Nice Translator To Translate A Foreign Language To 34 Languages

Nice Translator To Translate A Foreign Language To 34 Languages

An Online Translator helps in translating a foreign language to an understandable user language instantly. Google translate software tool is one such online translator software which provides good translation for any language. Disadvantage of using a Google translator is that it allows a user to view only one single translated page at one time.

Another online tool helps in re-translating the keyed words in 34 different languages. This tool is called Nice Translator. It utilizes AJAX, which in turn helps in translating the keyed words to different preferred languages.

Nice translator is again a free web-based rendition service. This tool supports nearly 34 different foreign languages including German, Chinese, Finnish, Indonesian, Portuguese and many more. To use this service one has to only type in the words for translation or copy and paste words to be translated in a box. Now this translator will detect the language automatically and begins translation to other languages. It then displays the translated languages in another dialog box.

This online translator is very useful when a user wishes to learn or understand some words of a different language. The translator translates a text or sentence or paragraph into 34 different languages at once in a fraction of a second.

Some Cool Features Of Gmail If You Use It Regularly

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase
Image by via CrunchBase

Gmail is one of the popular tools of Google. There are a lot of tricks and hacks that gmail has inbuilt, which will make your e-mail experience cooler.

Here are some of my favorite ones :

1> For those who did not know, there are two ways you can load your Gmail. Those on faster internet connection can use the Ajax version otherwise known as the Standard view. There are still a lot of people using Gmail from the third world where the internet connection is not upto mark. For those, Gmail has ‘Load Basic HTML’ version, which does not use your computer resources.

Want even more basic ‘ape’ version of gmail, then try the mobile version . type in , do this without the http/www protocol. You’ll be amazed at what you see. That’s the quickest and simplest you can get 🙂

2> Dot addressing –

Another cool feature I love about gmail. You can place a dot (.) anywhere in your email id and a mail sent to that ID ends up in your inbox.

For Ex – Let’s suppose ‘[email protected]‘ is your mail id. Then send mail to [email protected] or [email protected] or any other combination, the mail will end up directly in your inbox.

3> Plus addressing –

By far, the coolest feature for me. Using this I can track Spammers under the ‘goodie-hood’.

Send a mail to [email protected] and the mail ends in your inbox !!

Cool feature ain’t it ?

I use this when a website (those which I’ll be visiting the first time) expects my email id. Everyone these days claim that they won’t sell your Id to third party, but I still don’t know how SPAM ends up finding my mail box ! Now with this feature from GMail I really don’t need to worry about anything as this feature helps me track the culprit.

Whenever I register to a website, for our understanding lets say I’m registering to CNet – I give my id as [email protected]

I’ll log into my gmail id and set up a filter to catch all the mails coming to [email protected] and direct it to a folder. Now if I start getting spam on this particular id, I know who sells my id 😉 ..

Sorry CNet for taking you as an example. I know I’d never get spam from you folks 🙂