TransPoint To Make Background Image Transparent Or Background Colorless

TransPoint: Make Background Image Transparent and Remove the Color in Background

For various purposes like for seminar, projects or on website, we need to make the background image transparent and also we might need to remove the colour in the background.

Though there are lots of tools which will fulfil our need but we have to be expertise with those tools, like Ulead GIF Animator, Photoshop, GIMP and many more.


With the help of TransPoint we don’t need any experience with the image editing tools, and it is very easy platform to work on. This image editing tool is a freeware that serves our purposes quite easily.

Tips For Installing and Enabling Windows DreamScene

Windows 7 – Tips For Installing and Enabling Windows DreamScene

Windows DreamScene is a Windows utility that allows you to use movie shows, slideshows, video clips and other animated pictures and images as wallpaper or desktop background. This feature exists in Vista but has been removed from Windows 7, which instead has an auto-rotator for Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow.

Even though Windows 7 doesn’t support Windows DreamScene utility, you may manually install it so as to enable it in Windows 7 operating system.

For enabling DreamScene utility in Windows 7, you need to use the same trick which you follow to install DreamScene in editions of Vista other then Vista Ultimate including Windows Vista Home Premium, Home Basic, Enterprise and Business edition.


The hack for DreamScene installation has been put together into an executable. This executable automatically copies the required files so that they can be merged to the respective registry keys/ entries.

You need to turn on or enable Windows Aero before running DreamScene executable in Windows 7. Now, download DreamScene executable file for Windows 7 from the internet.

For 32-bit (x86) version of Windows 7, you need to download “Windows7-DreamScene.exe” or “Windows7-DreamScene-Enable.exe” (if you have not logged in as an administrator).

For 64-bit (x64) version of Windows 7, you have to download “”.

Follow the below mentioned process to install Windows DreamScene utility in Windows 7:

If you use 32-bit (x86) version,

  • Login as administrator on your windows 7 system.
  • Run the file “Windows7-DreamScene.exe”. The installer will automatically copy the file “DreamScene.dll” to the folder “%WinDir%\System32” and file “DreamScene.dll.mui” to the folder “%WinDir%\System32\en-US”. It will also add the necessary registry values. 

Next, it will restart Explorer to apply the DreamScene installation immediately.


If you use 64-bit (x64) version,

  • Unzip the file “”.
  • Copy the file “DreamScene.dll” to the folder “%WinDir%\System32\,” and the file “DreamScene.dll.mui” to the folder “%WinDir%\System32\en-US\”.
  • Now, run the file “Dscene.reg” to merge the necessary registry values.
  • Finally, restart Explorer or reboot your system to finish the installation.  

A folder for Windows DreamScene will be created in the folder “%WinDir%\Web\”. You can add any video or animated file into this folder so as to use it as background wallpaper. However in Windows 7, this folder is not of much use as Windows 7 doesn’t allow you to view video or other animated media directly within Personalization Control Panel.


Tips for using Windows 7 DreamScene:

Incase you wish to put a video clip having .MPG or .WMV format as an animated wallpaper or  desktop background, you simply need to right-click on the video file and from the right-click context menu, select the option for setting the file as desktop background.

You might not be able to view the video file in the configuration page “Personalization & Desktop Background”. However, Windows 7 supports all the features of Windows DreamScene including playing and pausing DreamScene, audio and sound etc.

The text of desktop icons might become transparent or black after you enable DreamScene. However, you may resolve this issue using a different trick.

Desktop Slideshow Feature In Windows 7 Changes Or Rotates Desktop Background

Desktop Slideshow Feature In Windows 7 Changes Or Rotates Desktop Background

A new feature named Desktop Slideshow is added in Windows 7. The Desktop Slideshow has ability to auto-rotate or auto-change the wallpapers among all the wallpapers that you select as desktop background. Just before launching Windows 7, Microsoft had integrated the Vista OS with the Windows Dreamscene feature. It was pretty impressive but the functionality of rotation not up to the mark.

Desktop Slideshow provides a new way to set up the desktop in Windows 7. It appears as middle ground between animated video background and traditional wallpaper which is pretty much same as DreamScene. However it is not a complete replacement for DreamScene, as it changes the wallpapers among the selected bunch by rotating them in background automatically.

In previous beta of Windows 7 now you can stop the rotation of desktop wallpapers slideshow when there is very low battery power situation in notebook computers. You may also set the frequency of transition interval as 10 seconds up to one day. It gives the ability to customize transition effect also randomize slideshow pictures to appear randomly.

However, the Desktop Slideshow is locked in preBeta Build 6801 Milestone 3 of Windows 7. To start using this feature you have to apply a special hack.

A Hack To Modify Background Image In Windows Media Player 12

A Hack To Modify Background Image In Windows Media Player 12

Windows 7 operating system is equipped with version 12 of windows media player. The primary characteristic of wmp12 media player is the gui, graphical user interface. This new gui is embellished well, giving a new look and feel to windows media player.

The wmp12 player does not support “now playing” button. A complete screen which is adjustable according to the media size is dedicated to the “now playing” option. It also supports a playback purview with controls for playback.

Another good feature of windows media player 12 is the varied media formats it supports such as Xvis, H.264, Divx and AAC. It also summates a view specifically designed for management of a library directly from “now playing” window. This library allows a user to handle all the media such as video, music, playlist, recorded TV, playlists, radio stations and many more.

The library purview offers a user to utilize and display an image in the background. This wmp12 player also supports many default images for background. As a user if you are not satisfied with the present background, then you can change it by hacking the registry. Simply follow the steps to hack the registry, so as to change the image in the background with a new image.

Steps to change a background image of a library in the media player:

  • Run Regedit in your computer.
  • Browse and locate the below key in the registry:


  • Change the value of the registry in the right pane by locating a 32 bit dword “reg_dword” registry named as librarybackgroundimage.

  • The librarybackgroundimage registry is evaluated as 6 by default. Now modify this value to a new numeral to display a new image in the background.

Values that are valid are ranged between 0 and 6 representing six different images for your background. A zero value represents no image in the background.

  • Now save the changes and exit from regedit. Restart your wmp12 media player to display a new image in the background.

All new images for background are stored in a system file called “Wmploc.dll”. A user will not have to hack the system file again to obtain a new image on the media player.

Creating Customized Twitter Backgrounds

Creating Customized Twitter Backgrounds

Creating customized twitter screen backgrounds, attracts more people which in turn accounts to more people following you. A customized twitter screen background is a way of showcasing your style quotient, professionalism and speaks a lot about your organization skills.

Creating free customized twitter screen backgrounds is easy and fun too. The status of the account holder should be good enough to begin with. One can project oneself, one’s blogs, brand, sites freely using twitter generator tool.

This feature of creating a customized background is supplied by twitter’s “Twitter Image”. Twitter Image is ready to provide you with all the above services provided you have at least 5000 followers. They provide this service for free by only crediting themselves on the screen background. There certainly is no harm in doing so.

They consider many factors before providing a free customized twitter screen background. Factors that are kept under consideration are status of a person’s blog, site, tweeting frequencies and many more. They receive many applications every day, so all they say is please fulfill the above factors before applying.

If one fails to fulfill their criteria to apply for a free customized screen background, one can still get a customized background by paying $100. However, it is best to improve twitter status by getting a free customized background rather than pay $100.

Now Control And Manage Wallpapers Switching And Screensaver Using Thetawall

Now Control And Manage Wallpapers Switching And Screensaver Using Thetawall

In all probabilities, you would have heard about several utilities that allow you to set your favorite images in the background of the computer and manage it according to your convenience, but all those utilities surely will not be midget enough. Therefore, you need to use this latest tiny utility application that is loaded with additional features and has interactive user interface allowing you to manage the wallpaper functions properly.

The name of this small yet powerful application is ThetaWall, which sets the selected wallpaper on the background and switch to another display either wallpaper or screensaver at fixed the intervals.


It is an easy-to-use tiny application that consumes only 100KB space of your hard disk. Since it is a standalone application, you don’t need to install it. It is available for free download and use instantly.

To use this application, initially you’ll need to add selective photos and images to the predefined folder in the ThetaWall. Later, you’ll need to click on the icon that is located at the system tray. You will be shown a submenu following options such as interval, aspect ratio for screen display, 1D recursive or 2D iterative mode, etc. You can customize your own screensaver to set on the background.

How Can I Add Glitter, Animate, Text, Backgrounds To My Images

Add effects to your online image or make it animated

Yes now you can add cool and trendy effects to your online images or make it animated just for free online. You can just toy around with your picture just the way and many imaginable ways like adding glitters, making it animated, funny, colourful, anything. The interesting part of it is that you don’t have to install or download any software; everything can be done for free on online.

Check out the site Blingeasy which provides you with this type of superb service. Use your creative thought and let your imagination lead you the way.

[Via KillerStartups]