Get Transparency Effect Like Vista Aero Glass In Windows XP

Vista Aero Glass Transparency Effect for Windows XP

Today, being a holiday, I was casually browsing YouTube and found this really super cool trick posted by a someone called: FireStorm102.

FireStorm shows us, step by step, how to get the vista Transparency effect on a XP computer.

First downlad this link.

Download true trasnparency from here:

Extract the zip file on to your desktop and you’ll find a .exe file (it’ll be named something like TrueTransparency.exe) in the extracted files.

Click on that exe file. This installs true transparency on your system. You’ll see a small TrueTransparency icon your system tray and you can test various styles and forms by right clikcing on it –> select skin and it’ll give you options like Aero etc. Click Aero for aero effect.

You can change the skin too. Let’s see how we can do this now.

For this you’ll have to download tool tip from here: and install it on your system.

Watch full video here: