Every time you go online you invite serious hazards for your system. Some of the popular system hazards are Viruses, Root-Kits, Trojans, junk e-mail and hackers. You cannot evade these menaces whenever you log on for serving your business needs. However, you can employ some efficacious safeguards that shield your system from above infectious agents. Make sure that you have updated the version of anti-virus installed in your system. This anti-virus software will give you a minute-to-minute account of the virus updates on your system. This software will conduct frequent scans when you re-boot and switch on your system. It will track down all the unwanted software downloaded in your system. Some of the most powerful anti-virus software are Norton, AVG and McAfee.

Next, install a potent spam blocker in your system. Every day your email is bombarded with unwanted and junk emails. Some of these emails might carry a potentially threatening virus. Therefore, it is utmost necessary that you employ the power of an e-mail blocking agent called spam blocker. This software distinguishes between the harmful e-mails from the rest. It directly discards the infected emails in to your spam folder or trash.

Always use firewall protection when you are online. Windows Firewall deploys stringent measures to protect your password and other sensitive data from being hacked. Remember, whenever you optimize a wireless router, always configure a password. This prevents the potential hackers passing by your office from hacking your computer network. Further, whenever you are signing up for a free newsletter, never divulge your real email id. There are chances that this newsletter owner leases your email id to other service providers without your permission.


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