Steps to terminate or stop a process in Vista or XP operating system

Many times our machines get hung and our programs don’t respond. In this type of case we have to stop that program forcefully so that our system runs smoothly. Now to do so we need Task Manager for putting an end or terminating or to stop the program that is not responding.

Steps to terminate a process in Windows Vista or XP operating system:

  • The shortcut key to launch the Task Manager is ctrl+shift+esc
  • Click on the Process tab
  • Choose the process that should be terminated
  • Select End Process to stop or kill that process
  • Your work is done

 The shortcut key mentioned above is used in Windows Vista whereas the shortcut key for Task Manager for Windows XP is alt+ctrl+del. While terminating any process make sure that the system process is not being stopped because it will hang the system down.


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