Make the FeedBurner Socialize Posting Tweets To Twitters

Make the FeedBurner Socialize Posting Tweets To Twitters

A free web based management service called Socialize is a feature from FeedBurner’s that helps in organizing a group of participants to post and distribute updates from a blog and contents to Twitter account, and it is also used to eliminate third-party service as TweeterFeed to display the contents of the feed such as comments on Twitter and posting on the blogs.

Once a FeedBurner user subscribes the Socialize Service and activates it under the Publicize tab by adding and connecting to the Twitter account, any new contents such as comments or pages, and posts are delivered through Atom feed. RSS to FeedBurner will be tweeted on Twitter automatically as a new tweet updates.

However, sometimes, Socialize application does not work or fails to post tweets on Twitter without any specific reason. In other words, the Socialize feature by FeedBurner does not work and stops posting tweet updates on Twitter account despite the latest contents of feed have been refreshed and updated daily.

There is no solution from Google that has been provided so far for the Bloggers or Webmasters who have faced the error message, ‘Socialize not tweeting to Twitter on new feeds‘. The worse thing faced by the users is unable to delete or change their Twitter accounts which are activated using FeedBurner.

For users who encounter with the error message, ‘FeedBurner not posting to Twitter‘, should workaround or try the following to find out the solution for this issue by deactivating the Twitter

Integration and re-activate the Twitter posting:

Login to the Twitter account->Go to Settings->Connections.

Click on the “Revoke Access” link under the Google with description of “Google/Twitter Integration” to eliminate the linkage and grant the access to FeedBurner.

MS Office Outlook Connector To Access Your Hotmail Account In Outlook

Use MS Office Outlook Connector To Access Your Hotmail Account In Outlook

Users having an account in MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail (more popularly known as just “Hotmail”), were previously able to configure their Hotmail account to MS Outlook with the help of HTTP connection. However, the HTTP connection method no longer works and Hotmail users need to subscribe for the paid Hotmail Plus service.

The moment a user attempts to configure Hotmail to MS Outlook through HTTP connection, he/she gets an error message saying that the user need to subscribe in order to access Hotmail via MS Outlook and prompts the user to sign up via the URL

Sometimes a different error message might occur notifying the user that the login credentials are invalid and Outlook might keep on prompting the user to input the correct password even though the user has already entered a valid one.

However, you may resolve this issue and access your Hotmail account from Outlook by using MS Office Outlook Connector, a free utility provided by Microsoft. This connector can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center. It is also available as a Windows Live Essentials component.

Configuring your hotmail account to Outlook using MS Office Outlook Connector has a number of advantages over POP3 and HTTP connection. This connector allows you to access and efficiently manage your Hotmail account including contacts, email messages and calendars from Outlook itself.

Within Outlook, you can apply rules, Junk Mail filter, macros, alerts, etc. to your synchronized email messages. To use this connector, you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Once the installation process is over, launch Microsoft Outlook. The MS Office Outlook Connector will ask you to input your login details and the sender name which needs to be tagged with the outgoing emails.
  • Once you have entered all the required information, you will see a new folder “Hotmail” added to your Mail Folders tree of Outlook.
  • You need to expand the node “Hotmail” so as to access your Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, Junk E-mail, etc. You will find new additions namely “Contacts” and “Calendar”.

  • For syncing your emails in Hotmail account and MS Outlook, all you need to do is click on the “Send/Receive” button. Sometimes, Outlook will automatically receive your emails based on present interval.


You may also access multiple Hotmail accounts using the MS Outlook Connector. For doing so, you simply need to go to the menu bar, click on the pull down menu for Outlook Connector and select the option for adding a new account.

You may use MS Office Outlook Connector with MS Outlook 2003 and 2007 versions only. For rest of the email clients, Hotmail is in a process of adding SMTP and POP3 to enable users to retrieve their emails using POP3 protocol.

For Office 2010

Using Vista Utilities To Access All Windows Vista Utility Programs Easily

Using Vista Utilities To Access All Windows Vista Utility Programs Easily

Smart PC Utilities are introducing a free utility called as Vista Utilities. The Vista Utilities provides direct and easy access to the users, where they can use all the Vista tools and utilities. User can easily access all the features in the vista without going through Start Menu then Control Panel or any system folders to find the correct utility which they want.

In addition to this, the user can also access each and every Windows Vista programs and utilities for example security tools, system tools, multimedia programs, network tools and even the games.

This feature also contains ready-to-go commands of MS Dos that help users to execute complex programs like Cab Files Maker utility, NTFS Converter Utility, by means of few easy clicks.


Following are the key features of Vista Utilities:

  • This feature allows you to access almost all the Windows Vista programs by just going through the system tray. You can set it hide to tray or you may also click to display an entire context menu for accessing the vista features.
  • Each utility is enhanced with tool tips feature to identify the preferred utility plus its functionality.
  • Along with the classifying the Windows Vista Utilities in categories and their sub-categories, it is very easy to find their correct utilities.

At this time, you can freely download the newest edition of Vista Utilities Here.

Access Webmail Via Zoho Mail In Offline Mode

Access Webmail Via Zoho Mail In Offline Mode

Zoho Mail is a private beta version of the Zoho webmail application. This service provides some great features such as offline mode support and support or folders with labels, plus these features are capable of incorporating with others applications. With these feature you can access your mails when you are offline.

You have to install Google Gears in the browser (Firefox of Internet Explorer) in order to be able to use the offline mode feature in Zoho Mail. You can also select the images or attachments when you enable the offline mode.

The supports folders is one more feature of Zoho mail, which is similar to Outlook, together with labels as Gmail. The responses in chat are listed hierarchically aimed at providing the user to view a chat as well as visually seeing who replied to whom.

The Zoho Chat in Zoho Mail is integrated with some extra applications such as Zoho Docs, Zoho Business etc. The Zoho Chat is located at the base of chat window which also contains contact search form.

The Zoho Mail service is also introduced in the iPhone with which the user may login to from their iPod. When you login, you will be introduced with the mobile edition of Zoho Mail which is mainly customized for the iPod and iPhone.

Presently, you can sign up freely for Zoho Mail at website.

Access Windows Boot Manager Quickly By Pressing Space Bar

Access Windows Boot Manager Quickly By Pressing Space Bar

Windows XP users frequently use F8 key to open Window Boot Manager. Pressing the F8 key is also applicable to Windows Vista OS.

Windows Server 2008 or Vista users may still press F8 button to access the boot preferences. However, Windows Boot Manager can also be started by pressing Space Bar in Windows Vista OS.

To open the Windows Boot Manager, you just have to press space bar key as soon as the BIOS screen disappears, but before reaching the boot screen. You can then select the OS to boot or else press F8 key to open normal recovery options. When you go to boot Vista or Server 2008 setup disc, you can apply this technique successfully.

Now, this option is also integrated in the Windows 7 operating system. The Windows 7 OS allow you to press the Space Bar key when the BIOS screen disappears. On the other hand if you press F8 key during Windows 7 startup, the recovery options will be directly opened.

You can also press F10 key in Windows 7 OS to access the Edit Boot Parameters option. This “Edit Boot Parameters” is nothing but the temporary setting with which you can manage the boot settings.

Trick To Gain Faster And Simpler Entry To Desired Program Or Folder

Trick To Gain Faster And Simpler Entry To Desired Program Or Folder

Individuals like to gain access to certain programs or folders frequently with a single mouse click without navigating the particular locations of those programs or folders

They can utilize this freeware called Folder-Menu. It is a utility tool which makes this task very quick and easy for users to gain entry to their preferred folders or programs with hardly a single mouse click. 

Users have to just install this utility folder menu tool on their computer system and configure it. 

This tool automatically recovers the listing of largely accessed or used programs, folders from the windows browsing history and puts together this listing as per the user’s requirement. 

Simply select its icon located in computers system tray region and gain easy entry to your mostly utilised programs or folders. 

Users can also setup their desired programs or folder’s list manually. Just select on the “add favourites” option and begin adding these listing of all your desired programs or folders.

They can also assign keyboard shortcuts to few folders or programs for gaining quick entry. After assigning these keyboard shortcuts, users can visit specific folder or program by utilizing these hotkeys. 

Folder menu tool allows access to any program, thereby easing your computer usage.

Online Remote Drive From Opendrive Providing 1 GB Of Free Space

Online Remote Drive From Opendrive Providing 1 GB Of Free Space

Creating a backup for all your important data has never been so easy in this technologically advanced age. One can store, create back up, share large files with devices like DVD, pen drive, portable hard drive. The stored data can be transferred easily with these resources.

One can upload files using hosting services and later download from any part of the world. Sharing data using Hosting Service Providers allows many users to get an access to the data at the same time from different locations. These services do not come without any problems; first of all they are costly. A new service called “opendrive” will be a befitting answer to all your uploading, downloading and cost issues.

Opendrive is a distant drive which offers approximately 100 gigabytes for a single computer. One can store, create backups, and share any number of files on internet from your personal computer. It is easy to upload, create backups for huge data files, save on this drive without using any web browsers. One can drag & drop, paste files from your local drives on this remotely accessed drive.

Files stored on Opendrive can be shared with other people if you have authorized them to read, copy, and save these files. Such people are also required to be opendrive users to share, view your stored files. An opendrive account can be accessed with the help of an internet device from” website.

Users who are concerned about virus attacks, security, and data theft need not worry as Opendrive has solution to these problems too. Its Privacy Policy assures users that such a thing will never happen.

The latest opendrive version is 1.1 and available for both Windows XP and windows Vista operating systems. Mac users are deprived of this drive.

Presently opendrive users can register for a Beta Account. They are provided with 1 Gigabytes of memory space. All registered users are charged $1 for 1 gigabytes size annually, an additional opendrive space of 100 GB can also be obtained on request. This service is great for users who are always on travel for business purposes.

Download RW-Everything For Free To Access And Edit Computer Hardware Info

Download RW-Everything For Free To Access And Edit Computer Hardware Info.

Mostly hardware engineers, firmware developers, QA engineers, driver engineers, diagnostic engineers and all people who want to access computer hardware information, need a powerful utility application. The RW-Everything is the complete solution for all those peoples who work on computer whether developers or engineers.

This latest freeware application allows users to instantly access the computer hardware including PCI, PCI Index/Data, Memory, I/O Space, Super I/O, I/O Index/Data, Memory I/O Index/Data, DIMM SPD, ACPI tables Dump, USB information, SMBIOS Structures, Embedded Controller, Configuration Table, ATA/ATAPI Identify Data, and Remote Access.

RW-Everything (Read & Wright) utility software is developed by Jeff Chan. Users not only get access to hardware information, but also can save the data in binary format by using the feature “Save As” of this utility tool. The stored data can be viewed Byte (8-bit), Dword (32-bit), and Word (16-bit). Additionally, it supports editing of data into few hardware parts such as Memory. It includes command line interpreter in order to access hardware manually.

The most common use of RW-Everything is in determining and displaying the SLIC table in order to confirm SLIC 2.or SLIC 2.1 presented or not in BIOS to execute OEM activation of Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7. RW-Everything supports almost all the windows versions, ranging from 98 to Windows vista. You can simply download RW-Everything from the direct link given here. You will get direct access to any hardware components of your computer and make the desire changes using RW-Everything.

Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

The Google Calendar is an extremely useful integrated application for Gmail users. This application helps users to manage time as well as events conveniently. The application is absolutely free and provides various other useful features like event alert, calendar sharing etc. The only disadvantage of this application was that it could be used only when you are online.

Looking into the growing competition, Google has solved this drawback and has made it accessible when not connected online. This application can be accessed even in offline mode by using the Google Calendar Offline Beta. This new service provides users the benefits of using their calendars on the go. You can view your planned events and schedules even when you are offline, but you will not be able to edit them.

Other than the above mentioned utility, users can use another utility known as the GMinder. This application too gives quick and easy access to your Google Calendar even when you are offline.


GMinder is an application that helps users to access and download their scheduled events and calendar even with the browser closed. The application’s setup is extremely straightforward and simple. You just have to provide your username and password and then follow it by clicking on the “Download” tab. After being successfully downloaded, it will display a list of upcoming events mentioned in the calendar.

With the help of the GMinder, you can select any event of your choice and make the necessary changes. You can even add or delete events. There is also an option of alerting you about the events to come. The GMinder is compatible only with the Windows Operating System. Other than this it also requires .NET framework from Microsoft. Windows vista and Windows 7 have this framework inbuilt, but users of older versions of Windows need to install it.