“Amua” is a special application for the status bars of Mac OS X. This application allows a user to play the favorite songs through the streaming of “Last fm” web radio. In fact this is considered as a superb alternative to the actual “last fm player” featured at their website. In short Amua can be a hot pick for all music lovers across the world. But in order to avail the advantages the user should have the Mac OS; as it is not applicable for other operating systems.

There is no need to spend time searching for the song name that is playing currently. There is an icon on the application bar featured at the top right hand corner of the computer screen. You can take a look at it for this information and keep using other applications running on the same system. In order to get the Amua menu you should click on the mentioned icon. It further allows you to handle the regular commands for the radio and also the streaming.

The option of detaching song information is also available on the same Amua panel. You are free to drag them with mouse anywhere on the computer screen. This way you can keep yourself informed which song is being played on the system. This is free software to be downloaded over the Internet.  “GNU General Public License” covers the terms of Amua.

[ Download Amua ]


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