How Can I Backup, Restore And Search All Drivers For Windows

Driver Genius Professional Edition 2007 is a potent drive manager for your Windows. It conveniently provides provisions for enabling back-ups, data restoration and update at the power of a click. With the application of this free online application, you are saved from the pain of installing all your drivers individually after re-installing your system. You can easily ensure the installation of the back-up of all your drivers at just one click. What strikes the users most is that they can conveniently install all their drivers in a command mode.

One of the key features of Driver Genius Professional Edition is its capability to automatically detect the drivers in use. This application has a data base of more than 30,000 device drivers. It stores detailed information on various hardware applications like Motherboard, Video card, Sound card, Modem, Network card, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, Scanner, Digital devices etc. The moment you connect a new driver or hardware to your system, this application detects its complete information. It instantaneously alerts you in case your driver is old and needs an update.

Driver Genius has a set of just few features to opt from. This makes its interface extremely easy and simple to use for novice users. The functions of this application are available for comprehension in six varied languages. It saves your back up files in three major types namely, zip file, independent auto installer program and self-extracting file. Its features are somewhat similar to Driver Max. However, Driver Genius is highly compatible with majority of the systems like windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/x 64.

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Download Necessary Latest Driver Updates Automatically

Download Necessary Latest Driver Updates Automatically For Your System

DriverMax is a new innovative program that allows users to conveniently reinstall all their Windows drivers. With this application you can now easily download all the latest and updated drivers for your system. This saves much of your time that you waste on searching for new drivers on web. Also, with this application installed, you no more have to reinstall your drivers one by one. You can easily reinstall all the drivers in use at one go on your mouse’s click. You just need to create an account with DriverMax, fill in the registration form and start receiving downloading options for latest drivers.

The most key advantage of this application is that it creates the back up of all your drivers and saves them in one folder in case your system gets corrupted. This application provides a comprehensive platform to export as well as import drivers and view the report of their installed drivers. It also alerts users on the unknown software used in their system with its full details.

Reinstalling and exporting files with DriverMax is really easy. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

1. Visit the site and install DriverMax on their system.
2. Before reinstalling your system, make sure to compress all the drivers to one folder
3. Reinstall DriverMax after reinstalling your system.
4. Reinstall all the Windows drivers by using the driver wizard in DriveMax .

Further the installation of this web service is absolutely free. You do not need to install any plug-ins or software to use this service.

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