Start A New Line / Paragraph While Typing Long FaceBook Status Messages

While updating your Facebook status, you’d have noticed there is no ‘Reply’ Button, and the moment you hit enter the status stands updated.

This is fine when you are typing / commenting fairly small messages. But if the message runs into couple of lines, then there will be readability issue if you do not break the message logically into new lines / paragraphs.

The easiest way to type in a new line / paragraph is by pressing ‘Shift + Enter‘. If you press ‘Shift + Enter‘ once then you start typing in a new line and if you press it twice you’ll start a new paragraph.

Let me know if this helped !

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  1. How do I add a new line/paragraph on my Profile section on my YouTube channel? It’ only works for “About me” section :(( How to add ne line for another section, like “Movie” …SHIFT+ENTER doesn’t work STUPID WORLD…
    Please Help!! send me a message on my channel

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