Simple Trick To Activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 English Version Using Chinese Version Code

Simple Trick To Activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 English Version Using Chinese Version Code

Nowadays, Kaspersky lab is promoting its product in the China market and getting positive response drastically. Since the Kaspersky Anti-Virus is one of the most trustable and reliable antivirus, which keeps your computer free from any intruder and virus threats. However, the thing to understand here is the trick to activate your English version Kaspersky antivirus by using the Chinese version code.

Usually, Chinese version code only works in Chinese Kaspersky anti-virus. If you enter Chinese code to any English version Kaspersky antivirus, it will discard the permission by showing error message “Activation code for this product is not valid or compatible. It is not possible to activate your this version of Kaspersky antivirus with this code”. As a rule, there is an inbuilt mechanism in code, which detects the installed version of Kaspersky, whether it is English version or Chinese version.

If you are thinking to activate your Kaspersky using key file, then you will get negative response with this error message “The key file is not valid or compatible for this application. It is not possible to activate this application using this key file

Here is simple workaround with which you can easily activate your Kaspersky antivirus 2009 English version 8.  This trick makes fool to server to think that installed Kaspersky is indeed the Chinese version.

  • Download and install Kaspersky Antivirus English version 2009 on your computer.
  • Choose the option Activate when you will be prompted to activate KAV 2009.

  • Complete the rest configuration on screen process properly.
  • Click on settings in Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009
  • Go to Options
  • You can uncheck the Enable Self Defense option and tap on OK.
  • Right click on the icon of Kaspersky Antivirus, which will be located at system tray and choose Exit Option.
  • Now, open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009\Skin\loc folder.

  • Replace the en folder name with sch.    

  • Launch the Registry editor and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Kaspersky Lab\protected\AVP8\environmentregistry key.
  • Replace the en value date to sch value date under localization by right clicking on right pane.

  • Launch KAV 2009
  • When the activation interface appears, choose Activate online and put the Chinese activation code followed by clicking on Next option. Finally, Kaspersky lab activation centre will accept the code and activate the program.

Excellent Tips For Maintaining Your PC In A Healthy Condition For Long

Excellent Tips For Maintaining Your PC In A Healthy Condition For Long

When you buy a new system, you are naturally making a huge investment. You would certainly like to maintain your computer in a healthy condition for a long period of time by avoiding issues such as system crashing, hard disk failure, CPU overheating etc.  A healthy system always works faster, breaks less and offers better productivity to its user.

Here are 12 useful tips that can make your computer trouble-free and ensure its long lasting health.

1) Clean the System Registry

We keep adding and removing programs from our computer which generally leads to a mess up in the entries within the Windows Registry. When your Windows Registry gets clogged up you can expect your PC to take longer time to boot up. Clogging of the Registry also consumes a lot of system resources.

Therefore it is very important for you to use Registry tools like Registry Mechanic that can clean up your system registry safely.  You should never try cleaning the Registry yourself if you do not have proper knowledge of what you are doing. To maintain your computer in a good state, you need to maintain an error-free, compact and healthy Windows Registry.

2) Use Disk Cleanup Tools

Eventually, as you use your PC, you tend to store numerous unwanted files on your hard disk. You need to clean your hard disk from time to time in order to free up hard disk space which would in turn increase the speed of your PC.

The Disk Cleanup tool on your PC helps you compress old files, delete/remove unwanted Internet Explorer (IE) files, files and folders from Recycle bin as well as unnecessary program setup files. To open this utility, you need to go to Start Menu and click on Programs. Then go to Accessories and select System Tools.

By using this tool, you can also uninstall unwanted Windows components and applications and delete unnecessary System Restore snapshots. You may also use third-party tools like CCleaner.

3) Carry out Disk Defragmentation

Once you free up hard disk space, you need to now defrag your computer. Defragmentation helps you make files/ folders on your PC contiguous. This process basically collects bits/ pieces of a file which is stored all over your hard disk and puts them together in adjoining data blocks. Disk Defragmentation lessens the load from the disk and speeds up your PC thereby offering a faster data access.

4) Use a good Anti-Virus Program

The process of speeding up a computer can never be complete until and unless the computer becomes free from spyware and virus infections. When a virus affects your PC, it adds several malicious files to your system Registry and tries to infect your important applications with harmful codes in order to alter their regular functioning and generate errors.

These viruses and spyware not only affect the speed of your computer but also steal some critical data and sell it to external sources. This is the reason why you need to completely scan your PC on a regular basis using a reliable Anti-Virus Program. You need to also make sure that these Anti-Virus/ Anti-Spyware tools always remain updated with latest virus definitions.

It is also advisable that you turn on Real-Time Protection feature present in these Anti-Virus/ Anti-Spyware programs.

5) Keep a check on CMOS battery

In case your computer is four to five years old, you need to check its CMOS battery that is present on the motherboard. As soon as the system clock starts showing a wrong time, you get the first signal that your CMOS battery has worn-out and needs a replacement.

6) Check the Hard Drive

Windows XP or Windows 7 users can easily check the health of their computer’s hard disk by using an error-checking utility. You need to simply go to Windows Explorer, right-click on the icon of any drive and choose Properties. Go to the Tools tab and click on the Check Now button. If you notice several errors in the results, your hard disk could contain a lot of bad sectors.

In such a case, it is a better idea to backup all the important data and get it repaired.

7) Buy Uninterruptible UPS

When the power goes off all of a sudden, an UPS keeps your PC running. The amount of time for which an UPS can keep your system running after a power cut depends on its power and brand. This generally helps you prevent any data loss or harm to any of the components because of the power failure.

UPS also works as a shield to computer’s power supply thereby preventing it from getting damaged due to the drop in electricity supply or surges, especially during thunderstorms. Some UPSs have additional software that allows you to monitor the UPS status, load levels, battery charge, power grid voltage etc.

Always buy a UPS of a good brand to protect your PC and prevent your hard disks from getting ruined due to unexpected power losses.

8) Buy good-quality power supply

Your PC needs to be well-equipped with a good-quality power supply. Even though cheap supplies have an elevated theoretical output, they have capacity to handle only a portion of that. They generally show poor results when you put load on them. The good ones come with a powerful fan which keeps dust and heat at bay and also last longer.

You should never skimp on the computer’s power supply when you buy a new system. The power supply you choose should exceed maximum theoretical load of your system by a minimum of 30% in order to avoid wear and stress.

9) Put off the Monitor When Not In Use

Never waste the power of your monitor when you aren’t using it. You need to specially keep this in mind when using LCD monitors as there are chances that they may get burnt out or get awful pixels with continuous use. So, if you are just listening to some music, always remember to put off your PC monitor.

10) Protect PC from Dust

Dirt and dust are the two main causes behind your system getting overheated. You have to keep the system clean from inside as well as outside. Keep the monitor, CPU, keyboard and printer always covered with dust covers. These covers filter the incoming air and keep your PC protected even in harsh conditions.  

Always keep your PC away from windows to avoid dust from being collected in the fans and further getting moistened by air. Ultimately, a thick layer of dust will get accumulated on the fan thereby causing it to make an eerie sound. You need to always ensure that the fan in the CPU turns smoothly.

11) Maintain the Mouse and Other PC Components

Mouse is one PC component that you use the most. Over time, you mouse keeps getting dirtier if you do not clean it on a regular basis. Within no time your mouse is full of grime and dirt. In case you use a mechanical mouse, you realize that it has become dirty when it starts moving erratically.

In order to clean the mouse, you need to unscrew it and scrape out the dirt from its two plastic rollers using a small scraper. You need to also clean its scroll wheel if present. In case of optical mouse, you do not need to worry about cleaning the internal rollers. You need to just clean its scroll wheel.

Apart from the mouse you may detach the other removable components, clean them and reattach them. You need to remove dust from main board, sound card, video card, keyboard etc using a soft brush.

Wipe off the screen of your monitor with a soft cloth to get rid of any dust. 3M Synthetic chamois also act as excellent wipes leaving no streaks. It is better to carry out this maintenance routine once in every two months.

12) Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Desktop Computer

A cell phone is likely to cause interference to your PC. You will notice that when you place a cell phone close to the computer, the cursor starts running wildly. If you receive a call or a message when your cell phone is kept close to your PC, you will notice bands on your monitor screen.

This happens because desktop PCs have sensitive electrical components and there are high chances that your hard drive may get damaged. Hence it is recommended that you keep you cell phone at least two meters away from your PC.

If you apply the above mentioned tips, you will certainly notice a difference. You need to remember that your PC also requires lot of care for which you do not need to visit tech shops all the time. You can maintain your PC yourself and eventually spend least on repairing it.

KasperSky KIS / KAV – AVG Incompatible Error Error Code 0xc0070643

Removing Incompatible AVG Software Entries While Installing Kaspersky KIS and KAV

At the time of installing Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Kaspersky Internet Security, the following error massage “Incompatible Software” window will appear during the setup, and the process will stop and avert the running installation process of Kaspersky product.

When this error takes place, the complete installation of KAV or KIS stop working and displays “Attention! Various unsuited softwares are installed on your PC. This application cannot be used along with Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. In order to proceed with the installation, you’ll need to first and eliminate these applications”.

The button “Next” halts and gets grayed out at this step, and hence the user cannot or will not able to install KIS or else KAV. This stop suspend error occurs in spite of no AVG security program being installed on your system previously, or if the AVG Antivirus or any other product has been uninstalled before to the Kaspersky installation.

After that, if you choose and highlight the unsuitable software (i.e. selects AVG from the list of softwares) and click the “Remove” option, it will open “Add or Remove Programs”. Then there will be another dialog box that says “In order to carry on with the installation process, please remove unsuited software. (You have to reboot your computer after uninstallation process). Then open and run the installation procedure once again. Now there is no other way to install Kaspersky, unless of course use tha hack.

The setup installer of Kaspersky has button that lets you to convincingly avoid detection of unsuited software throughout setting up of KIS or KAV. However, the procedure can be difficult and for beginner computer users. The best possible way is certainly to alter the Windows registry to eliminate reference keys to AVG software at all.

To remove all registry keys that are in reference to AVG security product, follow the steps given below: –

  • First of all open registry editor. To open the registry editor open RUN box in Start and type “regedit
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\AVG8Uninstall

To remove all the AVG linked registry keys, right click on AVG as well as AVG8Uninstall, choose Delete. These are the two identified registry keys that are installed by AVG. Both of these registry keys should only be detached only if any of the AVG programs is no longer installed on your PC.

You may click on Edit menu also and use “Find” command to explore AVG linked registry keys, but you have use your general logic to discover which key is related to AVG and which key is not. For instance “AVGeneralNotification”, this key is system related entry, and must not be removed.

After removing the proper key, open and run the Kaspersky product setup installer once again in order to install KIS or KAV, obviously it will works correctly now.

Note: – If you are come across any other unsuitable software with products from the other vendors, such as the security software as of Agnitum, ALWIL Software, AhnLab, Authentium, Ashampoo, Avira, Command, BitDefender, CA, Comodo, ClamWin, Dr.Web, ESET, F-Prot, Lightspeed, Grisoft, McAfee, Norman, Sophos, Panda, Trend Micro, Symantec and etc. Then simply look at the comparable registry position to any linked registry key for elimination.

You can also download and install CCleaner, as it is freeware, if you don’t want to take any risk of editing the incorrect registry keys and to play it safe. Then you can use this software for removal of the entire orphan registry keys left behind by other softwares and AVG after un-installation.

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IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO Free Download

A one in all PC health care service along with anti-spyware has been brought out by Advanced SystemCare PRO from IObit. It is better called a 24 hours health clinic for your PC, like privacy protection, performance tune-ups and system cleaning abilities. It is an award winning precision tool, very powerful and holds the capacity to rectify stubborn mistakes, clean out unwanted stuff, maximize internet and download speeds, takes care of your personal security as well as maintain the general functioning of your PC.

In short, it is the doctor who does the general check-up of your PC, regularly to keep it running in the best of conditions. It is generally priced at $19.95 for a year’s license, but it is also possible to obtain Advanced SystemCare Pro‘s I year license free serial.

You can look up these main features in the system:-

  • Ultimate Speeding up With Turbo Boost.
  • Next Generation Registry Deep Clean and Optimization.
  • Keeps your PC running at Peak Performance
  • Quick and Extensive System Clean-up.
  • Powerful Hard Drive Defragmentation.
  • Automated Working in the Background
  • Defends PC Security with Extra Protection.
  • Fixes Multiple System Errors.


1] Visit the promotional page at

PC Advisor.

2] Download Advanced SystemCare Pro:-

Download Cnet

3] Use the serial key sent to your mail.

This system care safely cleans registry junk, compacts registry bloats and defrayments the whole registry for maximum performance. But this is not the only task it can perform. It can convert your PC into a business PC, an efficient workplace, an entertainment center, or a game machine. It enhances your system’s functioning by clearing missing files, getting rid of unwanted files, erasing obsolete files and so on.

Most important is that it prevents spyware, hackers or hijackers from putting in harmful programs onto your computer. In short, it provides protection of Advanced System Care Pro; you can be assured that you have made the best bargain!

A Free Software To Remove Unwanted Software From Your System

FreeFixer is an anti-spyware application that helps users to safely eliminate unwanted software and applications in their system. It effectively rids your system of viruses, rootkits, spyware, adware, Trojans etc. This application conducts a thorough scan to target the locations of traces of malware in your system. It scans locations like home page settings, start-up menu, control panel settings, internet explorer, host files, plug-ins etc.

This application does not have the potency to differentiate the harmful files from the useful ones. It will display you a list of all the items installed in your system. You will have to give a thorough look to this list and then delete the unwanted applications. Be careful while deleting the files, lest you accidentally delete a file integral to your system’s performance. In case, you are not sure about a particular file, you can send it to freefixer’s official website, This site will scan the file and send across all its details to you. Once you select the files for deletion, this software will reboot your system and permanently delete all the unwanted applications.

It will save your system from these infected applications right before you launch your Windows again.
This tool locates the critical errors that make your files inaccessible. You can send this inaccessible file to This site will identify the perpetuating errors in your defected application and fix the problem. This application is extremely easy to use. You do not require the installation of any other software to access its features.

[ Download FreeFixer ]