Whatsapp Hangs While Scrolling – How To Fix It

Whatsapp hangs while scrolling

Whatsapp has become the go-to messenger application for everyone with a smartphone these days and it is no wonder people expect it to work flawlessly always. However, this app has some bugs which tend to show up when you don’t want it to and can frustrate you. In today’s world, nothing frustrates an user more than a slow internet connection, or an app that slows down and freezes up often. And Whatsapp does it too. Whatsapp hangs while scrolling. And it gets frustrating for users. Here is how to fix it.

Whatsapp hangs while scrolling

Whatsapp hangs while scrolling – Fix

  • First, try the “Clear Data” method. Before you do this, backup all your Whatsapp data (Settings > Chat settings > Backup conversations)
  • Now, clear the data by doing this:  Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Clear data.
  • Restart Whatsapp. This should fix the problem.

If the problem has not been fixed, try the following method to fix Whatsapp hangs while scrolling.

Whatsapp hangs while scrolling

  • Enable the Force GPU Rendering under developer options. This should smoothen the scrolling on Whatsapp. Now, Whatsapp hangs while scrolling should be taken care of.
  • If that does not work as well, upgrade Whatsapp to the latest version from the PlaystoreSo far, this problem has been specific only to phones running the Android operating system.
  • If nothing works, uninstall Whatsapp (Make sure you have backed up your conversations!) and reinstall it again. This should fix the problem.

Whatsapp Hangs on Windows Phone – How to fix it

So, that is all there is to it. Whatsapp hangs on Windows Phone can be fixed by following the tips above. Do you notice any problems by following the tips mentioned above? Or, do you have a better solution to solve the problem? Let me know in the comments below and I will add them into this list.

Whatsapp stuck on initializing – How to fix it

Google Applies For Patent On Siri-Like Assistant

Siri has become the most popular feature about the new iPhone and this helpful assistant has spawned numerous articles, reports, and comical YouTube videos. While Siri is the most well-known virtual assistant that responds via voice commands, it is not the first, nor is it the last. Since a Siri for multiple Apple products is expected to be released sometime later this month (along with the iPad 3), competitors are scrambling to catch up.

Not one to fall behind on the latest trends, Google has officially applied for a patent on a Siri like assistant set to be released later this year (around fall quarter) for Google TV’s. The Android team, headed by engineer Amit Singhal, is working on the Google ‘Assistant’. Google Assistant isn’t just set to compete with Siri, the Android team developing it is working hard to ensure that it will go well beyond Siri.

The development of this Assistant will encompass the following:
–          Ensuring that Google Assistant will have all of the knowledge on the internet at its disposal in a format it can comprehend.
–          Personalization of Assistant thanks the research Google has done on how people interact with technology and content.
–          A voice centered engine that is mobile and is more concerned with “real life goals” as opposed to simple search results.

Another thing that is great about Google’s new Assistant is the fact that, very much unlike Siri, developers will be able to use it to create new and innovative apps to further its use in our day to day lives. Imagine the possibilities that will open up once thousands more people are allowed to work with this exciting new Assistant? Assistant is rumored to be able to integrate services such as email, Google+, YouTube, and more into mobile devices making it even more versatile.

The patent mentioned earlier was applied for by Google a few weeks ago and it was a “Siri-like” application that was targeted towards Google TV however it won’t be a surprise to anyone to know that Google will undoubtedly release Assistant for a variety of their services to gain an even bigger advantage over Siri.

Overall the new Assistant being developed by Google sounds incredibly intriguing and should open the doors for both developers and consumers alike while setting the bars high for competitors. Unfortunately an exact release date, price, and more information is not available however when any is available, an update will be posted!


The Most Useful Android Apps

Smart phone are everywhere and the apps that go with them are essential! Not only do apps bring additional options to your phone and unlock its full potential, but they also allow you to customize your phone and play numerous games in your spare time! Android is one of the biggest names in the phone industry and there are thousands and thousands of apps for these smart phones.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the most essential Android Apps that you simply can’t do without! We’ve taken all of the latest apps into consideration and you’ll be surprised at what made our top ten list! Despite how fun games can be, we’ve excluded them from our list so that you are left with functional apps that enhance your phone.

10. Flashlight – This is a very simple app that is often overlooked, but its simplicity is what truly makes this app something you can’t do without. If you drop your keys, are looking for a light switch, or doing anything else in dim lighting this is one of the handiest apps you can have around!

09. Documents To Go – Ninth on our list is this app which enables you to use Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and more in an easy to use interface. This makes it perfect for people on the go and those who need to get some extra work done.

08. GateGuru – This nifty little app will let you know about all of the flight delays, cancellations, and departure times so that you are alerted immediately.

07. Dolphin Browser HD – if you want a browser for your phone that is a little easier, more efficient, and has better graphics then get the Dolphin Browser!

06. Touchdown- This app makes it easier than ever to access email via the Android. The clean interface, simple buttons, and efficiency, this app ranks sixth on our list of must haves.

05. Lookout Mobile Security – due to the fact that people are entrusting more and more information on their phones, people with malicious intentions are looking for better ways to get that valuable information from phones. This app will scan your phone and protect you from malware as well as back it up.

04. Kindle And Nook – Now you never have to purchase one of those expensive e-readers; your phone will be a complete all in one device! This app will enable you to get books from either company onto your phone, making it a definite must have!

03. History Eraser – Smart phones store a lot of information such as logs, browsing history, and much more.  This app will erase everything and you can even customize what it erases.

02. Google Translate – For those of you who travel and aren’t familiar with the native language then you can use Google Translate for anything!

01. GasBuddy – With gas prices being astronomically high and people needing to save money where they can, this app has made it possible for you to find the cheapest gas wherever you go!


How To Make Your Phone (Android / Apple’s IPhone) a Mobile Hotspot

Using your 3G phone as a WiFi hotspot is not only incredibly convienent, but it is an excellent way to connect multiple wireless devices to your network when others are unavailable.

In today’s world there are two major types of wireless 3G phones; android and iPhones. These phones are capable of converting their wireless 3G into a hotspot where mutliple devices can connect to their signal and access the internet. Unfortunately for most of these phones you need to pay extra on your plan before you can utilize this unique feature, however if your iPhone is hacked you can take the risk of using an app that will help you.

Below are the two major types of phones and an explanation on how to setup a WiFi hotspot on both, including an explanation for the iPhone hacked version.


Android phones with 3G are able to project their wireless connection to other devices, but this must be enabled through the plan you have with your provider. Once you’ve got your plan setup correctly then you can now start using your hotspot to connect your wireless devices anywhere at anytime. Read the directions below to learn how to setup the hotspot and protect it with a password.

  1. First open the app for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Now hit ‘Menu’ and then ‘Advanced’.
  3. Select ‘WiFi AP mode Settings’ and you will see several options that you can modify according to your needs

SSID – This is the name for your Connection.
Security – Select the type of security you want. This will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your internet.
Channel – Select the channel you want.


ATT/Verizon – If you have an iPhone on one of these plans there is an option to have the hotspot feature activated but you have to pay extra on your bill each month. If you decide to go that route for your hotspotting needs then, after you have that feature activated on your plan, follow the steps below to turn it on and learn more about its features.

  1. First go to your home screen by clicking the round button at the bottom of your phone.
  2. Next go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Network’
  3. Click ‘Setup Personal Hotspot’ at the bottom of the menu and if you have not enabled this feature for your phone plan it will give you the option to call your provider and set it up.
  4. Now you will see the option to ‘Turn Personal Hotspot’ on or off. Make sure to turn the hotspot feature off when you are done using it
  5. Below the previous option you will also see where you can set up a password. This is recommended for if you are in a public place so that your internet is not used by unwanted browsers and slowed down as a result.

Most people look for more cost effective solutions so when it comes to setting up a WiFi hotspot, there is definitely an app for that! MyWi 4.0 is one of the leading tethering and hotspot apps for your iPhone.It is not for iPod devices, but iPhone’s only.

Unfortunately MyWi only works for hacked iPhones. If your phone is hacked then follow the directions below for proper installation and setup of MyWi 4.0. If it’s not hacked you can Google search ‘How to hack iPhone’ and find many solutions. Some of the more reliable hacks are jailbreakme.com, redsn0w, and greenpois0n.

Now that your phone is hacked lets continue!

  1. First install MyWi 4.0 by searching for it in Cydia.
  2. Once it’s installed click on the new icon and open the app.
  3. Now click this link and watch the video on MyWi. It shows you the various features and how to use it. MyWi explanation video

Download Fring app For Mobile Video Conferencing

Fring – New Mobile Video Conferencing App

There are some of the popular video conferencing apps available such as Skype and FaceTime that allow users to communicate with each other via their mobile device. Latest sensation in the iPhone app market is Fring app, which is especially developed to provide Mobile video conferencing to the users up to four members at a time.  You might be thinking about the unique and distinctive features included in this video conferencing app. This app allows the best quality video conferencing with four friends at a time.  This is the most notable feature of the application that sets it apart from the other mobile video conferencing apps.

This is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. You might have several genuine questions regarding this app. The first one is, whether the user can use this app for business purpose or for just pleasure to stay connected with friends.  Honestly, this application has equal ratio of the users which mean as per your requirements you can use it.  If you want to conduct a video conferencing meeting at random, use your iPhone or Android device for connecting with four people at a time and reach the final decision in the meeting. It is really cool and interesting to use it as the ideal business gadget.  It makes easier to connect with your colleagues or co-workers while on the move.

As far as personal usage of this app is concerned, it is used by mostly younger generations. Currently, teens are well attuned with social networking websites and want to stay connected with their friends via video conferencing.

Next, genuine question is, whether the video calling is better than the voice calling or not. Apparently, video calling feature is in its earlier stage and getting popularity rapidly across the globe.  Some of the critics argue that people will be inclined to make video calls as opposed to the voice calls. The Fring is definitely paving the path for the new future of the video calling in the society.

Mobile video conferencing is still in its infancy stage. However, it is really interesting that Fring like app are hitting the market that will sooner make the video calling popular among the users.  However, the complete gamut of web conferencing is yet to be determined for the Smartphone. However, Fring is the latest development in video conferencing feature for the iPhone and Android devices.

Our Opinion

There is no doubt that Fring is the most advanced app, which is paving new future in video conferencing sector. There is one considerable point you have to keep in your mind that video conferencing is in its starting phase, so going with that application completely depends on your preferences. However, FaceTime and Skype is most trusted video calling app available. Overall, it is a worth investment, if you want to assess the new advancement in video calling and want to experience the new era.  In short, it is quite a cool app to use and experience something new and interesting with your device.

Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Steps To Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Almost all apps for Android mobile are available at the Android app store, which is official place to download and install app for all Android tablets and smartphones. Unlike the iPhone, Android is a system that is completely open and doesn’t support any hacks for the app that are not available in Android app store.

Technically, all apps of Android use .apk file format. This extension indicates that the file is only meant for Android Smartphone.  This special fire format carries the applications and makes them compatible to download on the Android power devices.  However, Android app store allows users to download and install apps automatically from the store, but what about the non-mkt .apk app to download on Android powered devices.

Android powered devices don’t include any file manager and cannot be installed on double click as the Windows and Mac OS X operating system. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to install .apk non-market app onto the Smartphone and tablets powered by Android.  Check out the below given tweak to install .apk app.

Action 1Use APK installer to install .apk files

Android store app cannot install .apk format app directly, it is possible only after installation of the apps installer for free from the Android store.

  • Launch Android Market
  • You will get numbers of app that are developed only for installation of non-market app onto the Android market such as  FastAppInsatll, Installer, AppsInstaller, Onymous App Installer, Fast Installer, and etc, download one of them and install on your system.
  • Copy .apk file to root directory of SD card
  • Start apps installer program
  • Each app installer scans the root folder automatically from the SD card and explores the .apk files.
  • Now, tap on the particular Android app that you need to install on your device.  You will be prompted with a dialogue box to continue installation, confirm the installation.
  • Once the process is completed, user can easily use the app right from the menu.

Action 2Push Install APK apps using Android SDK on the computer

In order to install .apk format app directly from the computer to android powered devices, users don’t need to navigate to Android Market. Thus, they don’t need to associate Google account with Android device.

  • Download and Install the Android SDK on your system by simply opening the starter package to a secure location and add location to systems’ path.
  • Windows users can download USB driver and install adb by tapping on SDK Setup.exe at root of the SDK directory to raise Android SDK and AVD manager.
  • Launch the file directly from the root of the SDK directory by taping on SDK Setup.exe. From the given panel choose USB Driver Package to install.
  • Connect Android Smartphone and tablet to computer using the USB cable
  • On your android device, navigate to Settings>> Applications and enable Unknown Sources box.
  • Navigate to Settings >> SD card and phone storage and mark Disable Use for USB storage.
  • Copy .apk android setup package to your computer inside the SDK folder.
  • Open Command Prompt box
  • Execute the following command

adb install <path to the .apk file><.apk file name>

These methods to download non-market .apk apps on Android system are quite safe and easy to perform. However, there are some multi-purpose utility and file manager available that includes compatibility to install APK file onto your Android Devices such as ASTRO File Manager, AndroZip, File Manager, Android Mate, App ToolKit, EStrongs File Explorer and etc.  Users can use these applications to download .apk file format app onto their Android systems.

Samsung – Microsoft Conflict Over Android Phone Manufacturing – Will The End Users Suffer ?

Microsoft Imposed Royalty Fees on Samsung for Manufacturing Android Based Hardwares

Undeniably, Microsoft has incredible reputation in manufacturing computers and IT industry. The Windows operating system by Microsoft is almost reining the IT industry. However, few of the other giant players such as Google has launched their Smartphone in the market and most of the mobile phone manufacturing companies have started producing Android based devices.

Microsoft has also made its presence felt in Smartphone section with its Windows Mobile phone running on windows operating system. Samsung deals with both the companies respectively, but the sale of the Android OS based Smartphone has increased tremendously, which has made the producer increase the production of phone running on this operating system.

This has come as a setback to Microsoft and they have imposed royalty fees on Samsung. Now let us get some insight on events happening between Microsoft and Samsung, and more:

What’s happening between Microsoft and Samsung?

  • Microsoft has taken a decision to impose royalty charge of 15$ on each of the Samsung Android based mobile phones.
  • Samsung has requested to cut down or lower down this royalty penalty from 15$ to 10$. It is currently being considered by the Microsoft, but they haven’t gone really public about their reconsideration on the loyalty fees as yet.
  • Microsoft has taken this step on the grounds of Patent troll activity or patent infringement. They argue that Samsung has misused its patent by under-manufacturing Windows mobile phone according to the volume as agreed. Samsung has also been accused of misusing the patent rights, in order to get a grip on bigger market shares.

What are the factors and facts behind Microsoft’s BIG decision to charge Samsung ?

  • Most of the people believe that Microsoft has wrongly filed a lawsuit against Samsung and used the advantage of being the most reputed company in the industry. People also think that the main reason behind charging a huge amount of royalty fee on each mobile phone is only to get back at the rival company.
  • There is another partners of Microsoft such as HTC, who only pay 5 $ as the royalty charge.
  • Few market experts argue that Samsung is only manufacturing the android based Smartphone to meet high volume of public demand. However, Microsoft has a valid reason to charge them with the royalty fee or have Samsung completely stop the manufacturing of android be smart phones.
  • The experts also conclude that this could be one of the reasons through which Microsoft is trying to win the market by eliminating their competitors.

How right is Microsoft ?

Critics are objecting Microsoft forcing Samsung to pay $15 huge on each android based hardware. They also state that it is unfair to penalize Samsung under the act of Patent Troll. It is very clear that Samsung deals with both companies and manufactures devices having two different operating systems. However, it is fortunate for Samsung that the android based mobile phones are high in demand. Microsoft must review and revise their terms and conditions before they could reasonably file a lawsuit against the partner company.

Improve GPS Performance And Charging Time Of HTC Sensation

If you are unhappy with your HTC Sensations GPS accuracy then this news is sure to bring joy. First of it’s kind Over the Air software update (targeted mainly at bug fix but not feature enhancement) was rolled out recently. With a update file size of about 28 MB, the OTA updates version is 1.35.401.1.

To update your HTC with the latest bug-fix:

  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Then ‘About Phone
  • System Updates
  • and select the ‘Check‘ option for Update.

This has been tested by a few at XDA developers forum to be working fine. While talking about GPS accuracy, you should be aware of the fact that most Android phones still have issues with it and it’s one of the common complaints from Android phone owners.

The last couple of weeks has been good one for HTC Sensation owners as first it was Skype video calling which was enabled for HTC Sensation phones and now an update which promises to improve the performance and some at the same time improve some existing features on HTC.

Is Video Calling On Skype Android Phone (Galaxy S) Possible ?

A friend wanted to figure out if there is a way to make Video Calls o Skype from Galaxy S (an Android phone).

Skype has done a good job when it comes to iPhones, but unfortunately they are a long way from catching up when it comes to phones that run Android. They are still away from enabling video call function. They should take some quick measures to get video calling feature as they are losing a chunk of their market share to Tango.

They do have an app which works on Samsung Galaxy S, but the app does not support Video Calling (you can now make skype video calls from HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy provided you are on Android 2.3 ). To run Skype on Samsung Galaxy S – you need to be running Android OS 2.2 or later, you can even have the app on your phone’s SD card !

Skype has taken care of voice calls over3G, but that’s not enough if they want to stay ahead in competition, as their app seems to have limitations / problems which needs quick attention.

Make video calls from Android phones:

Tango allows users to make free mobile video calls from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices and it works on Wi-Fi and 3G. You can download the apps from : Tango download.


Now Make Calls from Skype To Android Voice Calls Over 3G

Now Make Calls from Skype to Android Voice Calls Over 3G

The newly released official version of Skype App for Smartphone operating on Android has introduced free Skype-to-Skype calling enabled with the facility of very cheap internal VoIP and domestic calls. However, this is possible only for the Skype users who use Wi-Fi within the United States. Making a call through Skype Credit is much cheaper than a voice plan offered by mobile service provider, and if a caller is using 3G support, then it is sure that the option of calling on Skype can available anytime and anywhere.

The official version of Skype used for your desktop is different from that the mobile phones have.  There are several different types of Skype versions that work on android Verizon Android Devices, which works on 3G technology and does not use Wi-Fi. The calls made to mobile phones or Landline through Skype will have to go through the Verizon mobile network. However, the official application of Skype 4 Android operating system does not have any kind of restriction, and the users of United States currently can use Wi-Fi to make calls and not only 3G technology.

Despite all these safety measures, a hacker Xeudoxous has succeeded to break the Skype application for Android and now it is possible for users to call over 3G.  Now onwards, user do not require to have a wireless Internet connection or access point to get connected with Wi-Fi, in order to call on Skype.

Thus, there is no need to root your phone to the Skype 3G support with hacked version. Users can enjoy calling through Skype on Wi-Fi as well as 3G by downloading the below mentioned hacked version of Skype for their Android application: Skype.apk

Hacked version of Skype app on Android-based devices can be installed by following these simple steps:

Firstly, un-install the existing Skype app on your device by going to “Setting”-> “Applications”-> “Manage Application” and then select “Skype”. Then click on “Uninstall button” and copy the Skype.apk to SD card directory of phone. Launch an APK manager or file manager to install .apk on the Android Operating System, as Apps Installer (available in Android Market) and by using this manager, install Skype.apk. Finally, this application will be installed on your Android OS.

However, a similar software is available to download freely from CNet here, which makes your life a lot easier.