Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Use Cutepdf Form Filler To Easily Fill In PDF Forms

Most of us face a big problem in filling the electronic forms which are sent in Portable Document Format (PDF) format while applying for a new job or filling forms to enter university. The problem is that you cannot fill in the electronic forms available in PDF format right away because to do so the PDF file form doesn’t allow you with the write features.

You can get some free PDF converter utilities from net or else you can use online services for converting the form in an editable format. Most of the time these utilities fails to keep the alignments, layouts, fonts and etc as the original form. Also the converted form will look much different from the original form.  

Now, you can use CutePDF Form Filler utility with which you can properly convert the electronic forms in PDF format. The utility CutePDF Form Filler is a PDF converter which is especially designed to save interactive electronic forms available in PDF format on your computer.

When you finish the filling process of the electronic PDF form, you can deliver the finished forms (all the completed forms are kept in original format) to the recipients by means of email or send for printing the files. CutePDF Form Filler provides a 128-bit encryption or password protection utility with which you can protect your confidential PDF documents.

The much important utility CutePDF Form Filler is not a free utility to use. Price for this utility is only $29.95 and the price is relatively inexpensive as compared to Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat and some others. This cool utility supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating systems.

How To Automatically Apply Microsoft Security Hot-Fixes In Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008

If any of your system runs on Microsoft’s Operation System, then you you find yourself constantly upgrading or updating and applying the latest Microsoft security hot-fixes which Microsoft releases very often. If you have internet connection, especially broadband then the task of updating your system with latest Microsoft’s Security hot-fix is automated. You don’t do much, as the updates are downloaded automatically and is applied when you shut your system down.

What about systems that do not have internet connection or are on slower dial-up connection? The process there might take up a lot of man hours, and a lot of manual intervention, making the overall experience very ugly.

Apply Microsoft Security Hot Fix Automatically

To automatically apply Microsoft’s security system without any human intervention, you can use PatchMate. Download PatchMate on to a CD, and just run the CD and let it do it’s work, every thing is done with least or no manual intervention. The team at PatchMate claims that this updates your system with hot-fixes even quicker than the auto-update feature with high-speed internet connection !

You’ll notice how valuable this tool is the moment you use it the first time ! If you are a system administrator who handles a lot of machines at a time, then PatchMate will speed up the process of applying patches tremendously.

Currently PatchMate is available for Windows XP -SP1, SP2 and SP3. Soon you’ll have PatchMate for 2003, Vista and Windows server 2008.

PatchMate releases updates once everymonth, so all you need to do is login to PatchMate once every month and update your system with the latest version of PatchMate. PacthMate is free to download and use.

[ Download PatchMate ]