New Map Features Update for Say It and Mail It

A new update released by Carnation Software for its iPhone and iPod touch app Say It and Mail It, has a feature that starts recording a voice message when you shake it. It can also handle map screenshots from now on.

Say It and Mail It is a useful app for the Apple iPhone and the iPod touch that lets you email voice recordings to people (which includes yourself). If you are emailing anything to yourself, the address and subject fields are filled automatically by a default setting. The best part is that you can attach images, Google maps, videos and other content with the email.

Moreover, there are no file storage/management issues as the voice recordings aren’t really stored on your mobile device.

Carnation Software gave an instance of using Say It and Mail It to your advantage – in car parking. You can record a small voice message about the parking location, then take a picture of the car in the parking lot, set a Google map marker for that spot, and finally use Say It and Mail It to email all of this information to yourself. This way, you don’t have to spend a half hour searching for your car when you return. You just have to access your inbox, retrieve the Say It and Mail It email, and find your car.

Say It and Mail It costs $2 and runs best on the iPhone OS 3.1. iPod touch users can use it with a headset equipped with microphones. Sometime after the version 2.0, a small update to increase map information accuracy was also released.

Music to your ears literally – Review of Apple iPod nano

When the iPod was launched by Apple, it was a runaway hit among music lovers, who wanted to carry their music with them wherever they went. But the original iPod was a little bulky and didn’t allow them that kind of flexibility. Now here comes the iPod Nano, which is the latest version of the iPod, totally toned down in terms of size but bloated up in terms of features. Available in two models with 2GB and 4GB memories, the iPods can store 500 and 1000 songs respectively. Priced at $199 onwards these super slim iPod nano models are so small that you will be able to take your music wherever you want to without having to worry about anything.

The colour display is simply captivating, the click wheel is super smooth and the music quality is simply divine. The iPod Nano can pack in music to play for three days non-stop. The display has been programmed such that one can change/ customize the album art for every song you listen to. The iPod nano can hold all your podcasts, audio-e-books, pictures and all kinds of data you wish to store in it. The best part of the iPod Nano is its seamless compatibility with iTunes and a host of accessories.

The click wheel of the iPod Nano virtually lets you control music with the flick of your thumb. You can forward, rewind, play, pause, stop and access menus, shuffle the music, change tunes etc. The feather touch control panel, helps you monitor the volume of your listening, browsing music etc. You don’t have to look, just do it.

The iPod Nano offers a host of accompaniments for your private music device. There is the Dock connector and headphone jack which will help you feel close to your music even if you are in the car or on the move. The iPod nano makes your fashion statement there are two distinctly cool colour combination’s, the milky white which is apple’s trademark colour or the sleek and sexy black. You can choose what suits your image and the way you wish to present your personality.

The iPod nano features upto 4GB of storage space in which you can have several hours worth of music and listen to them at your leisure. The comfort level, power you feel when you know that you have over 1,000 songs in this little box slung around your neck is simply amazing. Walk with it, jog with it, ride a bike do whatever, your music will be with you wherever you go. There is absolutely limit about this.