Remove Three New Columns – All In One SEO – SEO Title, SEO Keywords, SEO Description

Remove the three extra columns (SEO Title, SEO Keywords, SEO Description) that All in One SEO Plugin adds to the edit post / page section.

When I upgraded to the latest update of All in One SEO Plugin today, three new columns were added to the post/page edit section. The three columns were – SEO Title, SEO Keywords and SEO Description. They had less value for me, and also since they took up significant space, my other columns were compressed, consequently affecting the readability of the  post/pages edit section.

And hence, I decided to remove the extra three columns. The process to remove the extra three columns are as below (Note: there is an easier way to remove the columns. Scroll down and read the update or read the comments.):

1> Once you are logged on to your WordPress admin dashboard (you need to be logged on as admin), on the left hand side, click on the Plugin dropdown arrow and select Editor.

2> You’ll be taken to the plugin editor page. There under Select the plugin to edit choose All in One SEO Pack and hit Select.

3> Find add_action(‘load-edit.php’,’addmycolumns’,1); in the code and comment this piece of code. You can comment by adding // at the beginning of the line. Your code intitially will be


and after commenting it will be


4> Click on Update File.

5> You’ll be prompted to go to the admin page of All in One SEO Pack to configure the plugin. Once you are done configuring, you’ll notice that the three new extra columns in you post / page edit section will not be there anymore.


I just found out that there is an easier way to remove the extra columns:

Michael and Tom have given explanation and the procedure is much simple when compared to editing the plugin file.


On the plugin settings page is the columns option. It’s a select box. Unselect the post types that you don’t want to have SEO columns.

Deselect the post types you don’t want columns for… for example: posts, pages, etc.


At the Custom Post Types for SEO Column Support option if you hold Ctrl and click on posts and pages it unselects them then just save the changes and you should be back to normal with that