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Latest iPhone Apps Launched in the Market iRecycle, Maps HD and Textalyzer

There is not doubt that the iPhone gives you the power to explore enumerable things in no time. The compatible app enhances its functionalities and turns it into a perfect gadget that allows the user to simplify the tedious tasks. Here are new bunch of iPhone application rolled out in the market to be used.

The first one is iRecycle, which gives you details of the disposal and recycling facilities in your surroundings. Next most talked about application is National Parks Maps HD, which helps you to know the route of all the national parks in the world. The final one is Textalyzer app, which helps you to manage your forbidden list at various special moments. Let’s see in detail about these applications.

  • iRecycle – iRecycle is the application that assists you in finding the recycling and disposal facilities in your surroundings by using the GPS feature on the device. It has details about 110,000 disposal and recycling centers all across the US including 240 materials. You can easily search the particular areas that belong to the recycling facilities in the locality. In addition to this feature, iRecycle has other things that the users can take pleasure in. It is developed by the, which keeps you updated regarding environmental news by sending articles and e-magazines.
  • National Park Maps HD – This application assists you in finding the navigation route of the 15 national parks. Using the GPS technology on your iPhone device, you the can get information regarding maps of the parks, so that you can easily reach there without any trouble.
  • Textalyzer – This application is used when you don’t want to use your cell in particular situation such as when you are drunk. In that case this application prevents you to send some annoying messages to the others from your phone book.

Our Opinion

All these applications have their specific features and usefulness. You can download them on your device as per your requirements. If you want to get the information about Park Maps and recycling facilities, then you can go with them. Overall, they all are safe to download and easy to use. A Textalyzer costs you about $0.99 and $4.99 for National Park Maps HD. IRecycle is free to download.

MobileMe Calendar To Update Your iDevice

Latest MobileMe Calendar: Fix The Duplicate Account Appearing Issues

Mostly, users who use MobileMe calendar app experience trouble after updating their iDevice to iOS 4.2 firmware. The issue regarding duplicate events and calendar data appears on the screen after updating.  In order to verify or confirm whether you are encountering this problem or not, follow the given steps.

  • Click on the settings option on your iPad
  • Click on Mail, Contacts and calendars
  • Click on the MobileMe account and ensure that the calendar slider is already enabled.

  • Click on Done
  • Click on the CalDAV, manually by creating an account at the time of configuring MobileMe calendar. If this is enabled then you can view MobileMe data twice on your screen.

Resolve This Problem by following these steps:

  • Once you track down the CalDAV, manually created account, choose the accounts which have duplicity issues.

  • Click on the Delete option

  • Confirm the delete option on a dialogue box.


Our Suggestions:  It is the common issue of all MobileMe app users. The above given steps are safe and easy to apply to resolve the issues. Make sure that you choose the right manually created account to delete after the verification.   However, you can merge your duplicate entries by applying merging solution to fix the duplicate data appearing on screen.  All you just have to do is navigate to Settings>> Mail, contacts, calendars and tap on your account. Select merge option when prompted.

Enjoy Disney Jellycar3 On Apple Devices

Latest Disney Jellycar3 Game For iPad and iPhone

This is the biggest news for the fans of JellyCar series game. The latest version of the JellyCar series has been ultimately rolled out at the app store of apple to download and install on your devices. It is a universal application so you can download and install the game on your devices like iPad or iPhone. The mechanics of the game is sufficiently creative to keep you entertained. Moreover, this version has few more features that enhance the enjoyment of the game.

In this game you have to control the jelly car and drive it through the several obstacles in search of the small stop sign. Once, you reach the stop sign, the level comes to an end. Overall, you are competing against the time or the set clock. Make sure that you have to finish each level within the prescribed timeframe to win the game and earn points. The more points you earn, the more new levels will be unlocked.

As far as the entire graphics of this latest JellyCar 3 game is concerned, you will get more vivid and interesting themes to play. The obstacles course of this new version is refined and developed with latest barriers to pass. In one level you have to fly your car with balloons and in other level you have to drive car into the foam slingshot.

The controls of the game are very easy to handle, as you just need to touch the right side of your screen to move the car forward. You need to press the left side for moving your car backwards. This is the best ever iOS device game app that can give you interesting experience of playing JellyCar game.

There is a rewind feature available to correct your mistakes committed while playing the game. However, there is a limitation of using rewind feature as you can use it only up to 10 times. Additionally, you can personalize your car type and color easily. However, customizing will not improve the performance of the car.

Our Suggestion

There are several Walt Disney games available especially for the iOS devices including JellyCar2 version. You can download other Disney games from the apple store such as Tron: Legacy, Toy story, Alice in wonderland and etc. All these games are especially designed to support iOS devices without any bug and glitch. You can avail these games directly from the Apple store or other third party websites that offer these games for download. However, the best way to download genuine games is from the official store.

MyCitiApp For iPhone – Tourists Can Search Entertainment And Attraction Places

MyCitiApp Is Released For iPhone

The Vacation season is coming and Flower Publishing has announced a latest app for the iPhone users.  This latest, MyCitiApp is fully designed to assist the vacationers to track down the tourists places in their city with this optimized app. It enables users to get a glance of the landmarks and tourist places of the city including restaurants, shopping malls, Broadway shows, sightseeing, and entertainment options.

Users of the iPhone travel app can:

  • Conduct the universal comprehensive  search  based on the particular keyword
  • View city’s major entertainment and attractions. You will get the latest information at your fingertips with proper information.
  • You can browse as per the particular categories and preferences in your city. Users can easily navigate to the places while on the move with this iPhone app.
  • If you find something relevant and important on your tour, you can send the instant email to your friend enclosing the personal note.
  • Get proper and detail descriptions of attractive places, restaurants, coupons, and several other imperative information
  • Can save the favorites as the bookmark for instant references.

This app is best for the both the sectors – for local area business as well as the tourist attractions. This is completely local-centric app, which allows the user to get the latest business.  Local business people can integrate their commerce to get more response, whereas, users will get proper navigation and details of the places in the surroundings.

Our Suggestion

There are several other iPhone apps that will give you proper details to make your vacation trip perfect. It is completely up to you to choose and install the app that you prefer on your iPhone. There is no risk to download and use this utility app on your iPhone


Download Mad Monkey Game For Free On iPhone

Mad Monkey Free iPhone Game Reaches the Top 50 Rank

The latest free version of Mad Monkey game has been rolled out in the market by SKH Apps. This free game version will be available at iTunes app store.  The interesting fact about this recently released version is that it has been positioned at the top 50 kid and action games categories at the iPad store.  The simple and attractive graphics and easy handling game mechanics have made it very popular among the people. The cartoon design of monkey which throws items at very high speed and easy to use manuals are the core features of this game.

The game has a smiling monkey which throws the items while sliding forth and back.  Users have to catch the fruit using the single finger. As you start catching more and more items or objects, it makes monkey naughty and frustrated. The monkey starts throwing objects with higher speed so, you fail to catch the objects and it splashes on your screen, which makes the monkey happy. Players will get new graphics and surroundings at each level such as circus scene, picnic theme, and science lab having two cloned monkeys, oriental theme including ninja monkeys throwing sushi. Overall there are several things that keep you entertained. Therefore, this game has gained so much popularity and listed at the top of the iPad store game categories.  It is unarguably the best game to have in your iDevices to keep yourself amused.

What are the system requirements to download and install Mad Monkey game:

  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • The device must be running on iOS 3.0 version or advanced version
  • 6.8 MB free space on your device

What is the cost of Mad Monkey game:

This Mad Monkey game 1.0 version is completely free to download and is available at the apps store in games categories. Download it free here : Mad Monkey download link.

Our Point Of View:

We consider this particular game as a best game having similarities with classic game called, Kaboomi. However, it is a free version so users can easily enjoy catching the fruits and annoying the monkey.  There are many other free iPhone games available at the Apple store to download. Moreover, it is a family inspired game.

Download Pocket CFO – Profiting From Financial Statement Course For Free On Your iPad

Download Pocket CFO – Profiting From Financial Statement Course For Free On Your iPad

Pocket CFO – Profiting from financial statement course is a mobile application, which is designed to give insight and relevant information to the investor. It is a powerful mobile learning application for the individual investor to understand the financial statements properly.
The application course is fully featured with text course book, comprehensive tests, review flashcards, and practical examples. This application is designed by Intersog in order to help investors to get maximum profits on their investments by understanding the issues. The course structure of profit from financial statement course is completely based on highly experienced professor and best-selling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-10512" online blackjack strategy src=”” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”227″ />

Chapters of the profiting from financial statements course are following:

• Objectives of financial documents/statements analysis
• Accounting fundamentals
• Interpreting financial statements
• Activity and liquidity
• General summary of financial statement analysis
• Capital structure and solvency
• Profitability analysis
• Cash flow
• Segment analysis and interim statements

Features of this useful mobile learning application are following

• Comprehensive course structure divided into small chapters
• Easy to understand review flash cards
• Chapter level test
• Graphs, charts, and practical examples
• Bookmark option
• Glossary
• No broadband connection required
The Pocket CFO – Profiting from financial statement course is available to download for free from app store. It is compatible with iPad running on iOS 3.2 or later. If you find it really useful then you can download and use.

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Send Free SMS Or Group Text With Textplus

Users of the iPhone or iPod touch have numerous ways to send text messages or free sms across the globe. The utilities help them avoid paying the mobile service providers and thus makes texting absolutely free for a limited or an unlimited period or quantity.

For users of the iPhone or iPod touch the above methodology might be extremely troublesome or they might want to escape from paying to the service providers. To the rescue of these users, a free application known as textPlus has been launched by GOGII. This free application developed and provided by GOGII allows the iPod touch and iPhone users to receive and send free sms (text messages). 

The innovative and interactive technology of GOGII has been leveraged by textPlus. It allows users to get indulged in group conservations with other users already having textPlus installed in their iPhone or iPod touch. Thus, it helps users to be connected with their group at all times.

With textPlus, iPod Touch and iPhone users send unlimited and free text messages over Wi-Fi or a wireless network absolutely free. They don’t even need EDGE, 3G or GPRS technology. Some of the other features provided by textPlus are that users can write messages even in the landscape mode and also allows group chatting over text messages.


The group chatting gets an extended feature similar to that of a chat room. Like a chat room, here too replies can be viewed by all users logged in the chat room at that particular moment. textPlus can also send SMS notifications that are optional. These messages or notifications are optional and will charge the user standard sms rates.

The best part of having textPlus installed in your iPhone or iPod Touch is that you can also chat with your friend who doesn’t have an iPod Touch or an iPhone. The user can use the normal phone and send sms to you but will be charged with normal SMS rates.

For further information on textPlus please visit the following link

You can download this useful application from the Apple Application Store or can even send a text message to 60611.   

Download WirelessDMS iPhone Client For Viewing And Managing Documents

Download WirelessDMS iPhone Client For Viewing And Managing Documents

Matrix Logic Corporation, a universal leader in Livelink ECM-eDOCS DM products, has come up with a new utility for iPhone called “WirelessDMS iPhone Client”. This new application allows you to use your iPhone or iPod to access business papers with the help of Open Text eDOCs while you are not at your desk.

Once you download the client application onto your iPhone, you can use WirelessDMS iPhone Client from your iPhone App Store free of cost. It efficiently accesses the documents via a network connection using Server module of WirelessDMS iPhone. You need to purchase the module and install it on office servers. Apart from viewing documents, the application also allows you to send an email as attachment 

WirelessDMS iPhone Client offers enhanced features such as quicksearches, recent edits, scaling/ rotating capabilities, PDF, images and viewing Office documents.

Stephen Page, President, Matrix Logic, believes that this application one of its kind and ideal for any DMS (Document Management System). He has also stated that the development of this application is a part of their commitment to facilitating users to access crucial information anywhere, anytime.

Page also said that, if a user is away from office and a customer calls with a query regarding a proposal that is present on his office server, he can easily use his iPhone for searching the file and viewing the text as he discusses it with the client. Users no more need to rely on their memory, wait till they are back to the office or look for a wireless network to log in to their office system from their laptop.

Open Text eDOCs is a perfect solution that is ideal for small as well as large size businesses. It facilitates lifecycle management of data for an enterprise. DMS server is available at a one-time license fee and the SSS (Software Subscription Service) charge needs to be paid annually, which include technical support and software updates.

Splashnotes And Splashphoto Application For Iphone And Ipod Touch

Splashnotes And Splashphoto Application For Iphone And Ipod Touch

SplashData is the pioneer of all the software providing companies for smartphones. Recently, SplashData has announced about its applications SplashNotes and SplashPhoto, which you would get it from App Store.

SplashNotes is a very handy tool with which you can take notes and outline them, and SplashPhoto is a photo album manager designed for smartphones. You could enjoy using these applications with your iPhone and iPod touch. It also provides wireless synchronization for Mac OS X and Windows OS applications that are separately available.

The SplashPhoto application has a functional two-way synchronization to Mac OS X, or you could select the free PC desktop version. By using this desktop application, you’ll be able to organize your favorite photos in personalized groups.

Once synchronization is finished, all the photos are arranged accordingly on iPod touch and iPhone. In addition, you could download and upload image files from Picasa and Flickr. All the images captured using iPhone are geo-tagged automatically and therefore, they could easily be mapped on Picasa and Flickr.


“The inventive features in the iPod touch and iPhone, for example amazing display and Multi-Touch user interface, helped us to produce such realistic apps that would be used in wide range,” said SplashData’s CEO Morgan Slain. “We think SplashNotes and SplashPhoto are creating a great collaboration and communication and now we are looking forward to continue producing great mobile apps that make a variation.”

You could put your outlines on the desktop and synchronize your notes with SplashNotes in your iPod touch or iPhone. You could create outlines having any size, intricacy it, and add photos and notes for immediate recall. It displays a list containing checkboxes with which you could convert outlines into task lists. You have to spend $4.99 for each one, which you could get at the App Store.

Get New Cooking Star Application In Iphone And Ipod Touch

Get New Cooking Star Application In Iphone And Ipod Touch

Recently, one of the most popular application namely, Cooking Star of Glu Mobile, has been announced to introduce in iPhone. Cooking Star is one of the most deliciously fun set of mini-games in which you could get to touch, tilt, tap, flick and flip, as a Star Chef cooking delicious meals and master the menu.

All the advantages such as Multi-Touch user interface and accelerometer of iPod Touch and iPhone features have been considered to develop Cooking Star. There are eight mini games in the Cooking Star and you could master each one of the mini-game to unlock the real recipe and consequently you could build your own cookbook.


According to the Glu Mobile’s senior vice president in the global publishing department, Mr. Jill Braff “stated that the New Cooking Star application is one of the exceptional examples of Glu’s unique IP games products. He also mentioned that, “Our stress is on providing a broad range of titles to the most excellent mobile platform and devices”. Further he added “Our team has made an amusing informal game for iPod touch and iPhone users in which you would be encouraged for playing with your food.”

Such a funny and innovative application has been made available in App store at cost of $2.99.