Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Monitor Network Bandwidth Usage And Internet Traffic With iTraffic

Many of the internet plans for which users pay on a monthly basis impose a specific data limit depending on the plan chosen. In such cases, if you wish to utilize the limit to the maximum without hitting the peak threshold, you can make use of iTraffic, an excellent freeware that helps you monitor the internet traffic data flowing from/ to your PC along with the bandwidth usage.

The moment you install this software utility and run it, you need to choose the network interface that you wish to monitor. For Example, you can monitor standard LAN Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) port, VPN client packet or Bluetooth transmission and wireless transmission. Once you configure the utility, you can supervise network bandwidth in a graphical view.


To check the network bandwidth usage, you may just view the summary by clicking on the option “Reports” that appears in the right-click context menu. The summary will be displayed on daily, weekly and monthly basis offering an overall idea if your internet data plan is under-used.

Apart from this, you can also monitor the connectivity speed so as to keep track of any interruption in the connectivity, especially when you are in a process of downloading a massive file. This utility supports all Windows Operating Systems and can be downloaded free of charge.

How Can I Increase The Bandwidth And Performance Of My Blog Server? WP Super Cache Is The Answer…

If your blog doesn’t get a lot of visitors, then this post is of no use! This plugin, WP Super Cache, is useful for only those bloggers whose post frequents main page, or gets tons of traffic every day.

What does WP-Super Cache plugin do?

Nothing magical, just that it converts your database driven worpdress posts to static HTML files.

Why does it convert wordpress posts to HTML?

Rendering HTML files is quicker and efficient and this will result in better performance of your site.

What are the benefits of using WP Super Cache?

1> Your visitors will be served static pages, hence page loading is much faster when compared to the conventional database driven posts, in short, the content fetch time is faster!

2> Bandwidth load on your server reduces considerably! Querying your database is a very expensive action, and this move (switch form database driven to static HTML) will save you loads of money.

Guess it’s fair enough and really sensible for all bloggers with heavy traffic to install this plugin. I’ve never hit Digg front page ever, so I’m really not sure how many visitors Digg would send, but considering some decent traffic on this blog, I am implementing this one very soon.

[ Download WP Super Cache ]