Restore backup on Apple Watch – How To

With the Apple Watch, you really don’t have to worry about backing up your data or restoring it. Apple Watch backs up its data automatically. It also allows you to restore previous backups when you pair it with your iPhone. Learn how you can Restore backup on Apple Watch.

Backup is made only when you unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone. Therefore, you cannot restore your Apple watch to a previous setting unless you unpair it from your iPhone.

Restore backup on Apple Watch

Check step count with Apple Watch

Restore backup on Apple Watch – How To

  • Turn on your Apple Watch.
  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap on ‘Start Pairing’.
  • After you pair it with your iPhone, you need to tap on ‘Restore from Backup’. Select the backup you want to use for restoring. Tap on agree for the terms and conditions.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID. Select OK to turn on Location Services, SIRI and allow diagnostics.
  • Choose a passcode for your Apple Watch. At this point, you can also choose if you want your Apple Watch to unlock automatically when your iPhone is unlocked.

Now, your Watch will complete the syncing process and restore the backup you selected. All you need to do is wait till the process is complete.

Track sleep with Apple Watch

View Workouts on iPhone – How To

Cellphones are quite handy when you want to monitor your workouts and fitness regime. They help to keep track of your goals, routines and calories via various apps. One such app on the iPhone is the activities app. You can view workouts on iPhone via this app. It will give you important information like your calorie count, heart rate, distance ran/walked and other important information.

View step count in Apple Watch

View Workouts on iPhone

In iOS 9.3, you can use the activities app with many new features. You can also sync it with your Apple Watch to make viewing the information more easier. Follow these simple steps to learn how you can view your workouts on iPhone with the activities app.

View Workouts on iPhone – How To

  • Sync your iPhone with your Apple Watch.
  • To do so, launch the activity app on your iPhone. Tap on the workouts icon. A screen will appear showing information about how you can view information on Apple Watch. Now, launch the app on your Apple Watch to get started.
  • Now that you are synced, you can see all the exercises in the workouts section in the activity app on your iPhone.
  • Your workouts feature will be displayed on a monthly based. You can view individual days by tapping on a specific day. Tap on an individual workout to see details of each workout.

That’s that! You can now view workouts on iPhone. You can also share them on social media if you wish to challenge your friends to beat your workouts!

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Check Step Count on Apple Watch – How To

If you are using the Apple Watch for fitness and to keep track of calories, then it is the perfect companion! If you also use it to track how many steps you have taken in a day to keep a count of, then here is how to check step count on Apple Watch. It is quite straightforward.

Check Step Count on Apple Watch

Apple watch does a reasonable job of telling you how many calories you’ve burnt in a day. To get a more accurate measurement, make sure you manually select the kind of activity that you are doing.

How to Check Step Count on Apple Watch

  • Launch the activity app (Press the Digital Crown to go to the home screen/ launch the activity app by tapping on it)
  • Navigate to the Activity View in the app.
  • Scroll down the app until you get to the Step count section.
  • Here, you will see the total step count along with active calories and the total distance that you have traveled.

Check Step Count on Apple Watch

So, that is how you Check Step Count on Apple Watch. It would have been nice if Apple had added a direct/easier way to view the step count as well as a real time function. Maybe it will be available in an update or a better app.

Learn how to track sleep with Apple Watch

Track Sleep with Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the most handy devices if you know how to use it. It can show you the time (as with any watch). What it can also do is give you notifications, help you with finance, social connectivity, health and many other ways. If you are one of those persons who sleep with the Apple Watch on while sleeping like me, good for you. You can track sleep with Apple watch! It does all the work while you sleep comfortably. Find out how to track sleep with Apple Watch.

Track Sleep with Apple Watch

There is no app on the watch itself that will help you do it. What you can do instead is to get an app from the app store. One of the apps you can use is the Sleep++. You can also use it on your iPhone if you want to, but let’s see how we can use it with the Apple Watch.

Track Sleep with Apple Watch

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Install the app on your Apple watch. Launch the app before you go to sleep and tap the button to begin tracking your sleep. You will need to tap the button again when you get up or else the app will show you that you have slept more than you actually have!

The cool thing is that once you have used the Sleep++ app for a couple of days, you accumulate data and you can use that to understand your sleeping patterns and habits.  Note that you cannot charge your Apple Watch when you are using the app to track your sleep.

Track Sleep with Apple Watch_2

The Sleep++ app is free and comes with a few ads. However, you can get rid of the ads by paying a one time $1.99 fee if you don’t want the ads. The Sleep++ app is of great help and you can understand your sleeping habits as well as learn how to change them and where to make changes if necessary.

There, this is how you track sleep with Apple Watch. The new update for the app has many new features: The Support Healthkit, for example. You can easily sync your data to the Health app for better analysis.

Do you use any other apps to track sleep with Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments below.