Create Backup Of Flickr Image Albums

Create Backup Of Flickr Image Albums

There are several websites that allow users to share their images online. One of the most popular Image sharing websites is Flickr, powered by yahoo. It allows users to keep their photos organized and customized properly. If you are wondering on how to manage your Flickr images, then you must know that Flickr albums are similar to your PC folders.

It means you can easily categorize your images according to your tastes and preferences. Since there is constantly fear of getting your account hacked, it will be better to create a backup of your images timely. Once your account is hacked, you will no longer be able to access those images.


Generally, Flickr doesn’t provide any official method to backup your photo albums, so you will have to choose the third party applications. There is a third party utility named, FlickrEdit that allows users to create backups and download them on your computer. It is fully java based application which uses Flickr platform to save and edit photos.

However, there are two ways to get this application, either you get access to java based editing environment or download the FlickrEdit executable file from here for Windows. You will also get the user guide page along with this application.

Download Photo Albums With Flickr Auto Downloadr

Download Photo Albums With Flickr Auto Downloadr

Flickr is an online service which allows photo sharing option on a website. It has got lots of features like manage, publicize and even store the photos online. Every hour more than thousands of pictures are being uploaded to the server. Due to privacy issues they don’t allow downloading those photos in your system.

With the help of Flickr Auto Downloadr, you can download any photos and you can even download a complete album from Flickr website to your personal system. As it is a freeware, it costs nothing for downloading this third party tool. It is solely based on Windows and has been developed with the help of Flickr Autolt and API.

In Flickr Auto Downloadr, there is an inbuilt search feature with which you can even look for for any photos mentioning sets, favorites, groups etc. This tool supports filtering of the photos according to your wish.

How Can I View Private Albums On Facebook

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Earlier there were hacks to see the pictures of user from their private albums, even if you did not have access. But facebook has sealed most, if not all those vulnerabilities, that possibly is a threat to their users privacy.

However, there are still ways you can see some pictures, which are available to the rest of the world and the user not being in your list.

Lets suppose you you receive a picture of someone and you are curious to see the rest of the pictures in that particular album. You can do that using the file name to do so.

The architecture is the same to store all the photos in the facebook. The pictures are stored as two groups of <number>.

Something like photo.php?id=XXX&pid=XXX where the first number is the facebook id of the owner and the second number is the image/album id.

You can use look into pictures of only those albums whose privacy setting is set to public. You’ll also be able to navigate through the albums :).

Let me know in the comment section if you want to know more about how to hack into the facebooks system … not for everyone though 😛

All in all, we should remember that facebook, is not a small organization and they have one of the biggest user base on the Internet and those users are their asset which they can’t afford to loose. I don’t mean to say, hackers will never find a way to hack into private album features. But Facebook is vigilant enough to track and close those vulnerabilities as and when they are found.

For those who came here looking for a hack to view private albums on facebook, I’m sorry I don’t know any that work now, though at some point I did know 🙂