Save All Images On This Website At Once Firefox Add On

Firefox Add-on to Save All Pictures from Currently Opened Window: Save Images

You probably might wonder about how to save all images of opened window in Firefox browser. You can save images one by one on your computer hard disk. There is an add-on named Save Images for your Firefox browser that will enable you to save all files instantly on your computer.

Now with the help of Save Images 0.5.1 add-on, you can store the entire lot of opened tab images instead of saving them one by one. You can customize the file size, format (JPG, GIF, and BMP) and the location to store those image files.

It is very useful from all the perspectives because you can add all images instantly from different tabs.  All you need to do is just download and install this add-on on your Firefox browser and restart web browser to implement the changes instantly.

Right click on the opened webpage and navigate to “Save Images” and also select specific tabs to download images. There is a feature to save image from any specific single tab. It is completely up to you about what you want to save, which is from all tabs’ images or single ones. It supports all versions of Mozilla Firefox web browser whether it is latest or old version.

Monitor And Notify Web Page Changes In Firefox – Like Ebay, NSEIndia

Updating of Web Pages using Page Update Checker add-on for Firefox

Internet has changed the way people can acquire and share information. A program that monitors a website should obviously check the website at regular intervals and compare present state of the website with its previous one. Users should be informed about all the updates of the website.

Lets say you are tracking a product on an online buy / auction site like lets say eBay, or following some hot news in real time, the popular way many users adopt to update the web page which they are following is manually pressing F5 button. This process of manual updating has the risk of “forgetting”.

If you want to stay updated of all the changes in favorite website, instead of wasting time in reloading the web page manually there is a better way of updating it automatically.

For users with Mozilla Firefox the best way to stay updated of all the web pages can be achieved through Page Update Checker add-on, alerts you if there are any changes in the web page.

Page Update Checker will automatically display an alert message if there any changes. All you need to do is just right click on the page in Firefox and select “Monitor for Updates” at a frequency.

Features include:

  • Indications through status bar.
  • Automatic alerts
  • A filter that disregards some information while updating.

[Download Page update checker add-on]

Free Permanent WebPages Marker / Highlighter Addon For Firefox

Highlight Essential Parts of Web Pages Using Wired-Marker In Firefox

It is observed that, readers have a tendency to highlight main parts of documents in a bright color. They put down the content under the marked part in order to be able to be able to access those parts easily and fast.

It is very obvious that while reading the books, comments can simply be created by means of highlighters. However, a big problem is on the websites and people are quite aware about how to mark the note on a given web site?

Well, if you are user of Firefox browser, you can attempt the add-on present in Firefox which is named as “Wired-Marker”.

Wired-Marker is an attractive everlasting online marker for highlighting the web pages operating in the Firefox browser. You may also employ it for highlighting the images, texts or just about everything on the website.

The highlighted content will be recorded and they also get saved automatically. It saves your lot of time we’re looking for the key points while you return to a web page. The add-on Wired-Marker lets you to decide from a wide spectrum of colors and styles, such as red for serious ones, green intended for extremely important ones etc.

The add-on “Wired-Marker” is available as a freeware. Wired-Marker addon link.