Various Methods Google Uses To Hunt Click Frauds Down And Punish Them

Process followed by Google to detect invalid clicks

Google is the godfather of all search engines. It is not only sophisticated but also is the best among all the search engines.

They have smart ways to identify or detect any fraud clicks, and they have complete authority to terminate the cheater’s account. So as to show their power being polite and gentle, they might send a warning first by flagging your account, and put eagle eye on your account, which is only if they feel really necessary to do so. Else they might straightway ban your account. The ways they can detect any invalid links are mentioned below.

* IP Address is the simplest one and can be understood by anyone. If the links of your ads and your Adsense account originates from same IP address, then your account has been flagged.
* CTR (Click Through Rate): If your CTR exceeds 10% then your account will be flagged by Google. The range of CTR in Google Adsense is around 0.5% to 10% maximum.
* Physical Location: Google’s technology and tracing software is one of the best that anyone can ever imagine. It is better not to try different cyber cafe of your and other towns to increase your traffic. It does not help to succeed but surely your account will be closed or blocked by Google.
* Cookies: if you think that you can fool Google just by changing the IP address of your home computer then you are wrong. Google have set their cookies in your computer and through that they will easily detect whether they are from same computer or not.
* Click Pattern: There are certain patterns in click which denotes who is fraud and who is really surfing the net. Usually the fraud person with click and run away whereas normal people with browse for a while and then they will click the ads.
* Google Services: Google provides vast and variety to services to us. Other than Adsense there are many services which are commonly used by people in daily manner like Google Earth, Gmail, Google Search, Google calendar, Google Sitemap, Google Talk, Google Toolbar, Blogger, Google Desktop, and last but not the least YouTube. Among them some are famous, some are unknown and some are used daily by myriads of people. It’s better to log in your Adsense account rather than clicking on ads without signing in.
* Search Engine Ranking: if you don’t get linked with any known website and neither if you have indexed your website on the search engines but still you have high traffic, then Google will not forgive you. They will be suspicious with one question that how can people click your ads through your website? This will force them to take necessary steps which you might not like. Again, this is a grey area. You might use different advertising methods, but make sure the method you use is Oked by Google’s TOS.
* Advertiser’s conversion rate: Make sure that you ad clicks bring some value for the advertisers. If neither one click from your site provides any value to the advertiser, then you will get a big shock. Sorry, two shocks. One a major price hit and second your Adsense account will be banned. You will be down by one good revenue source.

How Can I Sell / Transfer My Blogspot Blog ?

How to transfer or sell your Blog’s BlogSpot?

There are myriads of people who posts blots for different reasons but the most reason they do Blogging is to earn handful amount of money. Earning money from blog is quite simple way if you know how.

All you need to do is, at first create a blog, work on that blog by putting some quality contents and if your blog is good enough then you earn money out of it. This is dependable and kind of steady way of earning money. There are many sources, like chitika, AdBrite, Adsense, Kontera and lots more, who displays add in your blog or site and pay you money depending on your performance.

Now there are lots of bloggers who sell their Blogs to somebody else to earn more money at once. All they do is they make a great blog having good PR and Alexa rank for that blog and then they sell it. Now at present stage if that Blog worth 100 dollars for a month then that Blogs costs not less than 1000 dollars for the buyer. That means he gets 10 times of what he used to get for a month. After selling the blog and making damn good profit they make another one and the story repeats so on.

Now you may think that how to sell the blog which you have already hosted? There are many bloggers who do that. You may as well think that since there are no options like sell your blog then how come it is possible?

Well there is an answer for that but prior to know that if you have to bear one thing in mind that it is against TOS so you need to be careful. All you need to do is to post it as information, that’s it.

Consider you have a Blog on BlogSpot which you want to transfer, follow the steps please:

Step 1:

Sign in to your account of BlogSpot.
There will be a “settings’ tab in your blog. Click on that tab of that blog which you are willing to sell.
Go to “Permissions” tab.
Then, go to “Add Authors” tab.
Put the email-id of the person you either want to sell to or transfer to in the box.
Click on Invite. Then the person is invited to join your Blog as author of that Blog.

Step 2:

Once that person has accepted your invitation he will be allowed to have you blog in his account’ dashboard.
After that person has accepted your invitation you will be allowed to see his mail id in permission tab and next to which will be an option named” Add as Admin”. Hit on it and he will be another admin of the same Blog.
Your invited person and you will be admin of the Blogs. To make it simple, that Blog will have two admins.
Then the rest is quite predictable. He is allowed to do any change or do anything with that Blog and you have no right to stop him.

Step 3:

The last and final step is to delete yourself from that Blog which will be done by your invited person on your request.
When you will be deleted, he will gain solo and full access to that Blog which also means that he owns the Blog. You work is done. You have transferred or sold your Blog without violating any rules and regulation.
Transferring or selling Blogs is strictly prohibited so please do not try to violate the terms and condition. If you have been found your Blogs could be banned and you will never ever get it back.

What Can I Do If Someone Is Copying My Blogs Content To Stop Them Copying

Prevent your Blog Post contents from being copied

There are thousands of people who try to make some money through Blogs and instead making it unique and of their own they just try to fool by copying someone else’s post to their own blog. They really don’t understand that they are making a complete joke out of themselves, but are also damaging their own success.

Basically such works are done by amateur, unprofessional and naive bloggers. It is quite simple to understand that they are beginners since they do a complete copy paste job instead of copying the contents from RSS feed.

If anyone gives a link which directs to your site after they have copied a single paragraph then it is fine. In case, instead of doing that if someone copies the whole post from your blog then you can do something really worse to that blogger. If the other bloggers would use the content as reference and then write a post around it, that wouldn’t be a problem, but the problem is these naive bloggers go about it the other way around. They copy and paste the complete content, without changing a single word ! What they do not understand is, such an act will not fetch any benefit for them in the long run! Always remember to be gentle and polite whenever you are going to ruin their account.

As a first warning, mail a letter to that blogger requesting to remove that copies posts. Then you should wait for a week. After a week check whether the Blogger accepted your request and did what you have told him to do. If yes then your mission is accomplished else you have to hold your patience and write another but last letter to that Blogger. This time you should be little rude and threat that person by mentioning that you will take possible steps to ban his account for ever.

Hold your patience for the last time and wait for another week. Basically the second mail works most of the time as they don’t try to mess it up. Check whether the Blogger has erased the copied content or not. If not then it’s time for real actions.

Now you have two options to destroy the fraud’s account for ever either by banning his Adsense ID or by removing his blog from all the search engines.

Steps that should be taken officially:

1> Report to Google Spam: Since we all are aware of the fact that Google is mother of search engines so it is best to take him out from Google. It is done by a simple process. You need to fill up some boxes and send to Google. Within less than a month the indexed page will be deleted. Without any traffic the value of the blog will be Zero.

2> Report to Yahoo! Spam: yahoo ranks two, holding a strong position after Google. So you can also report to Yahoo team as they take serious actions against these things. If you aren’t a Yahoo user then you need to open an account to report for this issue.

3> Adsense Team: It is a major step to take since most of the bloggers have become bloggers to earn money from their Blog Post. If you report to Google Adsense then their dreams will drown like anything. Google pays the highest money for any Blogs and it is one of the finest Adsense programs.

4> Issue Report to Blogger: If the blog is a blogspot, then you can remove that blog just by reporting to blogger. There are two ways to block that blog. One, you can turn on the never flag option of that blog. Second, you can also follow the link to report as spam

These are some of the necessary steps that SHOULD be taken. It is not necessary that you report only to the above mentioned search engines while you can report the copied blog as spam to as many as you can. The most important thing is that you should not keep quite if your posts have been copied and you have all the rights to teach lessons to copycats.

AdSense Notifier Helps You Increase Bloggers Productivity

Are you an AdSense stats freak ? Do you check your stats every now and then ? The process of logging in is time consuming and if you consider the total amount of time spent just to login and check stats. If you use Firefox as your main browser, then there is some good news – You can use AdSense Notifier add-on which will improve your productivity by updating you with the latest stats at set interval of time.

Google Adsense notifier in the Firefox browser displays your Adsense updates on the status bar and keeps on displaying the updates automatically. Now with the Adsense notifier, the user need not frequently log in to the account to check for the updates. You will be timely notified with the latest stats on the right side of the Firefox status bar.

This saves much time for the bloggers who earlier had to frequently open their accounts to learn about the updates. The status bar on Firefox will display all the details on your earnings like total number of clicks, CTR, Ecpm, number of impressions on hourly / minutes’ basis in form of a handy and easy flowing message.

At the time of installing of Ad Sense notifier on Firefox, you will be asked on the kind of details on your Adsense earnings you would want the browser to reflect on the small portion of the window. To keep your screen neat for easy comprehension, direct the browser to display details on the number of clicks only, as, this much piece of information would be enough to keep you timely updated on your earnings.

To operate the Ad sense notifier, install the Firefox browser in your computer and then opt for Google Notifier as one of the add-on features on the Firefox browser. Last, configure the Adsense Notifier and type your existing username and password to enable a 24X7 access of your Adsense account. Now, press “Ok done” after completing the above steps. Then start accessing your Adsense updates from the Firefox status bar.

[ Download AdSense Notifier Add-On ]

One simple trick that helped me improve my CTR – Click Through Rate

This, one simple change, to the way I used to link to other authority sites from my posts, helped me improve the CTR of my AdSense and other publisher networks.

Habitually, I link to other – related sites, quotes, or referral sites and such. Earlier, while linking to external sites, I just linked and did nothing else. But its not the same anymore. I add ‘ target=”_blank” ‘, to all my external links i.e. for example if I’m linking to wordpress, my link structure will look like :

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>wordpress</a>

If you use wordpress as the blogging software then, you get an exclusive option which adds ‘ target=”_blank” ‘ to the links.

One simple trick that helped me improve my CTR - Click Through Rate

So what happens with this ?

This little change to the way the external links are opened, will force open the ‘pointing URL’ in a new window or tab. So, once the readers are done with reading through the content on the other site and upon closing that site, will return back to your site.

Hence, this helps you retain your visitors and increases the chances of showing your profit element to your visitors, which inturn results in higher CTR.