The Master List Of Indian Super Heroes

Indian Superheroes – Victory of Good over Evil


Nagraj is a comic character created by the Sanjay Gupta in late 1980s. Nagraj, the king of snakes, has total control over these serpentes. The story about Nagraj is completely based on fantasies and science fiction. Nagraj was created by an evil scientist Nagmani, as a terror weapon against humanity. However, while performing his first task, he realized that Nagmani is a bad person and means harm to the innocent people. Nagaraj then opposed Nagmani and refused to work for him.

Since then, these two have been the biggest enemies of each other, one fighting for the bad people and the other fighting against them. Later, Nagraj moves to a metropolitan city called Mahanagar, and earns a living as Raj at a reputed TV channel.

Powers of Nagraj:

  • The most important quality is that he possesses millions of microscopic snakes of various sizes in his body. These snakes take his orders to appear out of his body and fight against his opponents. They also form structures like parachute, ropes, gloves, webs, and others on his command.
  • It is not just the snakes in his body, but he is also a good source of venom, which can kill people in seconds. Moreover, he can spit venom on his enemies called Vish-Funkaar, which is a dangerous and fatal.
  • He has superhuman physical strengths, eyesight, speed, sensitivity and the 6th sense.
  • He has the power to control most dangerous snakes like Naagu, Maanas Sarp, and Sheet Kumar etc.


Shaktiman is an imaginary character, played by the Mukesh Khanna in the show. This superhero is person who possesses unlimited superpowers. However, he leads a normal life in the society as Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omnkarnath shastri. He is the chosen man by a Saint from Catapult, named Suryavanshi, to fight against evil. They taught him tricks and blessed him with multiple “Yogic Powers”. Initially, he was trained to perform only Kundalini Yoga to fire up the 7 chakras of the body that gives super natural powers. Later, he struggled a lot to gain other powers, as he had to first died, burn his body to ashes, and then evolve all over again. Ultimately, he emerged as Shaktiman with magnificent supernatural powers to fight against evil.

Shaktiman’s biggest enemy was Kilvish, the king of evil. Shaktiman fights against the vicious people and pursues the path of justice to bring harmony in the society.

Powers of Shaktiman:

  • He can fly faster than the speed of light
  • Invisibility
  • Powerful vision
  • Immortality
  • He can hear sounds clearly from thousands of miles away
  • He can manipulate the five basic elements of life
  • Supreme Physical strength
  • With these supernatural powers Shaktiman kills the Kilvish and all his minions or bullions such as Dr. Jackal, Plastica, stone man and others.

Krish: The First Indian Movie Superhero

The Indian Hindi film, Krrish, is all about science fiction. This film was directed, written and produced by the Rakesh Roshan and Krrish’s role was played by the Hrithik Roshan. This superhuman has inherited the supernatural powers from his fathers. His origin goes back to the point when his father, Rohit, accidently gets acquainted with alien named Jaadu, who gave supernatural powers and thus, Krrish finally ends up inheriting his father’s powers. Krrish belongs to middle class family where he is treated and bought up as normal and innocent boy.

However, most of his friends considered him unearthly due to his supernatural powers. Thus, his grandmother, a role played by Rekha, restricts him from going anywhere near the mountains in the northern part of India, where they resided. It is this place where Krishna, the superhero, polishes and improves his abilities with no friends around him. Below are some of the magical abilities he possessed:

  • He could walk on the water
  • Krish had power to jump extremely high
  • He could run unhumanly fast
  • He could clearly hear low audible sounds
  • Krrish had powerful physical strength

On the whole, Krrish was equipped with unbelievable supernatural powers that made him a superhero. He fights against the villains and rescues his father, who was wrongly reported dead in a lab accident.

Lord Hanuman: The Indian Mythological Superhero

Lord Hanuman is the incarnation of lord Shiva, a Vanara. Lord hanuman is the son of Anjani, the mother and Kehsari, the father. He was a great devotee of Lord Rama, who truly believed that Hanuman was the real incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Hanuman supported Lord Ram to fight against his enemy, Ravana. Hanuman was and is the most powerful mythological superhero, as he possesses unlimited supernatural power. His entire life journey revolves around the Lord Rama, as Hanuman believed to have born to serve Lord Rama.

Powers of Hanuman:

He has enormous powers that made him the biggest and mightiest Vanara. He is renowned for his courage, power, devotions, and selfless services.

  • He can enlarge his body like a mountain, or become smaller than an ant if needed
  • He has abundant of physical strength and supernatural powers
  • He can fly high in the sky
  • His wounds can easily get cured

With these unbelievable powers, hanuman supported Lord Rama to fight against Ravana. The entire Ramayana, a Hindu epic, has complete and detailed information about Hanuman’s life. He discovered the place where Lord Sita, wife of Lord Rama, was imprisoned. He brought Sanjivani Booti from far away mountains, when Lord Lakshman (Rama’s Brother) was unconscious during the war against their enemy. There are several Television serials and Movies that have already been developed and some are still in the process, featuring the life of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that Lord Hanuman is still on the earth.


Karma is the story of a person who was born with supernatural powers. This is a fantasy based TV serial , wherein Siddharth Choudhary plays the lead role of Karma. This character has supernatural powers to fight against the demonic evil Markesh, who kills Karma’s grandfather.

Powers of Karma:

  • He can see through the walls
  • He can fly high up in the sky
  • He can hear sound from thousands of miles away
  • He can run as quick as a fast moving train
  • He has unbelievable physical power and strength

The entire story of Karma revolves around his life, where he keeps defeating the villains and minions working for Markesh. He only pursues the path of justice and brings serenity in the society. Karma wears a facemask, in order hide or conceals his identity from the public. He discovered at the age of eighteenth that he has got all these super powers to defeat the demon called Markesh. He saves people from the enemies that are against humanity and want to destroy the world. Karma’s actions are based on principles of securing the truth and bringing tranquility in the society. He helps the poor people and fights against the devils to eliminate them all.


Karna is one of the strongest characters of Mahabharata, an Indian Epic. He was son of Kunti and Surya. Since Karna was born before Kunti got married, she had to abandon her first child. He was brought up by the Adiratha and his wife, Radha. Karna was very close to Duryodhna with whom he fought against the Pandavas in Mahabharata. He was blessed with power of Surya and he was renowned for his war tactics and archery. Moreover, people believe that Karna was the greatest generous person and never backed out on his words.

Powers of Karna:

Karna was blessed with armor (Kavach) and earrings (Kundal). He was very brave and courageous person and he was believed to have power to defeat Arjuna, the greatest ever archer.

  • Strong physical powers
  • Excellent war tactics and archery techniques
  • He had divine powers in the field of archery
  • He had a Kavach and a Kundal to protect him against any physical threat. No one could ever kill Karna until the armor and earrings were removed from his body.
  • He had a heart of gold, which made him help the needy people and be generous to all

With these powers and unique role in the great Mahabharata, some of the people believe that he is the real Indian superhero.

Garuda: The Endearing Indian Superhero

The entire story of this series revolves around a child born with wings and some unique superpowers. Garuda is the new forthcoming animated cartoon series developed by Rudra Matsa Entertainment. Garuda comes across many challenging situations in his learning period, during which he also befriends with a tiger. He is a hypothetical Indian hero having several superpowers like flying in the air, unbeatable physical strength and intellectual abilities. His uniqueness makes him an extremely powerful character as a child, who discovers a whole new world in his childhood. However, he only interacts with the other people in the world and uses his power to help them, once he grows up. He also has the ability to communicate with Lord Vishnu.

This animated screen play revolves around Garuda’s life, how he discovers his new world in his childhood and his interactions with Lord Vishnu. Garuda is the latest animated cartoon series, which is based on mythology and science fiction. The production team is still working on the whole script and its pictorial representation. However, it is believed that children will love this animated series because it has all, mystery, fantasy and innovative characters, which mostly children love to see.

Ghatothkach: Indian Epic Superhero

Ghatothkach is an animated movie, which was released in 2008. It is based on a life of Mahabharata character, Ghatothkach, son of Hidimba and Bhima. Ghatothkach is blessed with unlimited supernatural and magical powers. He can easily out grow his actual size and reduce his height whenever he wants. He has extraordinary physical strength and always carries a Gada, his Weapon. He is Gadadhari paladin and always helped needy people and animals in trouble.

Powers of Ghatothkach:

  • Enormous physical strength
  • Magical powers, which help him to take any life form, be invisible and other tricks whenever he wishes.
  • Gada, his blessed weapon

The story of Ghatothkach revolves around his friends and battle against the evils to save the world. During any kind of combat, he was never accompanied by his father, Bhima. This superhero sacrificed his life in the war of Mahabharata, in order to fight for his father’s honor. He performed all his duties righteously till his death, be it being a good friend or a caring son.

This animated movie has very exhilarating songs and scenes that make it the best animated movies of children.

Doga: Indian Comic Hero

Doga is the comic fiction character created by the Tarun Kumar Wahi. Doga was found in a garbage as an orphan by the ruthless dacoit Halkan Singh. Although Halkan Singh brought him up, but he always treated the child like a dog. Eventually, he is abandoned by Halkan Singh, only to get shelter at Adrak chacha’s house, the owner of the Lion gym. There he gets trained and strengthens his physical powers. He witnesses ruthless and brutal murders of his so called family members (Adrak Chaha and his brothers). In order to take revenge, he chooses to become Doga and wears a mask of a dog. He believes in “Uprooting the problems rather then solving it”.

Powers of Doga:

Doga, the superhero, has powers to communicate with dogs and he could also order them to perform any task. Moreover, he has several other strengths and abilities that make him a courageous and a stronger person who can fight against the evil.

  • He has ultimate physical strength
  • He is trained with martial arts and other fighting tactics including Boxing
  • He is very agile
  • He can communicate with dogs
  • He has a whole set of weapons
  • He can bear intolerable pain

In the series, he saves the human race from all the demons in the world.


Lord Ganesha was the son of Lord Parvati and Shiva with a head of an elephant. Lord Ganesha is renowned for wisdom, Power, eliminating obstacles, and peace. It is believed that he was blessed with ultimate supernatural powers by the all deities of Hindu. Ganesha was very agile and naughty child who rode on a rat.

Power of Ganehsa:

Ganesha was blessed with superpowers to pursue the path of justice and kill the evil spirits.

  • He was very clever and alert
  • He could fly
  • He had power to foresee the events
  • He could easily camouflage himself
  • He was very physical strong
  • He could enlarge himself or become very small whenever he wished
  • He was very intelligent and could think on his feet

All these powers made him a perfect warrior who fights against the malicious people and save the saints and gods from the demons. He has its particular food cravings for Ladoos, a sweet dish. He, once demonstrated his powers against his father, Lord Shiva initially and as a result, his father cut his head off. Thereafter, Lord Parvati, Ganesha’s mother, asked him to bring her child back to life and they managed to get an elephant’s head. There are many animated films and serials, which managed to get this character lots of popularity in the Indian television and cinema industry, as a real Indian superhero.


Bhokal is another comic fictional character created by the Sanjay gupta. Bhokal was initially prince, who later was trained and taught by his Guru Maha Bhokal. He acquired a state of Vikasnagar and gave up his entire life to save this place and the human race against the evils. He avenged his parents’ death and death of beloved, Turin. He is portrayed as a fearful and courageous person, who could die for his people. His original name is Rajkumar.

Powers of Bhokal:

  • Bhokal has unlimited supernatural powers. When he called out the name of his Guru, he was blessed with superhuman powers and other abilities to handle a magical sword and a shield
  • His sword can cut anything within no time and a powerful shield to protect him against any kind of attack
  • He can use his sword to emit the “Jwala-Shati”, fire that can burn away any materials within no time
  • He is very responsive and has enormous physical strength
  • He can use Prahara, a weapon created by Turin, to get the psychic powers

He is still in action and saving the human race from the clutches of evil minions and demons in the series. This character has few close friends named Atikroor, Tilli, Gajo-Bajo and others. The entire story of Bhokal is very dramatic and full of interesting mysteries.

Chhota Bheem:

Chhota Bheem is basically an animated series, which is being aired on the Pogo TV channel. The protagonist Chhota Bheem lives in a town named, Dholakpur in India. The character is a nine year old boy, who is blessed with extraordinary and stunning powers. He is very intelligent, brave and strong. He is always ready to help the needy and fight against the bad people. He is the protector of his town and that’s why he is a favorite of the king Indravarman.

Bheem was never afraid of anything whether be it’s a beast or a criminal. He solves very critical mysteries within no time. He craves for Laddoos, which indeed gives him a surge of power and energy to make him much stronger and powerful. He has several friends such as Chutki, Raju, Jaggu (Talking monkey), and Indumati (Daughter of the King). He makes a few enemies, who wants him dead Daku Mangal Singh. There are some other characters in Bheem’s life that help and support him in fighting against the dacoits, evils, and beasts.

This animated series is very popular among children and its still being broadcasted on Pogo channel at different timings.

Windows Vista – Registry Trick to Slow Down Windows Animation Speed

Windows Vista – Registry Trick to Slow Down Windows Animation Speed

Windows Vista has a default animation speed for performing the tasks of minimizing, closing or maximizing any window which actually cannot be controlled by the user. However, it is possible that you change the animation speed and slow down the transition.

You need to perform a small registry trick after which you need to just press and hold the SHIFT key while performing the tasks of minimizing, closing or maximizing a window so as to slow down the transition. You need to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Start Menu and select “Start Search”. Type in “regedit” and hit the enter key to open the Registry Editor. Just click on “Continue” incase you get a User Account Control prompt.
  • Locate the below mentioned registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM

  • You need to right-click on “DWM” and from the right-click context menu, choose “New”. Now, from the “New” submenu, select “DWORD (32-bit) Value”.
  • Name this newly created DWORD Value as “AnimationsShiftKey”.

  • Double click on the DWORD Value “AnimationsShiftKey” and set its value data as “1”. Save the settings by clicking on “OK” button.
  • Exit the Registry Editor and restart your PC or log off and log on back to make the changes effective.

To check whether the trick is working, you may try minimizing, closing or maximizing an open window while you press and hold the SHIFT key. You may also press CTRL+WinKey+Tab to invoke Windows Flip3D and press and hold the SHIFT key before maximizing the windows/ applications. The animation speed of the maximizing task will comparatively become slower.

Firefox Add-On Providing Check4Change for Monitoring Updates in the Websites

Firefox Add-On Providing Check4Change for Monitoring Updates in the Websites

From the name itself we can easily assume that Check4Change will monitor all the changes taking place on the websites for a specific period of time which will be mentioned by the users. They can save all hassles of having to manually do the refreshing job all the time, especially if they expect changes in the websites that are opened by them.

After download and installing it, you have to restart the browser of Firefox browsers so that it takes effect. After completing it, you have to open that website and choose the particular text which you are intending to monitor, which is followed by right click in that page and it will bring menu for selection.

Then scroll to Check4Change. The users may choose particular period on which the system may prompt for change in text (if required). After detecting the change in text, there will a notification of pop-up alert, with sound in background. You can also use features like Tab Animation and others which are totally configurable, based on user’s own preferences.

Bear in mind that it works only in opened Tabs, so the user may not be able to monitor those websites constantly, unless of course they keep those websites opened a door times. However, it definitely is better than the manual refresh on the already opened tabs.

FREE Online Animation Support To Customize Email-Signatures

FREE Online Animation Support To Customize Email-Signatures

Online animation industry is very vast and growing quickly each day, now with its support for creating email signatures with animated touches has given a refreshed look to these signatures.

These signatures appear at the end of an email, displaying sender’s name and wishes to receivers. By adding customized email signatures on it, it beautifies its presence as elegant, stylish and professional.

Till date users were utilizing just the normal text email signatures. Now with this utility they can get their email signatures customized as they desire it to be.

There are numerous websites available online offering customization, but only a few offer creations of these email-signatures for free and others they charge depending on the styles they do.

Professionals may charge customizing these signatures for “10dollars to $100dollars” depending on the image selection and its creation process.

Now, individuals can get these signatures customized through online service namely “mylivesignature” for “FREE”. This online utility tools utilization is free with its finest quality custom email signatures.

In order to customize your emails, individuals aren’t even asked to register an account with them, but if they do register they will get other additional benefits which they offer.

Online support of Mylivesignature provides three sets of choices for user such as:

  • Users can get the complete signature customization wizard (here users can create their own signature utilizing several pre-defined options )
  • Users get tools to convert their free hand signature customized into animated signatures. (Here users can create their free-hand-signature utilizing mouse).
  • Users can get signature created from any scanned digital images( here users can cut and paste the scanned images of signatures)

This isn’t their end of support, they do also provide various animated signature options, through which users can give a new well-designed look to their email signatures.

Capture Screen Animation Including Audio And Share With Others Using Goview

Capture Screen Animation Including Audio And Share With Others Using Goview 

You might have been using ScreenCastle application in order to capture screen animations directly from the web browser. The latest application, which is similar to the previously released ScreenCastle, has been introduced in the market. This application allows you to capture screen animation with audio recording.

It is the latest advanced feature that is associated with GoView Online web service. It is a free web service which enables you to enjoy Screen animation with audio recording. Another plus point of this service is that you can share your screen animation with others via online in easy steps. 

Initially, you’ll need to create an account which is free then download and install the software on your computer to launch it. Once you installed software, you will see a small icon appearing on your system tray. Whenever you want to record screen animation with audio, right click on the icon followed by “Record Screen & Audio”.  

You can easily stop the recording process whenever you want. These files will be stored in a secure Citrix data center. Now you can share these screen animations using URL link with others online according to your preferences. 

In case you are encountering problem in recording the audio, then you just right click on the Icon>> Preference and you will get few setups for audio settings. Then, select the “Digital Audio – Microphone” to process your audio recording and screen animation properly.

Since the GoView utility is web based services, you must have stable and fast speed broadband connection in order to get rid of errors in the uploading process.

How To Make Blogger Post Titles Attractive With Animated Icons

Make Your Post Title Much More Attractive With Animated Icons

The first thing you have to is to get an image icon so as to place it in your blogger blog. The pixels should be of 50*50. Choosing image can be quite simple if you search it in Google. Once your image is selected, you have to upload it in image hosting sites, like photobucket, googlepages, tinypic, imageshack, etc. Remember to copy the link of your image and then go to next step.

The next step is to create a HTML code for the image icon. You have to create a HTML code with the copied image link. In order to create a HTML code with the image link, follow the code mentioned below:

<img src=”LINK TO YOUR IMAGE HERE” style=”border-width:0px” />

Paste the copied link where your link is requested. Once this step is done, move on to next step.

Now we have to edit HTML to insert the code of the image. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to your blogger account.
  • Then click on Layout and then click on Edit HTML
  • Click on the box named Expand Widget so as to expand the Widget Template.
  • Then search for this code: <b:if cond=’data:post.url’> in your template. To do so you can press CTRL+F, it is the shortcut key for find.
  • Just above this code you have to add the HTML code.
  • To finish the process you have to Save the template.
  • Your work is over.