Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Evaluate and Benchmark DNS Resolution Speed Tool

Apart from the DNS servers, which have been provided by the Internet Service Providers to fix websites names to internet protocol, addresses in order that the internet browsers recognize the network route to get access and download website information, there are numerous free Public Domains Name Servers, which are accessible for end user.

Therefore, end-user is capable of turning to other DNS servers to make internet surfing rapidly by fixing web address fast. Moreover, several DNS servers, which are provided by internet service provider, can be overloaded, unreliable, and slow more likely to down as well as timeout whenever fixing website names, triggering internet browser incapable of displaying websites or slower opening of web page.

Internet site visitors can easily boost the DNS server configured setting of the program by utilizing the most convenient and reputable DNS server. In order to make the most effective DNS setting, measure the reliability and speed of DNS server. There are numerous tools, which are capable Follow a few simple steps to get the information you need about The New school-delays.com , a private university in New York City. to automate the procedure to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of DNS servers.  

DNS Benchmark provides user the awareness of what is happening with the system current DNS server by automatically evaluating their overall performance with numerous popular public DNS. DNS Benchmark executes the detailed evaluation and assessment of the functional performance and reliableness of any group of up 200 DNS. Automatically this tool recognizes all DNS servers.

The entire listing of DNS name server is recognized, assessed, graphed, statistically researched, and reported its overall performance. The recognisation includes consists of evaluating each server for cached research, uncached research, dotcom research, credibility, rebinding safety, and its redirection conduct: whether it results an error for bad website name, or redirects a internet browser to a advertisement page, which might be merchandised by lots of people.

DNS Benchmark is a stand-alone program and readily available free. Installation is not required and utilizing this program is an easy as hitting the “run” button. Since the results could be very comprehensive and DNS overall performance assessment can be simply categorized in accordance with the speed.

Download Crystalmark To Compare And Benchmark Various PC Systems

Download Crystalmark To Compare And Benchmark Various PC Systems

CrystalMark is a benchmarking tool with which you could comprehensively compare performance of the computers. You could also use this tool while measuring different performance of various compute systems. You could completely test you PC including memory, CPU, hard disk drive and some of the graphics tests such as D2D, GDI and OGL.

You can start using it after downloading and installing the software utility. After that just extract the folders. After unzipping/extracting the folder, you have to click twice on file, CrystalMark09.exe to start. You may find lots of tests in the main menu such as ALU, Mark, MEM, FPU, HDD and etc.

It displays a list of all tests and when you click on any of them, the respective test will run. The result/score of the test will be displayed just next to the test buttons. You could select to perform separate test independently or together. The total score would be then summed up after comparing with some other platforms.


You can save the report in HTML or text format to extract and compile easily, which is really good thing about this tool. In addition to this, it also provides some very information about system BIOS, CPU, feature sets, chipset. These results are displayed by just putting in the respective tab with which you could easily carry out apple to apple comparison across the different platforms.

The tool has gained much popularity in Japan market. Some of the companies in Japan use this tool widely to evaluate latest solutions from chipmakers and then decide the new design with it. This tool could be easily used with 32-bit Windows OS like Windows 2000, 2003, XP along with Windows Vista OS. You can download this pretty useful tool Here.