Web-based technologies can offer services that can work as great, cost effective substitutes for Cable TV, landline phones, cell service, and DSL. These are the next wave – they offer cheap services and same functionalities. You even get discounts, special offers and the like. Read on to fine out more about it.

Substitutes for TV and Movies

Services like Apple iTunes, BlockbusterOnDemand, Zune, Amazon, and Jaman give you thousands of shows and movies on a paid, per-show basis somewhere around $3 for a movie and $30 for a full season of a premiere TV show. Moreover, sites like Hulu, Crackle, Comcast, and many others offer free movies and TV shows. And all of this is without even mentioning YouTube.

Substitutes for Phones

Services like Skype, RingCentral, Google Voice, my1voice, and other VoIP services offer great replacements for calling up people from your landline phones at extremely low rates (or even free).

Then there are services like Truphone and Fring to replace your cell phone – and others like SpinVox, YouMail, PhoneTag, and Google Voice to replace your voice mail service. Further, you can send free SMSs from any of the IM apps or email abound on the web.

The exact features of the service might vary but the fact they cost almost nothing is something that is common in all of them.

Substitute for Satellite Radios

If you don’t want to shell out huge subscription charges for that expensive satellite radio, you can consider some of the web-radio services like Last.fm that is absolutely free. Although some others like Pandora may have paid versions, these radio services make the radio experience mobile by letting you tune in from your smartphone. You can even think of chucking out that old car radio once you get used to the internet radio services.

Although some of the older generation services of say, cable service providers, may still be necessary given your lifestyle – you can think of going for the minimal subscriptions to these services. Explore the web – and unleash the content that is being offered for almost next-to-nothing costs.


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