Simple Steps to Modify Default Windows Installation Path to Your Desired Path

As usual if your windows OS is installed in C drive, the default recommended installation path is C:\Program Files, while installing any new applications.

There is another way to install the new applications, if you don’t want to install on the folders recommended as default path. Suppose you want to install the new applications on D:\Softwares, there is no need to change the path manually each time. Just simply hack registry and change the default installation path as per you desired.


Follow the steps to change the default installation path:

  1. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.
  2. Now look for ProgramFilesDir, at the right panel.
  3. To change the value to your desired path, double click on it. (E.g. change the value from C:\Program Files to D:\Softwares)
  4. Now click OK to save the setting.

Once your settings are completed, the default installation path will be changed according to your desired path.


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