Simplest Possible Way To Upgrade “Windows7 Beta Versions To Windows 7 RC Version”

Simplest Possible Way To Upgrade “Windows7 Beta Versions To Windows 7 RC Version” 

Every window 7 beta version will get expired automatically on 1st of July-2009 at 00.00 hrs, if users haven’t upgraded to windows 7 RC. This is the right moment to get it upgraded at the earliest. 

Windows 7 beta has been displaying the warning in computer system tray region. This alert demands the users to store all significant information from their system’s hard disc. 

The computer system is going to halt its operations automatically after 30/06/2009. If individuals are done using windows7 beta versions, then they can get it upgraded with this tutorial mentioned below. 

Individuals can download windows 7 release candidate version from several sources, but can’t utilise the I.S.O Image-directly to update. As they have to make few necessary alterations to it prior to its up-gradation. 

To make necessary alteration before upgrading windows7 beta to Windows7 Release Candidate, the steps to be followed are: 

·         First of all extract the “windows7 R.C-I.S.O file”. To extract, users can utilise winrar utility tool and then store the extracted data on any alternate external hard drive.

·         Note: Users don’t have to burn off the “I.S.O files to D.V.D”, just extract the file.

·         Now, navigate to the folder where the extracted files are stored and find the Cversion.ini file.

·         Once the file is found, just open the Cversion.ini file on any notepad or text editor.

·         Now, change the values of “minclient” to a low value.

Example: users can alter it to 7000 if its 7100.

·         Now save and close the notepad with changes made on it.

·         Now, “RUN” the setup file

·         Now, it should let users to upgrade to windows7RC without any hassles. 

However, the above illustrated steps are the simplest or easiest possible way to upgrade “Windows 7 Beta Versions to Windows 7 RC Version”.


Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

Access Your Google Calendar Even When Offline

The Google Calendar is an extremely useful integrated application for Gmail users. This application helps users to manage time as well as events conveniently. The application is absolutely free and provides various other useful features like event alert, calendar sharing etc. The only disadvantage of this application was that it could be used only when you are online.

Looking into the growing competition, Google has solved this drawback and has made it accessible when not connected online. This application can be accessed even in offline mode by using the Google Calendar Offline Beta. This new service provides users the benefits of using their calendars on the go. You can view your planned events and schedules even when you are offline, but you will not be able to edit them.

Other than the above mentioned utility, users can use another utility known as the GMinder. This application too gives quick and easy access to your Google Calendar even when you are offline.


GMinder is an application that helps users to access and download their scheduled events and calendar even with the browser closed. The application’s setup is extremely straightforward and simple. You just have to provide your username and password and then follow it by clicking on the “Download” tab. After being successfully downloaded, it will display a list of upcoming events mentioned in the calendar.

With the help of the GMinder, you can select any event of your choice and make the necessary changes. You can even add or delete events. There is also an option of alerting you about the events to come. The GMinder is compatible only with the Windows Operating System. Other than this it also requires .NET framework from Microsoft. Windows vista and Windows 7 have this framework inbuilt, but users of older versions of Windows need to install it.