Store your Passwords In Portable Password Manager KeyDB

Nowadays an individual has to remember so many passwords such as ATM password, email account passwords, Bank password, and etc. Therefore, individuals write down their passwords either in printed copy or electronics note. 

However these are not at all secured and protected. As we mentioned earlier about free utility named KeyPass v1.13 and Efficient Password Manager that store various passwords in encrypted database, now the latest improved utility released named, KeyDB. This tiny utility allows users to store their passwords in this Portable Password Manager Key DB securely.



It is quite simple to use, users need to create a specific database in .abs format along with master password. Now when you launch this application you will be able to choose different categories that are preloaded in the database such as forums, email, banking, instant messaging and etc. incorporated with password box where you need to enter your passwords respectively.

It is a complete portable password manager, and you can carry it while on the move after storing in your USB device. This tiny utility will consume less than 1MB space of your hard disk. It will store your passwords with 256 bit encryption master password which keep your passwords secure from reaching wrong hands.


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