Download Power Meter Plus to get Exact Information of your Laptop Battery

Download Power Meter Plus to get Exact Information of your Laptop Battery

Normally, you depend on the battery meter of your laptop which is placed on the tray area of laptop to get the details. However your battery mater shows incorrect information and details sometimes. Therefore, you cannot really rely on the battery meter of your laptop which is provided by the operating system.

Therefore, you must use Power Meter Plus freeware which gives you entire details and information of laptop battery. This freeware manages entire functions of laptop battery such as showing power meter, remaining time to charge it and many more.

This freeware is especially designed to show the full information of laptop battery. It displays transparent vertical bar on the screen. The less battery charge the clearer display would be. It means if the visibility of transparent bar increased then it is time to recharge your laptop battery immediately.

When you insert the charger plug in the cord the vertical meter bar of Power Meter Plus will be green. It is fully customizable, which means you can customize its color with the matching color of your theme. Power meter plus displays charge availability in percentage, and it consumes only 135 KB space of your hard disk.

Buy Battery Powered LCD TVs – From Toshiba

Creativity is in the air and it is not restricted to 3D only! Toshiba recently released the supposed to be Power TV Series [PC1] containing 2 devices. It is unique as it is the world’s first [says Toshiba] Power TV to feature a consolidated battery. It goes without saying that the LCDs are so created that it can come I handy even under tough infrastructure conditions.

After fully charged, the battery can work for a good 2 hours which is sufficient to take you through a soccer game or a movie. The device contains an ‘Auto Signal booster’ that helps if the signals are weak and ‘Auto View’ facility to assist picture settings. It is done automatically in order to save electricity. The TVs are featured by LED back-light.

At present, Toshiba is gearing up REGZA PC1, Power TVs of 24 and 32 inches and are due for release in Asia by next year. They are proceed at $290 for the 24 inch and $400 for the 32 inch model. After viewing Toshiba LCD next to the battery powered plasma panel of Dataworld’s LP433 laptop, the question of screen quality remains a tossup. Toshiba has also announced that the are in the process of making a 3DTV that would not require custom glasses, although the announcement if not yet official.

Can Urine Be Used In Batteries Or Even Better Can We Have Urine Battery Chargers?

Power-up Your Batteries with Urine

This is the latest in battery technology, a group in Singapore came out with a battery that was powered by (among other fluids) urine – and later, a Japanese company marketed this technology with the already popular Non-Pollution Power (NoPoPo) Aqua Batteries. The batteries contain a mix of carbon and magnesium in them. The added fluid then acts as a catalyst to use this mixture to generate power.

The battery pack comes with a plastic pipette that with which you can inject the urine in the main reaction chamber of the battery. Apart from urine, you can also use beer, apple juice, cola, and even saliva. A single urine powered AA battery can power a flashlight for about 20 hours (500 mA-h). Although it is not the most powerful and long-lasting battery out there, the NoPoPo battery’s genius lies in its environmental friendliness. Currently, the NoPoPo aqua powered batteries are available only in the AA and AAA sizes. However, the company has plans to expand its range and release the technology in other sizes as well.

In conclusion, here are a few reasons why the NoPoPo should be more widely used:

  • normal batteries containing mercury and lead harm the environment after they are thrown away.
  • as you can power them with your body fluids, you can save money.
  • these batteries can always be recharged in situations when you are out of power, and have no other way to buy/recharge batteries.

The saddest part is that these batteries are for sale only in Japan. Hope the situation changes soon.