Erick made an interesting post on the status of Online Ad industry, in these days of recession. It definitely is not a post publishers would love to read, but it is reality. As true as earth’s gravity, the online industry is facing its rough patches because of the recession.

This does not mean, the online industry is following the finance industry. The numbers Eric has put across points out clearly there has been decrease in the online advertising, but when compared to the other industries, it is still way ahead in profitability. Next few weeks or months might see some decline as well, but the decline won’t be as bad as some of the other industries.

Recession is not something that gets over within a day, week or even a month. It’ll be long before all the major economies start growing out of recession. When it happens, Online advertising industry will be the quickest one to raise from the dead.

So what does it mean for bloggers ?

Bloggers may see decline in their earnings going forward. Recession will force the advertisers to be very cautious which in turn results in lesser revenue for publishers.

Some of the publishers may even loose interest and call it quits (it happens a lot of time). Some publishers want money rolling in their blogs right from day one. It doesn’t work like that, it takes time for a blog to be successful and a lot more effort than what all these get rich books claim.

Focus on content now, as its been told time and again, Content is The King. Do not really worry about the earnings from your site. Utilize this recession to build content which will start paying you when the economy stabilizes.

According to me this is the golden time for bloggers. Put in effort now and reap the benefits when things start working fine.


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