Antivirus Needs For Daily Web Use

Millions of web users prowl about the internet with only limited knowledge of the hazards and threats out there. As a result many hackers and users with malicious intentions are able to exploit the ignorance of others. Hackers can utilize a wide variety of methods to gain control of information, emails, accounts, or even the victim’s computer. As a result of these threats there is a variety of companies out there that are willing to offer you antivirus programs and other security software to help protect you and your computer. Unfortunately many people are unaware of the protection they will need. These companies are always looking to make money, so they will try to convince you that you absolutely need a paid subscription for an upgraded antivirus program. Below we will analyze just how much protection you will need to do your daily computing, and which antivirus programs will deliver exactly what you want and need.

When it comes to internet users, there are a wide variety of people with just as wide of a variety of internet needs. Whether you are a social butterfly, a shopaholic, an online banker, an avid movie watcher, or a complex mixture of all of them, different actions on the computer can put you at risk in different ways. Here is a list of general activities, their risks and the precautions you should take:

  1. Online banking – with this you need to be completely sure that your computer is secure. Your financial information is a goldmine for hackers. Some of the most common ways they will attempt to retrieve your bank information is by key loggers and phishing sites. Running a quick scan of your computer will help, as well as making sure to log out when you are finished.
  2. General browsing – you don’t always have to visit porn sites or other adult content sites to get a virus. In fact even the most harmless of Google searches can redirect you to a malicious site. Be careful of suspicious sites and try to avoid them when you can, however having your antivirus program run a scan daily, or every other few days, should rid your computer of any Trojans or other viruses that you may have picked up along the way.
  3. Facebook/social network sites – the main target of hackers of late has been Facebook. Its popularity and wide expanse of users has made it a playground for malicious attackers. Facebook accounts are highly sought after and they can be hacked by multiple means (click here to learn more about Facebook account hacking) such as phishing, control of the primary email, brute force hacking, key loggers, and more. Make sure never to put your login details in any other site other than Facebook. Also, running thorough scans should catch key loggers.
  4. Buying/selling online – same as with your online banking information, a hacker would love to get ahold of your credit card information or PayPal so that they can exploit it for their own means. Scammers, key loggers, phishing sites, and other viruses/malicious software can be used in this situation. Make sure to perform regular scans as well as keep your antivirus up to date. Also don’t put your information in any site that is suspicious or isn’t verified by a trusted payer such as PayPal.
  5. YouTube – YouTube does an excellent job of working to prevent viruses and other malicious programs from targeting its users. It recodes all of the videos which, in essence, rids the videos of any potential viruses. They have also disabled links in their comments and added numerous other features. However, not all video sites are as proactive in their attempt to stop hackers so be wary and use trusted sites only.
  6. Downloading files – this is the number one way to infect your computer with a virus/worm/ or malicious software program. The hacker will attempt to create a program that seems to be something completely different than it is; a helpful antivirus perhaps or even some useful plugin. Either way, most of the viruses and malware gain access to your computer by you downloading them. Make sure to scan the download for infections and scan your computer regularly.

So how do you protect yourself you ask? Truth is, it is almost impossible to stop all malicious attacks against your computer. There are thousands and thousands of hackers and many of them work to exploit antivirus programs and firewalls so that they can have access to your computer/data. However, most hackers try to affect as wide of a population base as possible and their efforts are generally not focused in on one individual person. This means that you are can find safety in numbers…somewhat. A minimal firewall and antivirus system, coupled with an awareness of internet safety precautions, will be more than sufficient to protect yourself and your computer from being successfully hacked.

No need to spend your hard earned cash here; there are several free antivirus programs that will suit your needs.

Avast! Free Antivirus – Top picked free antivirus program. Has excellent features, fast download, speedy scans, sandboxing, and more. Click here for the download.

Microsoft Security Essentials – has slightly slower scanning and lower detection rates than Avast but it is still a great free antivirus program. Click here for the download.

Avira AntiVir Personal Edition – great malware detection but somewhat annoying. Click here for the download.

AVG Anti-virus Free – great behavioral blocker but takes forever to download. Click here for the download.


Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition – Download for Free with One Year Activation Key

Panda Cloud Antivirus Pro Edition is enhanced protection software and it is based on cloud technology, which provides complete protection shield against spyware, virus, and rootkits. It is having real-time connection with Panda labs for Online Collective intelligence servers to safeguard more quickly against the latest spyware variants while slightly influencing PC performance.

It is designed to turn off the Autorun feature that will help to safeguard users from infections that multiply by means of flash drives. Additionally it consists “Automatic USB Vaccination” to retain users from drifting down to destructive activities. Several users do not mind paying out to obtain superior antivirus to keep away from spyware, virus, spams, and harmful activities and provides them peace of mind. But why to pay, if you are able to obtain this fantastic antivirus for free, which costs $29.95?


Users will therefore need to type their first name, last name and a valid email id and after that click the Continue button. After filling all, the information users have to confirm and verify email id by click the link in your inbox.

 After that, users will be redirected to a new website where they will find one-year activation key for your antivirus software. After installing their copy of software, they have to activate their copy with this activation key.

Add BitDefender QuickScan Chrome Add-on For Advanced Security From Malware

Add BitDefender QuickScan Chrome Add-on For Advanced Security From Malware

Browsing on the web sometimes brings several kinds of malware into the system without any clue. Whenever users surf on the internet and visit to the particular websites get several pop-ups and other advertisement to click on them. Once users

click on them, enter into the unsecured websites and compromise with the security of the system from being violated. There is a Google chrome web browser plug-in named BitDefender QuickScan, which detects malware efficiently and instantly.

There are antivirus software available that can easily detect the virus and malwares. However few latest menaces and malwares could get escape from the scanning of installed antivirus system. Therefore, BitDefender QuickScan extension is imperative to be added to the chrome browser for advanced security of the complete system. The other benefit of this extension is that it doesn’t consume the much resources of your system.

It detects the each kind of malware within the fraction of time so users can take appropriate action to remove or delete the malware permanently from the system. It allows users a safe and secure surfing over the web without any difficulty. Make sure that this extension doesn’t offer virus scanning so better to install powerful antivirus software on your system.

Download Free Mobile AntiVirus For SamSung, Nokia, Corby, Pro, RIM, Apple Etc

It is quite common for mobiles to be affected by viruses and spyware. Then, what is the solution to that? Well, here is something special for you, as antivirus solution for your mobile. BullGuard Mobile Security is now reachable to all major platforms and branded mobile phone manufacturers. It performs dual functions of safeguarding your phone from cranky softwares or threats and also let’s you track and safeguard your personal details if your phone goes missing.

In addition to lock, wipe, backup, SIM card protection, alarm and GPS functions, BullGuard Mobile Security brings in many more interesting features too. It furnishes you with a web based interface that allows remote address to your phone when it is missing or stolen. It has the facility of real time detection and getting rid of spyware and viruses that come from direct download SMS, MMS, e-mail, Bluetooth, Infrared, making this software very special.

Other features are – parental control, anti-theft, spam filters, firewall and basic back-up facilities. It can be obtained for Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Black berry and various other devices and BullGuard claims a 24/7 support to its customers all over the world. If you wish to download this software, then go to the promo page, enter the email address and click on the continue button.

The license key will be generated in a few seconds. Then click on the ‘install manually’ button and enjoy a registered mobile security. New Year time is meant for rejoicing; hence BullGuard Mobile Security is given out for free! It also includes back up to save your contacts and calendar to your account online and even restores them if the device is damaged/lost or stolen.

It hardly matters what device you use as these malware can catch you unawares, hack your calling services even before you know it. Without your consent they send messages, steal and exploit personal information as data from credit cards, passwords and telephones numbers. The mobile security is the only answer because a smartphone without enough protection is worthless.

Beware Of Malware They May Compromise The Sensitive Data On Your Computer

Beware Of Malware They May Compromise The Sensitive Data On Your Computer

Malware may steal extremely sensitive data of your computer like you’re bank details, and passwords, financial information, without you even knowing that your security has been compromised.

It doesn’t really matter much if you are using the best updated antivirus, as reports says that 35% of the total infected people are using updated antivirus as per reports last year. A survey was carried out last year by Panda Antivirus and it was found that the malware which are fraud are growing day by day and the growth rate is about 1600% every year.

PandaLabs analyzed on about 67 million computers in the last year and according to them 35% of those systems were infected. Those systems were having the latest updated antivirus installed. There is always some user who is actively exposed into these malware identities as well as data thefts. They amount up to 1% percent of the total internet users.

Hackers code different types of Trojan and malware every time. Some Trojans are there to steal your information related to bank login information which is known as the name of Banker Trojans. This is really going to pose a major problem to every internet user. To protect the system from the malware the users may use Shield Deluxe which could help them a lot.

Few Tips To Make Your Computer’s Booting Time Faster

Few Tips To Make Your Computer’s Booting Time Faster

With age the OS and RAM in our computers get old and take time getting started. This extra time becomes longer and longer and it can be very frustrating. There are certain things that you can perform to make your PC faster and working efficiently.

One thing you need to remember is that a computer’s performance depends on may factors. If we can modify the factors, then the computer’s rebooting time can be made faster.

Firstly you need to remove all the programs in your computer/ laptop that you do not require. It is no use cluttering the memory space of your computer with unnecessary things. So it is better to remove the unused applications by uninstalling them.

You also need to use the updated versions of Antivirus. Sometimes we forget to update them and think that they are working their best. If you do not do this, then your computer will get malwares and the booting time slows down considerably.

Many Operating systems are slower than others. Windows Vista is a grade better than Windows XP in style and certain features. However it has a slower rebooting time than XP. Well you cannot change that so be careful of which OS you are purchasing.

One more thing that shall help making your rebooting time faster is keeping your registry files cleaned. If you do not perform this, you will notice that your PC also behaves weirdly. Therefore, you need to get a good and strong registry editor for your PC. One of the good ones in the market is the Registry Victor. It comes highly recommended.

With these simple steps you can make your computer working efficiently and the rebooting time faster. These extra technical modifications require no extra expenditure and works well.

Remove Antivirus Live From Your System Completely

Remove Antivirus Live From Your System Completely

Antivirus Live is another fake and unreliable Antivirus suite like Internet Security 2010 and Antivirus System Pro. The main function of this rogue antivirus is generating Trojan viruses to your system and showing false alerts to make convince users that their system is under threats. It automatically sets itself as the startup program and runs every time when your system reboots.

Why does it produce fake alerts and warning? It only forces you to purchase the full version of the product in order to delete threats from your system. It is quite obvious that whenever you see threats, you approach to delete them instantly. But, this antivirus doesn’t allow you delete those fake threats until you buy the full version. It will be pooping up several notifications and warnings in order to interrupts your working. Make sure that you will never get trapped with this rogue antivirus trap.


This program is smartly designed so it can protect itself from being removed. It prevents few programs to be started and block them permanently by mentioning an error message such as file is corrupted or infected. Moreover, it changes the settings of web browsers in a manner so users can directly land over the Antivirus live webpage instead of any other Webpage.

There are two ways to get rid of this annoying problem either you purchase the full version of this rogue antivirus or use manual method to remove it from your computer. Since it is a virus so buying it is not recommended at all. These below given links will help you to find out the tutorials to delete or uninstall Antivirus Live permanently.

Extraction Of ZIP Files Online Fixes Unsupported Compression Error

Extraction Of ZIP Files Online Fixes Unsupported Compression Error

Unsupported Compression Method is the name of the error that is faced by many of us lots of time. This error takes place while extracting a zip file. This type of error message such as unsupported compression method does not indicate corruption of the file or the file being corrupted. This error message is displayed when a zip file is extracted with old version of WinZip. New Version can be found here.

Use the free online service, WobZip, to extract any zip files easily. It even works without any WinZip installed in your machine. Some of the cool features of WobZip are mentioned below:

  • You don’t have to install any software on your system to unzip any zipped file using WobZip.
  • It has a powerful antivirus with which it scans all the files that is extracted. It makes sure that you are downloading secure and safe files only.
  • It is compatible with zip files up to 100 MB.
  • Formats it supports are NSIS, DEB, RPM, CPIO, Z, LZHCHM, ARJ, ISO, CAB, RAR, TAR, BZIP2, GZIP, ZIP and even 7Z.
  • Use the URL to unzip any files directly and even download them.

Some Basic Reasons Why Professionals Prefer Linux Over Other OS’s

Pros of Linux OS

Most of the professionals prefer Linux rather than any other OS (operating system). It is considered to be way better than Mac or even Windows.

Some of the pros of Linux OS (Operating System):

  1. It is completely free of cost and they won’t charge you even a single penny to download it.
  2. Hardware requirements are so low that you can even run it in your old computer and it won’t cause any problem.
  3. Not a single virus can affect Linux. It is guaranteed virus free.
  4. It is so stable that even if you run it for over a week it won’t hang up or cause any problem.
  5. It works just fine and its performance does not depreciate along with the time.
  6. You can receive help 24×7 because of its forum which stays active and helps all the Linux users.
  7. There is a Linux’s OS called Ubuntu which gets automatically updated with the new services.
  8. Its security is of high level.
  9. There are inbuilt software which comes along with the installation of Linux like PowerPoint, Firefox, Excel, CD/DVD burner, Word and lots more.

Now you might be wondering, why Linux is not widely used even though it has the above mentioned features, the answer is, it lacks a user friendly GUI. It’s a popular belief that Linux is a geeky nerds OS. However, with the coming in of many versions and flavors of Linux like Ubuntu, the argument is not true anymore. You should try out Ubuntu and you’ll not regret!

AntiVirus 2009 Is Not Antivirus, But Actually It Is A Malware – Remove It Completely

How Can I Remove Antivirus 2009

Steps that you should follow for removing Antivirus 2009:

There are two ways of deleting or removing the antivirus. One is obviously manually way, while the other one is by the help of third party software, an anti-malware tool. There might be very few anti-malware or anti-spyware tools that are available in the market, and they come very handy as the process of removing or deleting antivirus 2009 via such applications becomes easy and quick when compared to manal removes. It takes lots of time and involves high complex works to delete antivirus 2009 manually.

First, we will see how to remove or delete Antivirus 2009 automatically:

Antivirus 2009 has not been coded by any amateur programmers, it’s a work of high class professionals and thus it’s quite hard to catch by any antivirus program. There is one more reason which makes it more difficult for antivirus to catch, and also the source code is changed very often.

By the help of anti-malwares and anti-spywares this work is done in few minutes. All you need to do is to download the software for free and then install it then run a scan and it will do the rest automatically. Yes, that’s about it, your antivirus 2009 will be removed from your machine.

Some of the anti-malwares tools which can be used to remove the Antivirus 2009 from the machines are Malwarebytes and Windows Defender.

Secondly, we will see how to remove or delete Antivirus 2009 manually:

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing ALT+CTRL+DEL. Then got to Processes tab, and then end the following programs:
    • av2009[1].exe
    • av2009.exe
    • Antivirus2009.exe
    • AV2009Install.exe
  2. Then you have delete registry values and for that follow the steps
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Run\15358943642955870504508370025739
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Antivirus
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\”Antivirus” = “%ProgramFiles%\Antivirus 2009\Antvrs.exe”
  3. Go to Start menu, and then click on Run option and then type regedit. Then find the values mentioned above and right click on them and delete them.

  4. Now all you have to do is to remove all the infected files from your machine and to do this follow the steps mentioned below. Click on Start menu, then go to Search options and put the file names mentioned below and search for each of the below mentioned terms and delete them:
    • av2009.exe
    • %startmenu%\\antivirus 2009\\uninstall antivirus 2009.lnk
    • av2009install.exe
    • %startmenu%\\antivirus 2009\\antivirus 2009.lnk
    • av2009install_0011.exe
    • %program_files%\\antivirus 2009\\av2009.exe
    • av2009[1].exe
    • %desktopdirectory%\\antivirus 2009.lnk
    • scui.cpl
    • Antivirus2009.exe
    • winsrc.dll
    • av2009install.exe
    • ieupdates.exe
    • av2009install_0011.exe
  5. Now all you need to do is to restart your machine and after that your machine will no longer have Antivirus 2009.