Slow PC? Fragmentation Could Be a Reason

If you are a daily user of computers then a slow running computer is the last thing you want during your day to day activity. There could be many reasons for your PC slowing down. One of them can be fragmentation of disks. Fragmentation occurs when your files are scattered all over your disk in no particular format.

What exactly is Fragmentation?

To keep it simple, your hard disk consists of blocks of memory. Whatever you store in your hard disk gets stored in these blocks according to the size of the object being stored. Different files occupy different number of these memory blocks. When you use a computer, you may not need a file tomorrow that you need today. So you delete the unwanted files.

When you delete these unwanted files, the memory blocks occupied by them is freed and remain empty. Thus as you go on adding and deleting files the newly added files will occupy new blocks of memory and those of the deleted files remain empty. Once all the new memory blocks are occupied by new files, there are no more new blocks for new files to get stored. Thus these files now look for empty blocks left by the deleted files.

This is a time consuming process as all the free blocks many not be large enough to accommodate this new file. This is called fragmentation. You might have enough memory to store many more files in your hard disk but since they are scattered, those files might not be able to get stored or might take a lot of time to find a space large enough for it to get stored.

How do we get rid of fragmentation?

A solution to fragmentation is defragmentation. Defragmentation means to congregate free and occupied blocks of memory separately. When you defragment your disk the blocks of memory occupied by files are grouped together and those that are free are grouped separately in the memory. Now the new files can get easily get stored in the memory without taking much time of yours.

For a normal user it is advisable to perform defragmentation once in a month. When you experience problems while saving a word document or an image file, fragmentation might have occurred and it means that you need to check for fragmented segments in your memory.

How do we perform defragmentation?

To perform defragmentation is not a task at all. You can easily do it even if you are not a computer expert. A lot of defragmentation tools are available within the operating system you use. Windows comes with a built in Disk Defragmenter. If you need advanced functionality, you can also use Auslogics Disk Defrag or O&O, both of which can be downloaded free of cost.

When you use Disk Defragmenter for Windows, you just have to follow some simple steps. You’ll find the application in your start menu’s programs. Just start the application and then you’ll find the option to analyze your disk and see which of the files are already defragmented and which of them need defragmentation. Here is a step by step tutorial to defragment your hard drive using the built in defragmenter.

Add Speed Dial Icon on iPhone Screen

Guidelines for Adding Speed Dialing Icon on iPhone Screen

Speed dialing is an extremely useful and important element, which enables users to quickly access their phonebook as well as phone calls whenever it deems necessary.  If you are wondering about the procedure of adding a shortcut of speed dialing icon on your iPhone’s screen then you should follow the below mentioned simple procedure, which will allow you to add small icon on your iPhone that is referred to as Web Clips. For adding this icon, you do not have to install additional application on your iPhone neither you have to jailbreak it.

  • First, from your iPhone open Safari web browser
  • Now type http://(mobile number) in the address bar
  • Now you will get a call pop-up with call as well as cancel option, hit “Cancel”
  • After clicking on “+”, which is present at the bottom click “Add to Home Screen.”
  • Name the “web clip” as required for example any recipient name.
  • By Clicking on “Add” you will get a new speed dialing call icon

Speed dialing is a fantastic and useful option, in case you are very busy and do not have time for searching a number. You can just hit the speed-dialing icon and will be allowed to make a call to the speed dialing assigned recipient.  However, you can also add a photo instead of icon by following the below mentioned procedure.

Enter the picture URL

Instead of http://(mobile number)

Now upload a 40x40-pixel photo to “PhotoBucket” and use it as direct link to the image

Tapin Radio – A web based player

Tapin Radio To Tune In And Record From Radio Stations

Carrying out work over the internet could be an isolated experience regardless of the variety of entertainment available on it. Sometimes you might want a program performing in the background particularly when you are in hurry to complete your work and cannot participate in online games and chatting. Tapin Radio enables you to stay tuned and entertained through radio while you are working.

Tapin Radio is a web based radio player, which enables you to stay tuned to numerous radio stations across the world. This application is available in both installer and portable version. Radio enthusiast can choose their preferred station and this application can immediately update on startup.

This facilitates the majority of audio formats such as wma, ogg, aac, vorbis and mp3. Users can choose and change between their preferred channels easily.  They are able to add radio channels to their favorite list. The selection menu would make browsing for channel more trustworthy as users can type in a station name or category name or choose from the list of different categories. Another attribute that will actually make the web radio popular is its capability to record. Users can also record talks and songs from it.

Install and Enable Windows XP Group Policy Editor

Tips for Installing and Enabling Group Policy Editor in Windows XP Home Edition

Group Policy Editor enables users to examine, modify, alter, or personalize numerous advanced policies and system settings, but the main problem is that the Window XP Home Edition doesn’t incorporate the Group policy Editor.

Consequently, the users waste their time searching for a way to open group policy editor. The other option they have is to edit the matching registry keys manually to make the necessary change.

However, you do not have to worry much about this as there is a hack available and you can easily edit the Microsoft Management Consol in Windows XP Home Edition, and you can install GPedit.msc by hacking MMC. You will have to follow the below mentioned steps for installing group policy editor. After hacking you will be able to use and run GPedit.msc similar to Windows XP Professional.

You will have to download the required system files for installing Group Policy Editor on Windows XP Home Edition from here.

Now Run InstallGPEdit.bat batch command

Copy these below mentioned to %WinDir%\System32\ folder (typically C:\Windows\System32):

  • appmgmts.dll
  • appmgr.dll
  • fde.dll
  • fdeploy.dll
  • gpedit.msc
  • gpedit.dll
  • gptext.dll

Create these folders

  • %WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicy
  • %WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicy\ADM

Copy these files in %WinDir%\System32\GroupPolicy\ADM directory

  • system.adm
  • inetres.adm
  • conf.adm

Now use the following command in the command prompt

%Windir%\System32\ folder

  • regsvr32 gpedit.dll
  • regsvr32 fde.dll
  • regsvr32 gptext.dll
  • regsvr32 appmgr.dll
  • regsvr32 fdeploy.dll

After completing the hack procedure you will have to run Group Policy Editor by:

Start then open Run command then type gpedit.msc

Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Steps To Install APK Non-Market App On Android Phone

Almost all apps for Android mobile are available at the Android app store, which is official place to download and install app for all Android tablets and smartphones. Unlike the iPhone, Android is a system that is completely open and doesn’t support any hacks for the app that are not available in Android app store.

Technically, all apps of Android use .apk file format. This extension indicates that the file is only meant for Android Smartphone.  This special fire format carries the applications and makes them compatible to download on the Android power devices.  However, Android app store allows users to download and install apps automatically from the store, but what about the non-mkt .apk app to download on Android powered devices.

Android powered devices don’t include any file manager and cannot be installed on double click as the Windows and Mac OS X operating system. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to install .apk non-market app onto the Smartphone and tablets powered by Android.  Check out the below given tweak to install .apk app.

Action 1Use APK installer to install .apk files

Android store app cannot install .apk format app directly, it is possible only after installation of the apps installer for free from the Android store.

  • Launch Android Market
  • You will get numbers of app that are developed only for installation of non-market app onto the Android market such as  FastAppInsatll, Installer, AppsInstaller, Onymous App Installer, Fast Installer, and etc, download one of them and install on your system.
  • Copy .apk file to root directory of SD card
  • Start apps installer program
  • Each app installer scans the root folder automatically from the SD card and explores the .apk files.
  • Now, tap on the particular Android app that you need to install on your device.  You will be prompted with a dialogue box to continue installation, confirm the installation.
  • Once the process is completed, user can easily use the app right from the menu.

Action 2Push Install APK apps using Android SDK on the computer

In order to install .apk format app directly from the computer to android powered devices, users don’t need to navigate to Android Market. Thus, they don’t need to associate Google account with Android device.

  • Download and Install the Android SDK on your system by simply opening the starter package to a secure location and add location to systems’ path.
  • Windows users can download USB driver and install adb by tapping on SDK Setup.exe at root of the SDK directory to raise Android SDK and AVD manager.
  • Launch the file directly from the root of the SDK directory by taping on SDK Setup.exe. From the given panel choose USB Driver Package to install.
  • Connect Android Smartphone and tablet to computer using the USB cable
  • On your android device, navigate to Settings>> Applications and enable Unknown Sources box.
  • Navigate to Settings >> SD card and phone storage and mark Disable Use for USB storage.
  • Copy .apk android setup package to your computer inside the SDK folder.
  • Open Command Prompt box
  • Execute the following command

adb install <path to the .apk file><.apk file name>

These methods to download non-market .apk apps on Android system are quite safe and easy to perform. However, there are some multi-purpose utility and file manager available that includes compatibility to install APK file onto your Android Devices such as ASTRO File Manager, AndroZip, File Manager, Android Mate, App ToolKit, EStrongs File Explorer and etc.  Users can use these applications to download .apk file format app onto their Android systems.

Remote Desktop Sharing Applications

List of Best Desktop Sharing / Remote Desktop Access Tools

Desktop sharing and control applications are widely used by a lot of people, especially when troubleshooting computers from remote locations.

Here it’s assumed that your computer is up and running, and is connected to the internet. If your computer has booting problem or if you have internet connection issues, then you cannot use these tools.

These are real handy tools that you might want to have on your systems. There are several benefits of using these applications as per your requirements including some negative aspects.

Advantages of Desktop / Remote Access tools:

  • It enables you to have control and perform any task on your computer remotely. If you are on the go and want to get some files from your office computer, then you can use these applications to get your work done.
  • Moreover, it is used for troubleshooting by having your computer being accessed professionals remotely from other location and helps you resolve the problem without having to visit your place personally.
  • It enables quick sharing of various files and other data with complete control like sending commands to print or any other operation.
  • Connection process is very stringent as it requires password and ID of both users while getting connected in some applications.

Disadvantages of Desktop / Remote Access tools:

  • Sometimes it is a little dangerous or vulnerable to use these facilities on computer, as its security is at stake. Although most of the applications provide secured connections, some of the data could be stolen easily by the hackers.
  • Moreover, hackers can easily breach the security wall of each system while using these applications and send virus or bugs to the computers.
  • Thus, transferring sensitive and imperative data must be done in highly secure manner

Different Types of remote access applications:

There are innumerable paid and free applications available in the market to choose from. Depending on your requirements, you could choose the best one. However, there are some other factors that a play vital role in selecting the one you need such as budget. One of the most renowned desktop software applications is TeamViewer, which provides complete interface access to its users and allows them to get connected to others.


  1. Mostly all applications are free to use with access to limited functionality. In order to unlock more advanced features, users will have to pay the amount mentioned in the official package of the software they are using.
  2. High Internet connectivity is must to get linked to the required computer and avoid problems like disconnection or slowness of data transfer.
  3. Some applications are modified and developed to be used on Smartphones such as iPhone.

TeamViewer – It establishes connection between your computer and your partner’s computer within no time. It gives you complete remote access to your partner’s computer. It is free to use only for personal purpose, but when it comes to corporate use, you have to pay some fees, in order to use the extra features of corporate account.

I’ve always got innumerable requests to make a list of TeamViewer alternative software. One known problem with TeamViewer is that it throws ‘Commercial Use Suspected’ even when used legitimately.  You have two options then: 1> Reinstall TeamViewer, 2> Remove TeamViewer.

I suggest, why not try one of the software listed below, and then later make a decision ?

LogMeIn – It is another most popular free remote access application version.  It provides you complete access to other’s computer, which allows you to give commands like print and transfering files between computers easily. LogMeIn ignition enables iPhone and iPod users to have quick access to their computer from their devices.

TightVNC – It is a traverse platform remote desktop control application. It allows you to set the server on your computer afterwards you will be able to control it remotely via VNC viewer.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection – It is already comes with Windows OS bundle, which is goo the Windows users to perform remote access operation with this free applications. It has all imperative and required features needed to control computers remotely.

Ultra VNC – It is more advanced and powerful open source desktop control application. It enables you to have complete access to display/interface of other computers via network connection.

CrossLoop – It is a free application that provides vital screen sharing facility to the users for technical purpose. In order to include more features, users have to pay some amount as the update fee.

Here are some paid Desktop sharing applications:

ISL Light – It is paid and commercial use desktop sharing application for various platforms such as Mac and Windows. It is quick and powerful tool, which connects computer within 30 seconds to the other one, across the world. It serves to deal with all your business needs.

ISL Groop – Online Meeting – It is also available only for commercial purposes and there is a fees that you’ll need to pay, in order to use it. It enables users to remotely train and display anything data in real time. Its best used to arrange online meetings.

Radmin – It is highly used application for commercial purposes. Additionally, it is one of the award winning secured desktop sharing applications easily available in the market. It will ensure that you are connected with other computers in real time at a much faster speed.


In a nutshell, all these applications are identical to one another, and you can use the one that suits your needs. Choosing the right application mainly depends on users’ needs and the budget that they have. Some of them have more advanced features and can be loaded with additional utilities that enhance their performance for the betterment of organization and professionals.

Resize Your Web Images With WebP encode

Reduce Your Web Images According To Your Choice

Google applications are more famous worldwide, as all the web programs developed by Google are very user-friendly and can be used by everybody, including non computer literate users too. Apart from Google being known as fast search engine, now Google has introduced one more innovation in the world of internet and announced a facility of formatting images that enable users to reduce the image bytes and size significantly on the web and it facilitate websites to load even faster than it was before.

The name of this new facility is WebP mostly pronounced as “weppy“, is a technique of compression of photographic images, which make an image more lighter in weight and it enables an image to upload or download more quickly. The WebP file reside in VP8 image data and is receptacle based on RIFF.

The WebP encode an image with prognosticate coding with same technology used at the time of compression in video by VP8 video codec system.

Appear Offline On Windows Live Messenger 2011

Appear Offline Now Even With The Windows Live Messenger 2011

Everyday, the big Software Development organizations like Google and Microsoft are working on introducing new features in their already developed applications to give their customers more user friendly applications. However, when they add new features, they remove some very useful attributes from their applications too. It happened recently with the launching of Windows Live Messenger 2011 in which many new attributes and characteristics were introduced and many popular attributes have been removed too. The main removed attributes among them is Windows Live Messenger 2011’s block list.

Block list facility in messengers and other application is always useful to stop unwanted messages and emails and to ignore the people whom you don’t want to interact with due to some personal reason or due to your busy schedule. When a user blocks a person on their messenger or email, it is not possible to see them appearing online or offline and message and email from the blocked person will not be delivered.

In new version of Windows Live Messenger 2011, the facility to block contacts has been removed. The removal of this has made all blocked contacts be reappeare at online status and are able to see the status of contacts who download the upgrade version of Windows Live Messenger 2011.  

Unfortunately, the users will not be able to block directly an unwanted person or contact in Windows Live Messenger 2011. However, they still can be on sn offline mode to the people or group of contacts by taking some workaround steps. This is notable that they cannot block the contacts, but can appear offline to the other parties and they will receive the messages and IM sent by other parties and the detail of the unwanted person like name will still be appeared in the contact list of WLM 2011.

If users want to appear offline to some contacts or group of contacts, then take below mentioned easy steps to do so:

Log in to Windows Live Messenger 2011. From your messenger’s list, right click on the person’s name in the list whom you want to be offline and click on the option “Apear Offline To This Person“. and it is done. That’s it.

New Features Added To PC Tools Privacy Guardian

PC Tools Privacy Guardian With New Features.

Recently, PC Tools have released an official and final version 4.5 of Privacy Guardian with new features. Privacy Guardian 4.5 version of PC Tools now contains more advanced and easy-to-apply protection on user’s PC with more protection for all program activity records. They also help other hypothetical change neural tissue postulated, in order to account for persistence of memory such has system registry, cookies, and temporary files, which are not recoverable after removing them from the system.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian is now more capable and provides more effective harddrive. It sweeps-up the harddrive of the temporary and unused files and provides more disk space and enhances the performance by keeping it up-to-date all the time.  Apart from this, Privacy Guardian 4.5 is introduced with many new features like substitute of data streams, easier Graphical User Interface application and clean items wizard.

Characteristics of PC Tools Privacy Guardian 4.5:

?        It sweeps harddrive on regular basis for historic data, online track records on the Internet, and other delicate information.

?        It supports many web browser applications.

?        It provides more space on harddrive.

?        It improves system performance by restoring valuable harddrive space.

?        Make user’s harddrive more spacious and gets back the deleted information by standard file recovery methods.

Free license code for PostworkShop Basic Edition

Free license code for PostworkShop Basic Edition

PostworkShop, through Budapest-based software development – Xycod, is really an effective, extensive and easy-to-use artistic graphic treatment application, that is made to change your picture in to a good oil painting or perhaps watercolor, pale sketching or even pencil sketch, abstract art work or perhaps old-time-style photograph, through the use of natural looking creative filter systems. Postworkshop comes in three types – PostworkShop Basic Release, PostworkShop Artist Edition and PostworkShop Pro Edition.

PostworkShop Basic Edition that has fifty inbuilt creative styles usually expenses $19 per solitary permit. In order to advertise the actual progressive PostworkShop graphic application, Xycod is currently offering PostworkShop Basic Release at free of cost.

To get the free copy of PostworkShop Basic Edition visit the promotion

After that click, “Buy” button of PostworkShop Basic Edition. Now at shopping cart enter the following coupon code- CPN4890710839 and then press “Enter” to get an access the $19 discount for downloading the full version of PostworkShop Basic Edition. After that fill up the whole form and press “Checkout” and “submit” to get the copy of software.


Use the following links to download.

To Download PostworkShop Basic Edition for Mac.

To Download PostworkShop Basic Edition for Windows.