The internet library is a mine of information. However sometimes an information overload can trammel your productivity and efficacy when a lot of time goes waste in reading pages and pages of information, some relevant and others irrelevant.

The Copernic Summarizer is software that can save a lot of your time and effort by summarizing web page information precisely without leaving out the significant and pertinent details. It performs this task in real time when the web-page is being browsed. As a result you don’t have to read the entire page.

It creates the condensed essence of the web pages containing only vital sentences by the use of web-essence technology including linguistic algorithms and statistical algorithms. This is a text filtering technology that is of such a superior quality that it helps you get the most imperative text elements.

You can use it to garner summaries of not just web pages but also e-mails, word documents, PDF files and clipboard text. For this purpose it coalesces well with popular applications like MS Word, Outlook Express, Acrobat Reader, Outlook, Eudora, IE, Adobe Acrobat and Netscape Navigator.

The length of the summary is user defined. Summaries in any one out of four languages may be created by this incredible software. The user interface of the software is extremely user friendly. Hence it is simple and easy to operate.

Whether you are a professional or a student this is one software which will prove to be indispensable for your work or academic life.

You can try the trial version before buying full license. Don’t forget to watch the demo :

[ Visit Demo Page & Download Summarizer ]


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