Amazon’s Bold Strategy With The Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire was announced on September 28, 2011 and has been the buzz on the internet ever since. With some incredibly unique tablet features, this new e-reader not only combines innovative features that other competitive tablets offer, but it offers them at a significantly reduced price. Released on November 14, 2011 to eagerly awaiting fans, it quickly sky rocketed to the top of charts.

The Kindle Fire sells for $199 however many people have long since suspected that it cost more for Amazon to make the Kindle Fire than it actually cost consumers. After much speculation on this rumor it was finally confirmed by an analyst who completely dissected all of the parts of the Kindle Fire. The total cost of the Kindle Fire for Amazon was found to be $201.70.

So what is Amazon’s plan with the Kindle Fire?

It is expected that several million Kindle Fire units will be sold in the year 2011 alone so how does loosing almost three dollars on each unit benefit Amazon? Well, their intention is not to make a profit on the Kindle Fire, they plan on making a profit through all of the extras for the Kindle. With millions of customers using the device they will be exposed to new apps and other paid services for the Kindle Fire that should help Amazon recoup their losses.

This tactic is vastly different than Apple, Barnes & Noble, and many other tablet and e-reader device companies. Where other companies charge significantly more for each device and make their profit that way, Amazon is hoping to undermine its competition by trying a brilliant, albeit risky, new strategy.

What areas has Amazon cut costs on the Kindle Fire?

RAM – where many  tablets have 8GB of RAM, Amazon cut costs by reducing theirs to only 4GB.

Memory – here the Kindle Fire has only 8GB of memory, pitiful compared to the iPad which starts at 16GB and can go clear up to 64GB.

Additional features – to minimize costs Amazon didn’t include any of the features that other competitor tablets had such as Bluetooth, expensive wireless chips, and a camera.

Shipping – Last but not least is shipping. Usually companies will ship their devices in fancy boxes with tons of stuff inside however Amazon did its best to minimize this completely. With a simple wall charger and cord, the Kindle Fire only costs about $2-$3 each to ship.

So has Amazon’s new strategy paid off?

Amazon has not released any statistics or information on the sales of the Kindle Fire nor any information on their subsequent earnings through other accessories and apps for the Fire. This information will hopefully be released sometime in the future so it can be seen whether or not Amazon’s strategy was worth the risk or if it simply hurt the company.

Buy 500GB Toshiba Portable External Hard Drive For Just $50 On Amazon

Amazon is bringing to you the Toshiba 500GB Portable External Hard Drive E05A050DAU2XM at a minimum price of $50, inclusive of shipping charges. Here you are saving a $40.40 [45%] on the cost price. Amazon link.

A few of its features are:-

  • Canvio Basic Portable hard drives are an ideal portable add-on storage expansion solution that makes your storage easy and simple.
  • USB 2.0 powered portable add-on storage.
  • Easy to use keeps a copy of everything saved on your computer [completer system Backup]
  • Protects your drive [Internal Shock Sensor and Ramp Loading technology]
  • Accommodates large digital files with spacious storage capacity.

Portable hard drives are so compact as to fit into your pockets and do not need any external power supplies. Agreed you do pay a lump some price for it, bit it is definitely worth that price especially for the on-the-go users.

It is one plug easy-of-use and is enhanced by the drive’s stylish design, courtesy of a glossy black finish and soft round edges. It needs only a single step to begin saving and transferring important files. Plug it in and with no extra software to install, it is available with 500GB, giving you a hassle free high capacity storage solution right out of the box.

You can say Toshiba CanvioTM Portable Hard Drives is an easy answer to all your storage and backup requirements. It gives you portable storage for all your photos, music, video, and much more. Each Canvio comes with an internal shock sensor and anti-slip rubberized side grip to help keep your drive safe while on the go. Power backup by USB is also an important feature. You can benefit mobile storage space even for your larger digital libraries. It has the capacity to store 142,000 digital photos, or 1313,000 digital music files or even download 410 digital movies!

Savory In Amazon Kindle 2 To Read And Convert PDF And Epub Files

Savory In Amazon Kindle 2 To Read And Convert PDF And Epub Files

The latest Kindle 2 is one of the most popular e-reading devices with which you could read e-books (electronic books) from Amazon. This latest Amazon Kindle 2 works well with TXT, Audible (Audible Enhanced (AAX) and formats 4), DRM-restricted Kindle (AZW), unprotected MOBI, PRC, MP3, PDF, DOC, HTML, JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP file formats. An extra support for the PDF files could be gained by a difficult email-conversion, whereas the ePub does not support such conversion.

Jesse Vincent, user of Kindle 2 has created a software program namely, Savory for Kindle 2. It natively runs on Kindle with which you could convert .epub and .pdf files into .mobi file format. This .mobi file format is supported by ebook reader in Kindle 2. In addition, Savory can easily execute conversion of various file formats itself with Amazon Kindle. So that, owners of Kindle 2 device don’t have to convert ePubs and PDFs manually via desktop or web-based tools. They can now download e-books into Kindle 2 directly by using 3G or WhisperNet.

The limitation of Savory is that, it only supports the Amazon Kindle 2 device. It does not supports Amazon Kindle 1 device at all. Moreover, the ePub and PDF ebooks should not be locked and they should be DRM-free. Savory unable to transcode and convert license and DRM restricted ePub or PDF files to the insecure MobiPocket format.

Once finished the installation of Savory, the browser of Kindle 2 gets configured and it will be automatically allowed to download ePub documents and PDF (containing picture-perfect capability) files. Savory verifies the ‘Documents’ directory for latest having extensions like ‘.epub’ and ‘.pdf’ and to do so, it runs a small program. When such file is noticed, Savory runs program for open-source file conversion termed as Calibre. This program converts such documents into MobiPocket format.


You could install Savory into your Kindle 2 device.

  • First of all, download and extract it.
  • Connect your Kindle2 to computer via USB.
  • Now, merely drag savory-image.ext3 file into the “system” folder in Kindle2 device.
  • You should also download and apply Kindle Update namely update_Savory-0.06.bin. To update copy the update file into root directory.
  • After copying update file, disconnect Kindle from PC. Go to “Menu” then “Settings” and then “Menu”.
  • Later, just click on “Update Your Kindle”.

Googles E-BookStore And Apps For Android And Apple Devices

The eagerly awaited release of Google’s electronic bookstore is here at last! It will now be available in the US from a latest Google eBookstore which enables users to read and purchase e-books. Since the name is Google, you can certainly expect most of the great publishers as Penguin, Macmillan, Simon and Schuster, Hachette Book group and Harper Collins, to put their books on the stands.

With the brand name Google, this search giant brings to you much better offers than the regular eBookstore. To begin with, this great service provider depends on Cloud technology, where you can read any of your books with the help of any device which can give you an internet connection. Reading, and buying as well as storing e-Book is made possible in the cloud and accessing your e-Book collection would be just as simple as your messages in gmail or photos in Picasa with a password-protected Google account.

Google e-Books are compatible with Android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Web Browsers and many supported eReaders. Then Google has stated that free apps for Android and Apple devices can be obtained in addition to the full featured web reader. This permits readers to shop and read on the go. Also, users have a choice to either purchase the e-Books right from Google or from other private bookstores and retailers. Of course, these outlets must have a prior understanding with Google. Then Google assures you of enjoying the same benefits and usage rights, irrespective of where you purchase e-Books.

Right after the release of Google’s eBookstore, news is out that Amazon too is all ready to release a web-only version of its Kindle app, enabling its customers from its Kindle eBookstore to access books from web browsers. it also has ideas of offering free apps to its users not only on Kindle e-readers but also for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android devices etc. e-Books at the Google new store cost approximately the same as the other stores, charging between $9.99 and $14.99. This just shows how prepared e-Books are for a high level technology boost.

Tough competition is bound to make e-Book reading better and easily accessible. A sincere reader would have no problem if he would not have to make choices regarding Google e-Books. You can browse and search through the biggest e-books collection in the world with more than 3 million titles to choose from. You have them on sale too! Let’s say best sellers like James Patterson’s Cross Fire; Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, or evergreen classics like Gulliver Travels or Great Expectations, any title you just name it and you have it right there!

You have various devices that are adaptable t Google e-Books –everything from laptops to netbooks to tablets to smart phones reachable to the e-readers. You can search, purchase new books from any of their partners [private] as Powell’s Alibris and members of the American Booksellers Association and keep them all on the same shelf regardless of where you got them from.

Google Books have grown well and wide since they first established in 2004, and have successfully digitalized over 15 million books from more than 35,000 publishers more than 40 libraries in over 100 countries and more than 400 languages ever since! They have set out to direct competitors to Amazon’s Kindle Store and Apple’s iBookstore. Earlier, there were rumors that Google files were not readable on the Kindle. In fact they are readable but with a slight conversion!

Substitutes for Pricey Cable, Radio, and Phone Services

Web-based technologies can offer services that can work as great, cost effective substitutes for Cable TV, landline phones, cell service, and DSL. These are the next wave – they offer cheap services and same functionalities. You even get discounts, special offers and the like. Read on to fine out more about it.

Substitutes for TV and Movies

Services like Apple iTunes, BlockbusterOnDemand, Zune, Amazon, and Jaman give you thousands of shows and movies on a paid, per-show basis somewhere around $3 for a movie and $30 for a full season of a premiere TV show. Moreover, sites like Hulu, Crackle, Comcast, and many others offer free movies and TV shows. And all of this is without even mentioning YouTube.

Substitutes for Phones

Services like Skype, RingCentral, Google Voice, my1voice, and other VoIP services offer great replacements for calling up people from your landline phones at extremely low rates (or even free).

Then there are services like Truphone and Fring to replace your cell phone – and others like SpinVox, YouMail, PhoneTag, and Google Voice to replace your voice mail service. Further, you can send free SMSs from any of the IM apps or email abound on the web.

The exact features of the service might vary but the fact they cost almost nothing is something that is common in all of them.

Substitute for Satellite Radios

If you don’t want to shell out huge subscription charges for that expensive satellite radio, you can consider some of the web-radio services like that is absolutely free. Although some others like Pandora may have paid versions, these radio services make the radio experience mobile by letting you tune in from your smartphone. You can even think of chucking out that old car radio once you get used to the internet radio services.

Although some of the older generation services of say, cable service providers, may still be necessary given your lifestyle – you can think of going for the minimal subscriptions to these services. Explore the web – and unleash the content that is being offered for almost next-to-nothing costs. Is Accessible On iPhone And iPod

Heard the latest news? Amazon has devised a much simpler and easy way for its users to search and browse for its various products, as well as other retailers. Amazon, popular for its shopping features- Customer Reviews, and purchasing using 1-click Shopping and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Mobile is for iPhone and iPod users that enables faster searching compare prices; make purchases too; and also check through the other products. It has a very clear interface and gives 100% access to the running shopping lists, payments and shipping details.

All purchases done through the Amazon Mobile are linked through Amazon’s secure services, just like they are on the web. You can show from some of the worlds best retailers like Macy’s and Target.

Another cool feature is “Amazon Remembers.” You can take a photo of an object and upload it to Internally Amazon tries to do an image match search and brings relevant products and if you find the product you were looking for, you can ‘Remember it’ in your account and shop at any later point.

Note: Clicking on the “Download” link will take you to iTunes App Store. You should have iTunes installed and a valid iTunes account for the download to process further.

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