Free, Light, Effective Application Launcher Specifically For Windows

Windows has launched a new application launcher known as Skylight from Candy Labs. It is a small, light and quick launching program that can open up your documents and programs with just few keystrokes of keyboard and without you having to move your mouse cursor on screen in the search of desired program from a hassling list of programs. Skylight is based on the Microsoft .NET framework and runs like a script which is programmed on hotkeys. This launcher is similar to Launchy in many ways such as initiating when the ALT+SPACE hotkeys are pressed.

For example: if you want to launch opera web browsers, then just press ALT+ Spacebar key, which brings up Skylight. Now just start typing few initials like ‘opera’. As soon as you start typing the initials, programs with similar letters in their names will appear on screen you just have to choose your desired option and get your desired result

This software is very easy to use with some additional features like fully fledged desktop search for various files, folders, emails etc., an in built calculator, integrated web search, instant messenger, media indexing, download and playback of MP4 video file from You Tube.

The basic strength of Skylight lies in its hotkeys. Holding the tab keys allows you to perform actions like opening the files and starting the programs. This launcher makes the work easy and comfortable and saves your valuable time in searching the files, folders and programs. Moreover it provides you an easy way to navigate.

Launchy was a big application that consumes almost 3.9 MB of space but Skylight is less than 1MB of space and thus allows you more storage space. It is therefore very light on system resources. Skylights works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and it requires Windows.NET 3.0.

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Download Free Mac Style Application Launcher For Windows 7, Vista, XP

Smooth installation, superb animations and graphic features, amazing icon transitions, this is what makes RocketDock one of the best application launchers. Where most of the other docks have failed, this Windows version of the Mac style dock with powerful features has become quite a popular feature with Windows Vista and XP users. This application which uses only 15 MB of your memory is power packed with a number of options.

A launch pad for applications and folders, this dock can be positioned anywhere on the four edges of your screen. Its positioning and layering options allow it to be hidden when not in use or remain always on top or anywhere that you want. The nice clean interface provides for easy access and organization of your shortcuts. These shortcuts can easily be added with just a drag and drop. You can also remove any shortcut by simply dragging them off the dock.

It is available in a number of colors and themes allowing the dock to look aesthetically pleasing on your desktop. Featuring as many as 20 skins including Vista, Vista Black, Crystal XP and Luminous, the Rocket Dock is fully customizable. The zooming and icon transition is smooth. You can even import skins from MobyDock, ObjectDock and RK Launcher with which this application launcher is compliant with. The icons on the dock can be arranged as per your preference. RocketDock supports alpha blended PNG and ICO icons.

The Taskbar support allows your minimized windows to be displayed as dock icons. Other interesting features includes options for minimizing windows to dock, running application indicators, real time windows preview in Vista, complete portability and a user friendly base. Its low memory utilization makes it a great tool for even the slower computers. This free application launcher also packs in an ObjectDock Docklet support as one of its features.

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And if you want to customize it further, please check out these popular addons. They’ll surely amuse you 😉

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