Steps For Unlocking Bootloader Or Jailbreaking Google Nexus One

Let us see how we can unlock the bootloader of Google Nexus One. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Whether you work on operating system such as Mac, Linux or Windows, you have to download a zip file called, and then extract that file on your system.
  • Then, you’ll have to open the command prompt or navigate to the directory or folder whether the zip file, fastboot, is extracted.
  • Now depending on your operating system type the following command and run it:
  • For windows: fastboot-windows oem unlock
    For Mac: ./fastboot-Mac oem unlock
    For Linux: ./fastboot-Linux oem unlock

  • Now to unlock the bootloader click on Yes.



Now let us consider jailbreaking Google Nexus One:

  • For jailbreaking, you have to download and extract a zip file called
  • Switch off your cell, and then enter in to bootloader mode by holding the trackball
  • Now follow the following steps for different operating system:
    In case of Windows: double click on a .bat file named install superboot windows.
    For Mac: run the commands in the terminal: chmod +x
    In case of Linux: run this command in the terminal: chmod +x


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