Steps To Open Internet Explorer In Mozilla Firefox

Nowadays we have lots of option for web browsers from which we can choose the best. Some of the web browsers that are available in the market are Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Although we have lots of option for viewing some of the websites, we are bound to use Internet Explorer. Any Microsoft related websites such as SQL Reporting Services, SharePoints and many more like that only opens with Internet Explorer.

Now once we make other web browsers as a main browser, we need to open Internet Explorer separately to work things out, and this can be a slightly tricky job. With the help of a new add-on for Firefox we can now launch Internet Explorer as a tab inside of Firefox. This is a great achievement, because it throws out the entire problem that had to be faced before.



Now we can open Internet Explorer in Mozilla Firefox with the help of IE tab add-on in Firefox. If you want to open any link with Internet Explorer browser, simply right click on link and choose the option as Open in Internet Explorer tab. As soon as you choose that option, you link will be opened with internet explorer in a new tab of Firefox.

This add-on lets us to work in efficient and in much easier ways, because we don’t have to switch between two web browsers to make it work. Thus download and install the new add-on as fast as possible.


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