Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Auto Advance Feature of Gmail for Effective Email Archiving or Removal

Usually Gmail goes back to your Inbox once you have done with email removal

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or archive, which is not successful particularly when it involves multiple emails processing. Consider, how you can successfully archive or remove emails in Gmail without having to shuttle in between inbox? With “Auto-Advance” function from googlemail lab, it is possible to enable the function according to your usage and preference.

From your Googlemail account (assume that you have logged in) go to the setting, which is positioned at the upper right corner of your screen.
Then go to select Labs, and scroll downward to Auto-Advance. To enable this feature click the enable button. Now to save the settings click “save setting.”
Now once again access the setting, within General tab, browse to “Auto-Advance” and then select the desired setting. For example, users can easily alter it to next(newer) or previous(older) conversation.

Free JaBack to Synchronization, Archiving Task and Automate Backup

Free JaBack to Synchronization, Archiving Task and Automate Backup

Most likely you might have heard about CopyChangedFiles, which is used to keep the backup of the significant files altered frequently, from one directory to another. JaBack is another new dominant, reliable and flexible automated data backup tool, which can be synchronized, archived and automated backup.

JaBack is free of charge app and it is pretty easy to use. There is no need to write any code scripts for user friendly graphic interface for all ongoing operation. JaBack offers a wide variety of features. You just need to generate the task and specify the type of the task i.e. what you want to perform, like synchronizing folders, zipping/unzipping directories, copying files, deleting files and much more.

After the completion of this task, in order to automate it, you’ll need to use the scheduler software. The scheduler software allows you to schedule the job frequency such as by seconds, minutes, hour, day, week and month. This scheduler software consist very powerful scheduling, tasking and automation capabilities. With version tracking, you’ll be able to decide to append time/date for the backup of files.

JaBack provide email and FTP capability to send the backup data to mail server and remote area, if you going to use the internet and want to transfer the backup data to other server. One of its important features is that you can generate a task to keep an eye on your local directory and to backup data when a change in folder/file is detected.

On the top of this, it offers a dominant wildcard feature, which merges normal expressions and custom wildcard. This feature facilitates more flexibility than either the UNIX or DOS wildcard systems. These features can be used for only zip/unzips archive/backup/delete options based on selected files.

It is portable, as it has been noticed that it runs well with Windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT Server/2000 Server/2000 AdvServer/Vista. As it is an independent platform, it also supports the other OS such as Linux as well as UNIX platforms, Mac OSX. To know more about its features, you can refer to the help manual. Use the following link to download it.

User Help maual Here