Steps to Run or Start Full Screen of Window XP

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Normally while running Window XP using start menu, the virtual window XP screen will appear within the desktop of window 7. One of the invisible attribute of Window XP mode is the fact that it is feasible to optimize the virtual Window XP screen to full screen mode.

The capability to open and run Window XP mode in full screen is important for some programs to work properly, which requires the execution at full screen mode. Additionally, opening of virtual window XP screen also enables larger display screen to completely support the resolution of screen, so that the entire screen can fit into monitor, it helps the user to view the whole screen at the same time without even scrolling up and down.

Follow the below given steps to start and run Window XP mode to Full Screen mode.

Launch Window XP Mode.

From Menu bar, click Action>view full screen

Suggestion: you can also modify vmc files, which are Window XP mode files, and can set the VM ‘s resolution, position whether or not to run in normal mode or full screen mode.

You can find the vmc file at:

C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\Virtual Machines folder.

The following are the modifications

<window_xpos type=”integer”>188</window_xpos>

<window_ypos type=”integer”>77</window_ypos>

<full_screen type=”boolean”>true</full_screen>

<resolution_height type=”integer”>600</resolution_height>

<resolution_width type=”integer”>896</resolution_width>


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