While updating your Facebook status, you’d have noticed there is no ‘Reply’ Button, and the moment you hit enter the status stands updated.

This is fine when you are typing / commenting fairly small messages. But if the message runs into couple of lines, then there will be readability issue if you do not break the message logically into new lines / paragraphs.

The easiest way to type in a new line / paragraph is by pressing ‘Shift + Enter‘. If you press ‘Shift + Enter‘ once then you start typing in a new line and if you press it twice you’ll start a new paragraph.

Let me know if this helped !

Cheers ..


  1. How do I add a new line/paragraph on my Profile section on my YouTube channel? It’ only works for “About me” section :(( How to add ne line for another section, like “Movie” …SHIFT+ENTER doesn’t work STUPID WORLD…
    Please Help!! send me a message on my channel


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