on iPod touch and iPhone. In addition, you could download and upload image files from Picasa and Flickr. All the images captured using iPhone are geo-tagged automatically and therefore, they could easily be mapped on Picasa and Flickr.


“The inventive features in the iPod touch and iPhone, for example amazing display and Multi-Touch user interface, helped us to produce such realistic apps that would be used in wide range,” said SplashData’s CEO Morgan Slain. “We think SplashNotes and SplashPhoto are creating a great collaboration and communication and now we are looking forward to continue producing great mobile apps that make a variation.”

You could put your outlines on the desktop and synchronize your notes with SplashNotes in your iPod touch or iPhone. You could create outlines having any size, intricacy it, and add photos and notes for immediate recall. It displays a list containing checkboxes with which you could convert outlines into task lists. You have to spend $4.99 for each one, which you could get at the App Store.


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