Super Bike 2007 Honda CBR 600RR For Sale – Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata

It’s a 2007 Honda CBR600RR,done 5800KMS,Full Serpent System Micron Exhaust,PC-3,Racing Bubble & Crash Bobbins.Original Exhaust also will be given when purchased.

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Price is 5.75 Lakhs.

If you are interested, leave a comment, with your mail id and phone number. I’ll contact you.



  1. Is there any 600cc class bikes aavailable.? I can see this post is of 2010. If so, let me know. Contact me on 7995925304

  2. Hello Gautam
    I want any 600 cc engine… preference…Honda CBR 600rr..
    Call me @8882822257

  3. Hi, I’m interested in yamaha r6 or cbr 600,if any availability plz do let me know thanks, I’m from bangalore.

  4. Hi Gautam may I know your contact number I wanted to have a word regarding my concern for buying a sports bike from you.

  5. hii… i am looking for cbr 600rr…
    if u have then plz contact me on 8698952233 (whats app)
    waiting for ur call or msg…
    thank u….

  6. If it is not yet sold then contact me on 9419260903 I would like to buy but u have to negotiate the price…!!

  7. hello i want to buy this bike please reply me on 9885791234 dis my whats app number .. pls ill be waiting for ur reply

  8. 5.75lakhs for 2007 model is not worth it. Maybe you should cut down its cost.
    If u are ready to sale it for around 3-4 lakhs I am the most intersted in buying it.


  10. Hi, i am looking for cbr600rr or R1 2007 model in bangalore and my budget is around 3.5-4.0L. You can reach me at 9738574440

  11. @Sushil – that bike is sold and not available anymore. However I can help you with another bike. Let me know if you are interested.

  12. Am interested in 600 rr honda 2007 or latest model
    My n6mber is 09350050562, delhi

  13. Hey im Shoaib im intrested in ur bike f all the required papers are clear.Plz mail me ur no or email id ill contact u.

  14. I am interested, i need some history of the vehicle, and where is it registered, my budget is 4.5L to 5L. but we can work out depending on the condition of the bike. i stay in Andhra. please revert through my mail or leave me a message on 9399933399 or 9177666699.

  15. my phone no is : 8891448537
    if possible contact me through phone insted of mailing me.

  16. hey .. i’m looking for superbikes mdf above the dates 2007.
    if there is any more bikes with you please do send the details to my mail id with the price and contact details .

  17. interested in the CBR 600rr…please let me know if its still available and if yes please do share details on my email id given

  18. Hi! I am interested in sports bike, my budget is Rs.3 to 3.5 lacs. kindly guide me. Pls feel free to contact me on 08767161555.

  19. interested in ur bike cbr 600 rr, want to know wether it is still available and if it is wat will be the price

  20. hi,i live in karnataka. i have been looking forward to buy a honda cbr 600r for quite some time now and would like to purchase one soon. please let me know if there is one available. thank you.

  21. i want rr 600 if it is 5+ lakhs then also ok but bike should be maharashtra registration n good condition

  22. I m interested in the bike. Can u send more photographs and details of the bike in Chennai and Mumbai.

  23. hi i m intrested, but my budget is only 300000/- if u agree then contact to me any tym… 09893077094,09669945365

  24. hi i am interested in your bike
    budget is max 5.25 if you have any bike pls contact me but regis. in india

  25. Hi, my name is Ali and my budget is 5 lakhs. Im located in Noida. Plz let me know as soon as possible about Bikes Mr. Gautam. thanku

  26. Vamsi – I’ll email you if a good bike is available for sale. For around 6.5 lakhs, you can get a good bike in the 600 cc range. Will keep you informed.


  27. Hey,

    I am looking for a 600cc. My budget is <6.5L I am located in Bangalore, and I would like a fully registered/customs cleared bike. Is it possible to find a 600 like that? My preference is a CBR, though I do not mind looking at other bikes as well. Do you have an email/phone I can contact you at?

  28. I would like to buy a second hand cbr600rr. My budget is from 1.75 lacs to 3.5 lacs.I like the bike that shown above but the price.
    can u tell the bike is registered in which state?

  29. Wanted Used Sports Bike
    Model – 2003 Onwards Of;
    Honda CBR600rr OR
    Suzuki GSX600R OR
    Yamaha R6.
    If Having Any Of These Used Sports Bike For Sale, Then Please Kindly
    Contact Mr. Hriday Kadu On;
    8087773555 OR 8087772333.
    Also Kindly Mail Me The Pics Of Used Sports Bike If Having For Sale In
    600CC Section!
    Contact As Soon As Possible!

  30. Hey cn u help me i wnt a cbr 600rr sam model as the above pic u hav added…..please let me know abt a similar bike if u hav fr sale n all the details abt it…….

  31. I’m looking for Honda CBR954RR 2003 ,if u can find one for me plz let me know it’ll be a huge help.

  32. Hey, I need more info about your bike and registration & insurance details of it. I also need some photos and the least price of this bike. Reply fastly. Its urgent.

  33. @Rony – I’ll get back to you as soon as there is any other bike for sale. Since I always find people who are interested in selling their bikes, it’s not difficult to find one, but we need to wait to pick up the best one at best price. Will let you know bro.


  34. hi there man anyways your bike has been sold . can u try for the same bike the 600 rr caus i want to buy it . i love honda 😉

  35. hey hiii would love 2 buy a 600cc or 1000cc fering sport bike ..seconds…plz call me on 9441227713

  36. hi mate!! im intrested in buying a superbike!! 2004-2010 a 600cc or 1000cc
    my price limit is 5 lakhs!!! im searching for it currently but there r no good results!!
    plz keep me posted or reply to my email id [email protected]

  37. hi i want one honda cbr600rr in white black colour but i have a budget of 3 to 3.5 lakh plz if u have any bike contact me at 9990958799

  38. my name is srijith i looking for good sport bikes if you have any please emil to me with model and price please

  39. hi,i am romesh from delhi looking for honda cbr600rr and yamaha r6 both 2008 and above model please contact me in these no 9901841041 if you have the bike thank you.

  40. Hi All,

    Thanks for your interest. This bike has been sold. I’ll keep you updated about more bikes when they come for sale.

    Alternatively, you guys can leave a comment here, regarding what bike you are looking for, which model and the max budget. If there is anything up for sale I’ll keep you guys informed.


  41. ahahahhah so finaly this bikes sold ? i already got kawasaki 650 rr try racing it .. remember kawasaki the fastest acceleration bike //


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