Common actions like move, copy, deletion and renaming of files is rendered simple and quick by the software SyncToy v2.0. This software allows these functions to be performed on files between computers as well as folders.

The software is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. It uses minimum system resources as the file size is just a maximum of 1.1MB. This Microsoft application is a freeware. This software helps you store files in sync in two locations like different folders or a desktop and laptop.

It helps you manage files from all types of sources like e-files, files created by mobile phones, camcorders and media players and lots more. Now you need not perform the copy, renaming, moving or deletion of files manually, a few mouse clicks is all that is needed to make this power toy perform all these tedious tasks. Hence lot of time and effort is saved.

Some valuable abilities of SyncToy v2.0 include capacity to sync two folder sets concurrently and coalescence of files into a single folder from two separate folders. The latest version can update the synced folder with reassignments of drive letters.

The software can be used to filter out files based on criteria like file name and file attributes. The software now also has a command-line interface to perform actions. It can sync encrypted files too now. It can rename folder-pairs. The software’s has a new improved sync engine so that sync operations are performed without errors. Several set up enhancements have been added for better functioning.

This is software that is very handy and practical.

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