The Foxit Reader, which is a free PDF document viewer compatible with windows, is becoming fast popular. This PDF document viewer is much quicker than Adobe’s PDF reader and is also quicker to install because it is considerably lighter.

It is a PDF viewer with a core function completely compatible with the PDF Standard 1.7. The relatively small size of the reader makes it easy to download and install it. It is just around 3MB in size.

The features included in it are Add/Edit bookmarks in PDF files in which password has not been set, PDF as plain text and filling and printing of PDF forms. It also allows the user to import and export PDF forms. The Foxit reader also provides a bookmark pane which helps users brose through PDF documents easily and rather quickly. This option alternative to Adobe PDF Reader is free for personal as well as business use. Its unique selling point is its lightness of size along with unique features. .

Apart from the features like tabbed PDF reading, measuring tools, and auto-scrolling what is best is that users no longer have to install foxit toolbar for getting access to great editing features offered in Foxit Reader.It offers editing features such as highlighting, commenting, as well as hyperlink creation.. With use of Foxit PDF documents may be opened and maneuvered quite easily.

The various Fireforx plugins available make it even more versatile. One of the plugins available enables the user to view and work with PDF files loaded in Foxit Reader with Firefox web browser.The Foxit Reader product family also provides various additional tools to help the user perform common tasks with PDF documents.

[ Download Foxit PDF Reader free ]


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