I’m sure most of you computer users, are multiple users, where your computers are at various places – home, office,  and can be using laptops / PC’s / Macs and at times it may be even your mobile phones.  And mostly your data will be spread across all the devices in different locations. Ever wished you synchronize all the data into a centralized location so that your life would become more easier and simpler ?

Now, this is possible with Live Mesh. With Live Mesh you can synchronize, share and also access all your files with all your devices, so that your files are always updated. Rather cool, isn’t it? There might be a couple of other free services that lets you synchronize your data, but one of the coolest feature I love about Mesh is that you will be notified if anyone else makes a change in your files. Good news is that this service, powered by Microsoft, is absolutely free of cost for each any every user.

Live Mesh helps you to connect with other computers and avail its service, as it you are sitting in front of it.

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So, all you users forget about e-mailing and get files across to your devices. Simply add each device to your Mesh by installing the Live Mesh software, and then choose the folders you require. You can sync a folder with only one or two of your devices or with all of them!

Surely Live Mesh makes it very simple and easy to share your folders with anyone you want, and also invite them to share theirs. Now, that’s what I call an easy way out!! After you sign up for the Live Mesh, you automatically get your own personal Live Desktop, that will work as your Windows PC< on the web with a storage capacity of 5GB.

With Mesh, you can get all your data from office to home or from home to office without the need to mail anything. I’m not sure if most offices would grant access for such a software where Intellectual Property comes into question. Use this at your own risk and check the legalities you might be into if used under wrong conditions.

What files are found on the desktop, you can easily access them anywhere!!!

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