Steps to recover the files that are hidden in Windows Vista or XP

This is especially for the amateur users who may find it very challenging to recover the hidden files in their machine. Sometimes it happen to many of us that we hide any files and then after a long time back we just don’t remember the filename and then we intend to think that we have lost that file for ever.

Well many of us doesn’t know that Windows has a built in search system which will look for all the files, even if they are hidden. Among the load of searched files you can refine the search accordingly and you will get even more accurate results.


How to search the files that are hidden in Windows Vista or Windows XP?

  • Click on Start button from the taskbar.
  • Click on search option from the start menu.
  • Then choose the all folders and files option from there.
  • If you remember in which drive you have that file then you can mention it else another option is there which will search in all the drives.
  • Mention the file name
  • Click the option named more advanced options and then check hidden folders and files box.
  • Then click on search and within couple of seconds you will be provided with the results.
  • Your work is done.

 There are some other trick too which you can use to get more accurate results.

  • If you remember the first word of the file name then you can refine your search by giving “name*” in the name search box.
  • You can put more information like date or a phrase or a word that matches with your file.
  • If you know the size of the file, then provide it.


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