Best Alternative to Connectify Hotspot Software

Connectify is a very feature rich software, but it is not free. It is a freeware software. It is usually available in “lite” version which has limited features. With the latest update, the WiFi hotspot is available only for an hour before you have to restart it. It is generally very annoying. The paid versions are dubbed “PRO” and “MAX” versions costing $35 and $50 respectively. This can be quite expensive for some. Here is the best alternative to Connectify Hotspot Software.

MyPublicWiFi Hotspot software

MyPublicWiFi is a great hotspot software as an alternative to Connectify. It is one of the oldest softwares around. The features have not changed much. They are simple to use and the interface is straightforward.


There are many cool features on MyPublicWiFi hotspot software such as

  • Block user’s access to internet
  • block file sharing over hotspot
  • URL logging feature.
  • Free. Absolutely!

The software lets you block users you do not want to have access to your hotspot.  You can also disable file sharing over hotspot. This will help you save bandwidth and prevent users from uploading or downloading images via their whatsapp/facebook messenger and other apps.

The URL logging feature will give you a list of all the URLs that have been visited from your hotspot connection. You can keep a track of it via the software and check which user has visited a specific URL.

The software is free and that is the best part about it! With these features, the MyPublicWiFi is the best alternative to Connectify Hotspot software! Download it here!

The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, 7, Server 2008.


You can also try LionScripts WiFI Hotspot Creator!


It is free, has a simple and easy to use interface. Name your hotspot, give it a password and you are good to go. With the click of a button, your hotspot is up and running and users can access it. There are two versions: Free version with ads, and paid version without ads. LionScripts WiFI Hotspot Creator is another good alternative to Connectify hotspot software.

LionScripts WiFI Hotspot Creator allows you to start/stop WiFi without launching the software! It supports Windows 10, 8 & 8.1, Windows 7 and XP.

These are the best alternatives for Connectify Hotspot software. Try them out and let me know how it works!

Alternative Software For Microsoft Outlook

What was earlier known as Microsoft Office Outlook, now is just Microsoft Outlook. There are two versions of it available –

1> you can use it as a personal information manager,

2> it can also be use as an Office suite.

The latest download-able version, available now, as I  type this post is Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Download free trial of Microsoft Outlook 2010

Alternative Software For Microsoft Outlook

1> Mozilla Seamonkey, is a free office suite.

Are There Free Alternatives To Microsoft Office

As we all know, Microsoft products are priced very high, but at the same time, are filled with programs, and also new products are being introduced year after year. MS Office can be considered as yet another costly product from the MS house, ranging anywhere from150-500 $, based on its edition.

Like all other MS products, this too has its free supplement. Even if they do not contain all of the MS Office original features, they do carry adequate features so as to perform the same tasks as MS Office and they are absolutely free to download!



This is a famous Open Source Office Supplement which takes care of most of your work, which the MS Office Edition does. It can be utilized for word processing package, text editing, export files to other formats like swf files, create presentations etc. Open Office even provides Add-ons to enrich the features of the products based o its users needs. This can therefore be a highly sought after supplement!


Look at Plus Office, one more addition to the list of MS Office supplements, which is very much similar to Open Office. This assists in your drawing vectors, makes high standard presentations, opens and edits spread sheets files. You will be pleased to learn that Plus Office as simple easy to handle interface, and lets you Save file format to PDF Extensions. What’s more, you are free to use this license [free of cost] with any number of computers, whether for yourself or for any business.

Free Alternative For Microsoft One Note 2007

If the question is about taking fast notes, then Microsoft One Note 2007 should get all the credit as it has been chosen as one of the top most of Windows application. It also conducts various studies with potential application tools. Due to its high pricing, people are forced to look away from Microsoft OneNote, for other options that come absolutely free!

It is true that some people consider One Note 2007 a vital application, but it is also true that there are people out there who can overcome the temptation of purchasing this expensive note book, and are truly looking out for other options, either for a lesser price or for free! This article prescribes exactly what you are looking for! So, check it out and then make your choice!

Now, the most important thing is that each note has more than1million users, thoroughly liking what they are doing- it can be making notes, study items, making lists of important tasks and also trapping web details right into their pages. You can tally and compare notes from each note and the ones on your desktop, cell phones or even online, without any trouble. You should not forget that being free; it turns out to be the best option for Microsoft OneNote 2007.


Design, collect and combine- this is the motto of Soho Notebook, the free web based option of Microsoft OneNote. It is Soho which helps you design contents, embed them at one spot, combine and add all the multimedia information.