F5 For Auto Arranging Icons And Shortcuts On Desktop Of Windows7

F5 For Auto Arranging Icons And Shortcuts On Desktop Of Windows7

The desktop of Windows 7 may get messy when lots of icons, files, documents, shortcuts and applications remain scattered all over the desktop and in each and every corner of it. In order to get rid of it, select “View” then opt for the option “Auto Arrange”.

We know that normally, F5 is being used for refreshing the desktop, still if you press F5 slightly longer than usual in Windows 7, that function key will automatically rearrange the desktop. So, if you want to see your desktop neat and clean, and the icons arranged neatly, just try this trick out.

However, you’ll need to be very careful while trying to refresh your desktop with F5. Otherwise, you’ll see all new desktop with icon designs at different position, and you will wonder if some Virus or malicious program has affected the computer.

Arrange Favorites/ Bookmarks In Your Ie/ Firefox Browser In An Alphabetical Order

Arrange Favorites/ Bookmarks In Your Ie/ Firefox Browser In An Alphabetical Order

While browsing, if you find a website interesting, you can add it to your Favorites list in Internet Explorer or to your Bookmarks list in Mozilla Firefox. Any newly added website will be placed as the last entry within the Favorites list as well as the Bookmarks lists.

You will notice the same thing happening when you add a favorite site to a specific folder in Favorites or Bookmarks. You will have no issues with this until the list is small. Gradually, as the list of your favorite sites increases, it will become quite difficult for you to locate a bookmarked site from the huge list if you do not sort and organize them systematically.

Both the browsers, Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox provide you with an option of sorting your Favorites or Bookmarks list in an alphabetical order. The process of sorting the list is quite simple.

For sorting Favorites list/ Bookmarks list in IE/ Firefox, click on “Favorites”/ “Bookmarks” menu and move your mouse pointer to an empty space in Favorites list/ Bookmarks list. Right-click to display the shortcut menu and select the option “Sort By Name”. Now, you will notice that the list of your favorite/bookmarked sites is been arranged in an alphabetical order.

Desk Pins Utility Tool Utilized To Arrange Favorite Programs On Desktop

Desk Pins Utility Tool Utilized To Arrange Favorite Programs On Desktop

Most of the times we tend to run quite a lot of programs on a computer screen and if the volumes of the various programs are reasonably high, we may wind up getting irritated while arranging the programs on the desktop.

Finding a right application or program will be a tricky task, as we have to browse through various programs listed on “Taskbar” and then click on the correct program.

However, this seems to be a tedious task for everyday users, if the essential programs could be maintained on the top of the additional programs listed on desktop, it would allow a user to access those programs effortlessly.

DeskPins, a freeware which can be utilized to set our favorite programs on stay on top of other listed programs on windows after they are launched. With this utility tool, individuals can easily pin their preferred programs to arrange them on the top of additional programs displayed on desktop.

Just get this utility tool download and installed and an icon is displayed on your computer desktop’s system tray. Highlight the respective Icon and then point it to the required program to be pinned. Once the programs are pinned, they will start to appear as important ones over other programs listed on desktop. It utilizes minimal system resources and very simple to use.

Arrange Window In Windows 7 And Disabling The Auto Maximizing Of Aero Snap

Arrange Window In Windows 7 And Disabling The Auto Maximizing Of Aero Snap

Now, in Windows 7 OS, you could manage your active windows in a pretty effective way with the help of a new feature named as Aero Snap. Aero Snap permits the user to maximize the window automatically by simply dragging a window to the top of the screen. User can also utilize the left or right side of the screen to resize the window to fill up and automatically take the half screen estate on the moved side.

Aero Snap is absolutely a welcoming feature for those users who need to quickly half-maximize or maximize the windows for presentation or comparison. However, some Windows 7 users may have different behavior and needs. Some of them may require to always dragging a window to the frame of the desktop to work on other tasks and some may just need to examine and look at the some small corner portion of the window.


For disabling or switching off Aero Snap function for auto maximizing or auto arranging window while dragging, use the trick below.

  • First of all, go to Control Panel.
  • Now Click on Ease of Access Center icon or Ease of Access link.
  • Choose option Make the mouse easier to use or Change how your mouse works.
  • Mark the check box for Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen through the mouse under the section of “Make it easier to manage windows”.
  • Finally Click Apply or OK to save the changes effectively.

Arrange And Organize Your Programs Using Appetizer

Arrange And Organize Your Programs Using Appetizer

You have already read about Hawkscope application which allows you easy access to folders and files. Now you will get more additional features in an application that allows you to quickly access the programs and files. You can even launch any program faster with the help of this utility named, Appetizer.

If you really want to speed up your working efficiency, then it is a must that you have the utility. It is a complete freeware, which is used in launching the application easily and instantly.



You’ll have to just download and install Appetizer on your computer. You will be shown an icon on your computer screen. To use this tiny application launcher utility, you need to clink on the “+” sign and you will be able to browse all stored files and applications. Now you can add them to a convenient doc. From now whenever you need to launch any application just tap on the respective icon, program will be started instantly.

It is designed exclusively for the users who want instant access to any programs easily without following complicated process. Additionally, you can personalize the interactive user interface of this software according to your convenience. Apart from this users can hide this application after launching desired programs or files.