Restoring MMS And VVM On Iphone If They Do Not Function After Applying The Tethering Hack

Restoring MMS And VVM On Iphone If They Do Not Function After Applying The Tethering Hack

Once you hack an iPhone, there is a great deal of chances that the phone’s Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) or Virtual Voicemail (VVM) functions are not working at all. This happens incase you do not pay anything to the mobile subscriber and try to facilitate internet tethering services.

This may happen for all versions of iPhone, be it iPhone 2G, the first generation of iPhone, or iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

The main reason behind the occurrence of this problem for multimedia messaging services or virtual voicemail functions is the fact that, when you try to enable internet tethering function, a new file with the extension of .ipcc is created.

This carrier file is used to enable the internet tethering function which is created with the loading of a new profile called as the Mobileconfig configuration profile. This .ipcc file would enable the internet tethering services, but would disable all the functions related to Multimedia Messaging Services or Virtual Voicemail service.

The simple solution to keep your internet tethering services in place as well as fix the problems occurring in Multimedia Messaging Services and Virtual Voicemail services is to reset the phone’s network settings.

For this you have to follow just a simple path, go to Settings select General, now select Reset and finally reset the phone’s network settings by choosing Rest Network Settings option.

There is one more alternative solution to fix this problem. However by following this path, you will disable all settings related to internet tethering and the option to it will no longer be visible for you. You can do so by following this path, go to Settings select General, now select Network finally reset the APN for Visual voicemail as adcs.voicemail and by taking the option Cellular Data Network.

Download Is It The Fake GreenPoison Or Original GreenPoison ?

The release of greenpoisOn Apple iOS 4.1 jailbreaking solutions is proposed to jailbreak all iOS devices, including the iPhone 4. the official release will be soon, reports POsixninja’s tweet announcing that it is all set for release and no more read blocks. But beware! A fake version filled with malware is already circulating around!

Kaspersky Lab has spotted that cyber criminals are riding the buzz around greenpoisOn and also spotted fake greenpoisOn Trojans too. As if that is not enough, a greenpoisOn iPhone iOS 4.1 jailbreak website has already been set up, with the intention of possessing greenpoisOn download links for Windows/Mac and users need to pay $30 for this software. A warning for those of you out there eagerly awaiting the genuine one, it is not free and not from Chronic Dev Team, if you got one free then you have got the wrong one-it is malware, so be careful!

There were earlier reports of the forthcoming SHAtter or greenpoisOn jailbreak for iOS 4.1 and here is yet another one, proving that greenpoisOn jailbreak for iOS 4.1 will be released before the iOS 4.2. Since it is an interesting combination of date and time, it will surely remain in users minds for years to come. Another important aspect to note is that greenpoisOn is the tool proposed to jailbreak all present iOS devices-iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with Apple unable to fit it through a new iOS update.

Based on SHAtter bootrom exploit, it cannot be solved by software updates. Honestly, Apple will have to create a hardware revision to omit jailbreak threat, even if the truth is that jail breakers are quite contented. It has also been found that greenpoisOn is able to hacktivate iPhone.

Will soon update the Download link, as soon as it is available !

How To Automatically Apply Microsoft Security Hot-Fixes In Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2008

If any of your system runs on Microsoft’s Operation System, then you you find yourself constantly upgrading or updating and applying the latest Microsoft security hot-fixes which Microsoft releases very often. If you have internet connection, especially broadband then the task of updating your system with latest Microsoft’s Security hot-fix is automated. You don’t do much, as the updates are downloaded automatically and is applied when you shut your system down.

What about systems that do not have internet connection or are on slower dial-up connection? The process there might take up a lot of man hours, and a lot of manual intervention, making the overall experience very ugly.

Apply Microsoft Security Hot Fix Automatically

To automatically apply Microsoft’s security system without any human intervention, you can use PatchMate. Download PatchMate on to a CD, and just run the CD and let it do it’s work, every thing is done with least or no manual intervention. The team at PatchMate claims that this updates your system with hot-fixes even quicker than the auto-update feature with high-speed internet connection !

You’ll notice how valuable this tool is the moment you use it the first time ! If you are a system administrator who handles a lot of machines at a time, then PatchMate will speed up the process of applying patches tremendously.

Currently PatchMate is available for Windows XP -SP1, SP2 and SP3. Soon you’ll have PatchMate for 2003, Vista and Windows server 2008.

PatchMate releases updates once everymonth, so all you need to do is login to PatchMate once every month and update your system with the latest version of PatchMate. PacthMate is free to download and use.

[ Download PatchMate ]