Synchronize Your Passwords Online Using RoboForm Password Manager

RoboForm, which is a popular password manager, has introduced a web based interface to help users synchronize their passwords between multiple systems. RoboForm’s web based service enables you to access login details and passwords from anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a computer with an internet connection.

The form-filler function of this useful password manager remembers your login details and allows you to auto-fill any online forms. If you happen to use multiple PCs and feel a need to synchronize your login information, RoboForm is the best online tool. You can use this free online utility as your own password manager.

You need to simply register with RoboForm for a free online account so that you can keep your login information at another safe place apart from your PC. No other person can access your login information without logging in to your RoboForm account thus making your confidential data safe and secure.



Follow the below mentioned steps to configure RoboForm to synchronize passwords online.

  1. You can download RoboForm Password Manager from Here. and Register with RoboForm to get an online account.
  2. Go to “Options” and select “User Data”. Click on Sync and go through the setup process.
  3. The moment you finish with the setup process, RoboForm will synchronize all your identities, login details and confidential data with your online RoboForm account.

 To take advantage of various other features of RoboForm Password Manager you need to subscribe to RoboForm Pro version.


  1. This is reliable software and there are two options for Version 7:

    1. RoboForm Everywhere – This license type has a small yearly fee but allows use of RoboForm Online. Your RoboForm Data Files are stored on RoboForm Online and are encrypted (by AES) with your Master Password as the key. Since your Master Password is not stored on Siber Systems’ servers, absolutely nobody, including Siber Systems, can access your passwords or other RoboForm data.

    2. RoboForm Desktop – this license is a one time fee and does not have cloud storage (ideal for those who just need their passwords on one computer).

    Download the free trial here:

    If you are looking for software to backup you computer, also check out Siber Systems’ GoodSync:


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