Amazon Turk – Slave Work Or Good Money

Making money online is most peoples dream; staying at home, sitting at their computer in their P.J’s and making a profit is the dream life. Thankfully if you’ve got the skills you can do just that! There are a wide variety of sites out there that enable you to use your talents and work from home; freelance sites such as Digital Point, Freelancer, oDesk, and many more. Another site that allows you to make money online is Amazon Turk.

Amazon Turk is a site where people can both request jobs (known as HITs), and perform these HITs. There are many pages of different HITs that a requester can accept and they can view any qualifications needed, the price, and a brief description of the HIT before you accept it. Another thing that is predetermined is the time allotted to complete the HIT. Sounds like a decent set up right? Well there is a catch.

You see, these jobs, or HITs, are generally something really small and menial. The people who post these jobs are mostly businesses who are looking to get some cheap work and who pay pennies for the HITs. Some hits include something like transcribing a simple video or copying text from a photocopy just for a few cents which doesn’t seem like much however you really need to look at the overall hourly rate.

If you do a HIT that is takes only two minutes to do but that you get paid just five cents for, that’s only $1.50 per hour! And what’s crazy, is that tons of people do these incredibly cheap HITs for a bit of spare cash. More and more businesses are turning to this service as a way to outsource menial and repetitive work at a mere fraction of what they would make paying their regular employees.

So can you make any good money on Amazon Turk? Of course, in fact there are actually a few people who make a decent amount of money off of HITs because they have a system that allows them to quickly analyze whether a HIT is worth it or not. On top of that they find the ‘good’ HITs that are worth a few dollars and immediately take them.

Find out more about Amazon Turk here at their website:

Use Apple’s MobileMe Service To Trace Your Lost/Stolen iPhone


Use Apple’s MobileMe Service To Trace Your Lost/Stolen iPhone

Several applications in the market claim to offer the best service for tracking/tracing a lost or stolen mobile phone. However, most of them come with some or the other drawback and end up being unsuccessful in tracing the device. However, Mobile phone owners still use these third-party services to track their lost/stolen mobile phones.

As those third party services seem to be unsatisfactory, Apple has come up with a new application to   track/ trace stolen or lost iPhones.  This service which is known as “Find My iPhone” efficiently locates a lost iPhone remotely via iPhone’s GPS feature. iPhone users can avail this service as a part of “MobileMe “, an online subscription service by Apple.



In case your iPhone gets lost or stolen, you can easily track the location using Google Maps and send a SMS on your iPhone which will appear on its screen even if it is locked.  You can also make your iPhone play a sound for 2 minutes.  All this can be done remotely. The SMS and the sound can work as an alert for the culprit to return the device back to its owner.

After you find out the location of your stolen iPhone using Google maps, the sound that you play can help you in tracing the thief within that area.  Apple offers this MobileMe service with a free two months trial after which you need to subscribe by paying $99. However, you can get this service at store for just $71.99.