Trick To Start/ Restart cPanel’s cpsrvd Service Via SSH

cPanel is basically a popular control panel which offers user-friendly interface and tools for web hosting. It performs a variety of vital tasks including security checks, maintenance and offers WHM (WebHost Manager) interface. Any web server that is running cPanel will have cpsrvd, a cPanel service running at the backdrop.

WebHost Manager will go down if cpsrvd stops running and will thereby not allow the user to connect to, access or login to WHM. If the cPanel service, cpsrvd is down or not working, it is not possible that you restart the server using WHM and fix the issue. Even though, cPanel offers a built-in mechanism for restarting the cpsrvd service automatically, it sometimes does not work.


In order to fix the issue, administrator or webmaster need to sign in to the web server using Telnet or SSH secure tunnel in order to restart the cpsrvd service. You need to logon to the web host as root user via SSH. Now, you need to run any of the below mentioned commands.

service cpanel restart

/etc/init.d/cpanel restart

/etc/rc.d/init.d/cpanel restart

These commands will first stop the cpsrvd service and then start it back again. It will also stop and restart all other services associated with cpsrvd. If you are already aware that the cPanel service has stopped running, you need to simply replace “Restart” in the above command with “Start”.


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