Airtel Online GPRS Plan Banned / Discontinued / Stopped

This news comes as a surprise to most Airtel users and is not welcomed by any Airtel user. Airtel Online GPRS was, by far one of the most popular plan by Airtel, but they have decided to with draw this plan and it has been put in effect from May 5th, 2009. In this plan, they were charging Rs 5/day and the users had the freedom to browse net on the go.

But it seems like Airtel was not profiting from this particular plan and hence they decided to stop it and come up with a new plan called – VBC which apparently allows ‘Seamless’ browsing. Users will be charged 30 paise / 50kb as per this plan. Users who were used to browse a lot over their phone are definitely not gonna welcome this as their bills would run high at such rates.

You can activate this service by sending the message “VBC ACTV” to 222. Note this message is toll free and users won’t be charged for sending the message, but they don’t have to worry as they’ll be ripped later by the high bills they will incur once they start using this service :).